Obi-Wan didn't say anything to the Senator's offer. There was something about the man that he didn't like, and unfortunately his head was too fuzzy for him to figure out what it was. Deciding he was better off not accepting, he turned to follow the other Padawan.

Funny how he couldn't remember her name, even though she only looked a year or two older than he. She'd gone back inside, though, and surely she could not have gone far.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back.

"This way," the Senator instructed, with a hard edge in his voice.

Obi-Wan shook his head. "I'm sorry. I have to return to the Temple."

"Oh, I can take you where you need to go," came the smooth reply.

Obi-Wan frowned. There was something wrong -- he could feel it, feel something not right with this man, this entire situation. He backed up, but the Senator followed.

"Come." He sounded impatient, now. He was no longer smiling and Obi-Wan felt, suddenly, that the Senator was more frightening when he had been.

"No, I have to--" He was grabbed from behind. Obi-Wan struggled, and as he tried to pry the hands off his arms he realised -- there were none. Nothing was holding.

Except the Force.

He was being lifted, despite his attempts, both physical and Forceful, to free himself. Whoever it was, was bringing him closer to the ship. Struggling harder, he was unable to get free.

*Master!* he shouted.

The side of the ship came up at a dizzying speed, and then his head slammed into it and everything went black.


Qui-Gon was yanked from his meditation by a sudden and severe sense of danger. Focusing, he found his Padawan at some distance, and apparently in some danger.

He was on his feet when he heard Obi-Wan's shout.


He tried to answer, letting Obi-Wan know he was on his way, when he felt Obi-Wan lose consciousness. He moved faster towards the Temple's shuttle pad, not sure exactly where he was going but certain the Force would lead him there.

He came to a shuddering halt when he felt his connection with his padawan severed. Qui-Gon fell to his knees, barely aware of the Jedi moving to his side, asking him what was wrong. When the Master-Apprentice bond dissolved, Qui-Gon fainted.

When he awoke, he was told Obi-Wan's body had been found on a platform nearly quarter-mile below the landing platform used at the party he'd been attending. The level of alcohol in his blood explained why he'd been unable to save himself.

The End

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