Time passed.

The door opened and Obi-Wan looked out from under the edge of his hood, taking in the scene before him. The young queen with her entourage, fighting a battled that they were destined to lose. He smiled inwardly. Let them get to the throne room, for all the good it would do them. Maul was already there, waiting for them.

And then there was Qui-Gon.

His former master, just as Obi-Wan remembered him. Perhaps looking a bit older and Obi-Wan wondered idly what his disappearance had done to the old man. He had probably been relieved to have his unwanted burden vanish. Lord Sidious had taught him how little Qui-Gon had wanted him. Yes, his master had taught him much about Qui-Gon.

Lowering his hood, Obi-Wan took a battle stance and for a brief second he saw Qui-Gon freeze, saw recognition in his eyes. Good, very good. Let him know where his death was coming from.

Looking at Qui-Gon was like looking through a veil of red hatred. He hadn't been good enough for his former master to love, Obi-Wan thought, tasting sour bitterness in his mouth, let's see what Qui-Gon thought of him now.

Discarding his cloak and igniting his saber, Darth Omnious stepped forward into the battle.


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