Obi-Wan let the female padawan lead him out of the ballroom, but was confused to see that the ship waiting at the dock was not a transport shuttle, but a private ship. Suddenly a voice resounded over his shoulder. "Excellent. You won't be needed any longer." Obi-Wan turned and saw his friend from the dance, the kindly Senator, but gulped at the suddenly predatory light flickering almost yellow in the man's eyes.

The Padawan inclined her head to the Senator and moved away. The Senator seemed to forget all about her the moment she left. He gazed at Obi-Wan; Obi-Wan tried nervously to decide what to do. It didn't help, he realised, that he had had a bit too much to drink.

"Well, my young friend, shall we?" the Senator asked, motioning towards the ship.

Obi-Wan goes with the Senator.

Obi-Wan goes after the female Padawan.