As he returned back down the hallway, dodging out of the way of the newest class of Initates, he decided.

He would wait.

Feeling relieved that at least something had been settled, it was pretty easy to get back into the normal rhythum of Temple life. All of his classes, if not done well were at least not out of the ordinary and he ended up back at his quarters near dinner time.

His Master was already there when he arrived, going over some of his own work. Qui-Gon looked startled when Obi-Wan entered the room, as if he had been thinking so deeply on something the outside world had faded away.

Most unusual for his Master to not notice the world around him.

"Ah..err Obi-Wan. You are back early."

"No, Master. My organized studies for the day have ended."

Qui-Gon shot a quick glance at the chrono, "So they have, I've lost track of the time."

"Master, you seem distracted this evening."

"It's nothing, my Padawan. Just the business of the day."

Obi-wan had a feeling that wasn't entirely true, but it was even more unusual for his master to lie about such things. To *him*, at any rate.


Obi-Wan investigates Qui-Gon's distraction with others.

Obi-Wan confronts Qui-Gon.