He stood for a moment in the middle of the shuttle, once again at a loss what to do. It was likely that he was jumping at shadows -- who would want to give a simple Padawan any trouble?

He told himself he was seeing trouble where there was none, and returned to his seat. Surely the Senator was taking him back to the Temple. And if not, there was likely nothing to worry about.

Rubbing at his head, he wondered what had been in the drinks he'd had. He normally didn't feel this muzzy, even when completely drunk. Then again, he'd been intent on drowning his troubles -- maybe he'd had a little more than he'd realised.

It had certainly prevented him from thinking about his Master. Until now. With a groan, he put his hands in his head. The party had been fun, and had definitely been a welcome distraction. But now, alone and clear-headed enough to remember what had driven him to drink in the first place, he couldn't stop thinking about him.


Obi-Wan groaned. He was no closer to finding an answer to his problem as he had been before.

Avoiding his feelings weren't working. Maybe it was time to go talk to -- well, someone. If not his Master, then someone else. He'd always been able to broach any subject with his Master, even when he'd have sworn he'd have died of embarrassment or shame while doing so. Sometimes Qui-Gon had directed him to another Jedi, to better deal with whatever Obi-Wan's problem or dilemma was.


Of course, asking for a recommendation would involve telling him the problem. Obi-Wan groaned.

He sat there, he didn't know for how long, dwelling once more on his options. He was surprised when the shuttle made its landing. Obi-Wan looked up as the Senator came out of the cockpit.

"Come," was all he said, in that same, faintly compelling tone.

Obi-Wan stood, and followed the Senator out of the shuttle. He didn't at first recognise where he was. When the Senator walked along the landing platform towards what was obviously a private residence, he realised that he might, after all, be in trouble. He couldn't quite make out the faint rumblings he could feel in the Force. Was there danger? Or was he really drunk?

He saw the Senator waiting for him by the door, smiling at him. Obi-Wan shivered. He was beginning to think he might have made a mistake in attending the party.

Obi-Wan refuses to join the Senator.

Obi-Wan follows the Senator.