Pushing hard against the influences on his mind, Obi-Wan staggered to his feet, stumbling away from the Senator.

"No! I won't...I..." Obi-Wan stammered, fumbling weakly for the door but = it wouldn't open. Palpatine stood behind him, the older man's face showed his amusement.

Obi-Wan stared at the Senator, shocked at what his senses were telling him. A Force-User? But that was impossible--only the Jedi trained were Force-Users...

"What are you?" Obi-Wan whispered and then bright flashes of purple light filled the tiny cockpit and he sank into darkness.


Head throbbing, Obi-Wan groggily lifted his head. Awareness was slowly returning and staggered to his feet, hand reaching for his lightsaber and finding only empty air.

Someone laughed behind him and he whirled around to see two figures standing nearby. They were in a very small room with no visible windows. Obi-Wan backed away slowly from the darkly clad figures; this was definitely not good.

"As I said, Jedi, I already have an apprentice," The Senator's voice told him, rich with amusement. "But I have seen that something would have happened to him if I hadn't taken action. Someone would have killed him."

The other figure stepped forward and lowered his hood revealing his face to Obi-Wan.

"And that someone would have been YOU."

As the tattooed man approached him, Obi-Wan stood, unarmed and defenseless as he realized his problems with Qui-Gon were now the very least of his worries.


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