Untitled Snippet

Carson walked through the cafeteria, looking for an empty seat. There were several to choose from, but most of them at tables mostly filled with people he didn't know well enough to just walk up to and invite himself to sit down with.

He was fairly sure no one would mind, but he still felt a bit uncomfortable. He looked around for someone he was actually friends with, and spotted only one available chair. Not exactly the best choice, but it was better than standing in the middle of the dining area.

Luckily, as he moved hesitantly forward, Will caught his eye. An exchange of raised eyebrows served as conversation, then Will nodded, pointing towards the empty chair beside him.

Carson went gratefully over to the table. Sitting with the other stallion wasn't normally his first choice, but ever since they'd both accepted John as herd stallion, things had grown vastly more tolerable. As he sat down, Carson accidently jostled Will's arm.

Tensing involuntarily, he didn't react right away when Will nudged him back with his elbow.

There was a moment when Carson had no idea what he should do -- then he gave in to the urge and nudged back. Will returned the jostle, elbow into Carson's arm, and as Carson reached for his fork, he very casually bumped his elbow into Will's arm.

Will kept eating, and talking with Sergeant Jefferson. Poked Carson again with his elbow. Carson returned it, as he exchanged hellos with the amused Marines sitting at the table.

There was a moment when Carson wondered if it had been a mistake to sit down, after all. He glanced over as Will elbowed him again, and Will grinned. Carson thumped him back.

Will's hand knocked into Carson's tray. Carson's foot hit the leg of Will's chair. Will reached down and picked up his spoon, and Carson knew that once the food fight started it would spread throughout the cafeteria in seconds.

Then there was one hand on each of their shoulders.

"Children," John said, scolding.

"He started it," Bates said, in a crisp, military tone.

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