Stay the Course of Night

After his shower, Carson had put on Radek's robe, and had stolen a clean pair of socks. Radek had simply laid there and watched him, peering up at him from his spot, flat on the floor.

Carson had bit back the query of whether he could possibly be comfortable when he'd realised that from where he was, Radek could see up the edge of the robe.

Carson had deliberately walked past him a couple of extra times, before lying down on the bed. Radek had leapt up, then, and settled in beside him. They'd talked a bit -- mostly one-sided, but Carson was surprised to find how well he could read Radek's expressions. He'd got good at reading Charlie, but they'd known each other for well over a decade. But now, Carson found himself talking away with Radek, about nothing in particular, falling into a gentle rhythm of conversation that felt not much stranger than the times would Radek respond in Czech rather than English.

Finally, Carson felt himself growing sleepy. Radek had closed his eyes sometime before, though Carson suspected he was not truly asleep. He nudged his lover and sat up, pulling the robe off and digging the blanket out from under them. Radek shifted almost enough to let Carson free the blanket, looking distinctly like he didn't fully appreciate being disturbed for such trivialities.

"Oh, for someone who has his own blanket, it's fine. I don't fancy freezing in the middle of the night." Carson grinned, and Radek sat up with a whuff, moving out of the way. "Thank you," Carson told him with mock-graciousness.

He dropped the robe on the floor, then reached down and yanked off his socks. His own clothes were in a pile on the bathroom floor; Carson wadded up one sock and tossed it in the direction of the laundry hamper.

And he found Radek, wide awake and staring, halfway to his feet.


Carson suddenly realised what Radek was staring at, and he finished balling up the second sock. He held it up, and Radek just looked at him. He could imagine what he would be saying -- Throw it already and don't tease me.

"I thought we were going to sleep," Carson said.

Radek whined, just a bit, and stared at Carson's hand.

"You're nothing but a big pup, aren't you?" Carson knew that all the members of Charlie's pack, no matter their age, had never lost their love of playing. Though Radek had never shown a playful side in the time they'd been in Atlantis, Carson suspected that perhaps it was just one of the many things he'd been keeping hidden away.

He leaned forward and kissed Radek's face, giving him a brief, hard hug. He caught Radek's look of confusion, and Carson just shook his head. Radek cocked one eyebrow, and glanced at the sock in Carson's hand.

"If I throw it, will you let me sleep?" Carson asked, teasing. Not wanting to think about how frightened Radek had been, of all of them. Of being found out -- he'd thought they would kill him, once they knew.

Radek looked thoughtful. Finally, he nodded, slowly. Carson drew his arm back and faked a throw; Radek didn't even move. He gave Carson a look of sheer disdain, and Carson laughed.

"You look like Rodney," he said, and the look grew even more disdainful. "All right, all right." Carson threw it for real, and Radek was off the bed like a shot. He grabbed the sock and bounced back to the bed, leaping up and dropping the sock next to Carson.

Then he sat back and looked at Carson, hopefully.

Carson narrowed his eyes. "I thought we were going to sleep?"

Radek nudged the sock with his paw.

"If I throw it again, you're going to bring it back for me to throw a third time, aren't you?"

Radek just nodded, innocently.

"How long before I get to go to sleep, then?"

Radek looked like he was considering the question. Then he pushed the sock towards Carson with his nose. Carson gave a great sigh and threw the sock. He watched, grinning, as Radek leapt after it and brought it back. He dropped the sock again, and waited. Carson threw it immediately, in the other direction, and Radek leapt over him to follow. He skidded on the rug, then had the sock and was back on the bed in seconds.

He dropped the sock again, looking triumphant and wagging his tail. Carson couldn't help but kiss his cheek, again.

"Oh, please tell me you're not going to be wide awake all night," Carson said.

Radek shook his head...then nudged the sock again. His manner said clearly, 'Just one more time.' Carson sighed, more deeply but no less insincerely, and picked up the sock.

He faked the throw again, and again Radek wasn't the slightest bit fooled. Then Carson threw it, not nearly as hard as he'd thrown before.

Radek just sat on the bed, and looked at him with his expression of Rodney-esque disdain.

Carson shrugged. "You never said I had to throw it *well*."

Radek laid down on his belly and looked at him. Chin on his paws, and wide, blue eyes staring up at him. It was delightfully pathetic, and Carson would have gladly thrown the sock once more -- if it didn't mean getting out of bed, himself, to retrieve it.

Instead he laid down on his side, pulling the blanket up. "Oh, look, no more sock to throw. Guess I'll have to go to sleep."

There was a wriggle, then Radek was bouncing up and burrowing underneath the blanket with him. He'd gone in nose first, and turned around under the blanket to get oriented properly.

Carson watched in disbelief as Radek turned around three times, before lying down. "You know I know why you do that," he said, calmly.

Radek looked at him, expression one of innocence and query.

Carson grinned. "You do it to make people wonder what the bloody hell you're doing it for." Just as Radek began to grin, Carson added, "You're as bad as cats."

Then he rolled over, away from Radek, though he couldn't get out of range before Radek pinned him to the mattress. Laughing at Radek's affronted look, Carson couldn't fend him off. He ended up with a wet tongue all the way up his cheek and across his ear; Carson pushed at him, though not as hard as he might have, and cursed at him in Gaelic.

Radek tried to give him another wet willie, wolf-style, and Carson was laughing too hard to push his head away. Radek got his ear again, and Carson didn't have to fake the expression of disgust. There were other circumstances in which having his ear kissed was well and good -- but Radek was trying to get the maximum amount of saliva, in the grossest possible manner, everywhere that he could.

Carson finally grabbed the pillow and wrestled it in-between them, and managed to hold Radek off. His stomach was beginning to get sore from laughing, and he gulped air, trying to calm down. Radek stilled on the other side of the pillow-barricade, then, a moment later, he pushed his nose under the pillow and got his head underneath. He peered up at Carson again, puppy-eyes in full-force.

"I am going to sleep," Carson announced, taking back the pillow and lying down. He closed his eyes and waited.

Radek didn't move for a bit, then, just when Carson was afraid he'd open his eyes and find Radek's face an inch away from his, he felt Radek lie down as well. Carson put his arm across his body and pulled him in close.

"You're a loon," Carson told him. Radek just whuffed, and didn't seem to be arguing with him at all.

When Carson woke up, he had a human Radek in his arms. Radek opened his eyes and smiled, then looked at him, pleadingly.

"Once more, then I'm good, promise."

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