Stargate Atlantis

Disclaimer: I don't like writing about the whole "OMG it's illegal/discouraged/dangerous for US military officers to be Gay OMG". So I set all my SG fanfic in a slightly-removed-from-canon universe ala the quantum mirror, and say 'everything the same but in this world, they don't have to deal with the legalities of it. Maybe it's unpopular, but it tain't illegal.'
101 Ways to Keep Warm in Antarctica ~ Beckett/Grodin (PG-15)
Every time their paths *did* cross, Dr. Peter Grodin always smiled back.
38 Minutes Without You (would be an eternity) ~ McKay (PG-13)
The Wraith are coming, and Rodney is trying to save them all.
Spoilers for Siege I, II. Warning: Death fic.
Aliens Take the Blame ~ McKay/Beckett (NC-17)
Rodney and Carson take a vacation. Aliens make them do sex. Warning: Light bondage.
All's Fair in War ~ McKay/Beckett (NC-17)
If Carson wanted to play it that way, then Rodney could give just as good as he was getting.
At the Edge of the World ~ Zelenka (G)
Snippets of life in Antarctica.
Blood Dreams ~ Beckett (PG-15)
Carson dreams of blood.
Warning: disturbing imagery.
c. arabica ~ McKay/Beckett (NC-17)
Post-ep for Poisoning the Well. Carson needs help dealing with what happened on Hoff, and with other things.
Changeling ~ McKay/Beckett (PG)
Rodney has a secret. He isn't the only one.
Come to Pass on a Summer's Day ~ Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (PG-13)
AU. Carson Beckett had never loved the ocean.
The Common of Silence ~ Zelenka/Dex (R)
Radek and Ronon have something they share.
Dangling Participles ~ McKay/Beckett (PG-13)
Carson in a kilt. It really has no plot.
Day One ~ Zelenka (G)
Radek Zelenka takes a moment during the crisis of the first night in Atlantis.
Fathom ~ Ortiz/Beckett/Grodin (NC-17)
Crossover with SeaQuest DSV. Porn. When is porn, not just porn?
The Fine Art of Modern Medicine ~ Beckett/McKay (PG)
Rodney has an owie. Luckily, Carson is a doctor.
Five Ways John Sheppard Didn't Keep it in His Pants ~ John/various (PG-13)
Five ways in which John Sheppard doesn't keep it in his pants.
Foul Pleasure ~ McKay/Beckett (NC-17)
The first clue they had that something was amiss was when they walked through the gate into the Atlantis control room and Ronon ran up the short ramp and stabbed John in the leg.

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Gone, Not Forgotten ~ gen (G)
Until that Marine shows up on their doorstep, solemn and dress uniform, then she knows he's fine.
Heroic ~ Sheppard/McKay (PG)
Rodney's a hero, but sometimes that isn't the point.
Home, Sweet Home ~ McKay/Zelenka (NC-17)
It wasn't until the day *after* the Daedalus left that Radek even noticed the new section of the city.
Immortal Stars ~ McKay/Zelenka (PG-13)
Radek still loves the winter.
In His Blood ~ gen (PG)
There's a platoon of Marines in Atlantis; "offworld duty" wasn't exactly part of recruitment.
In Whose Quick Brain is Hidden Secrets of the Stars (from The Submarine, by Will Lawson) ~ Zelenka/Beckett/Sheppard (PG-13)
Radek finds that dealing with life in Atlantis offers problems and solutions he never expected.
Intimates ~ Rodney/various (NC-17)
Rodney has a fantasy.
Warning: fantasy, kinks.
John & Rodney 4Ever (Anatomy of a McKay/Sheppard Badfic) ~ Sheppard/McKay (PG-15)
Er. Um. Badfic. Slash. McKay, Sheppard. I really can't explain it better than that.
Knocking ~ Sheppard/Beckett (PG)
The sixth time he'd knocked was after a month of telling himself he was being ridiculous.
A Love of Coffee ~ Beckett/McKay (PG-15)
Rodney loves coffee, and sometimes forgets to stop working to have dinner.
Mornings in Pegasus ~ Beckett/Zelenka (PG)
This is what happens when you spend too much time with friends.
The Nighttime is for Lovers ~ Beckett/Zelenka (G)
Radek has always loved the night sky.
Ocean Prince ~ Various (PG-13)
Prince Rodney needs to sweep his beloved off his feet. The trouble is, of course, finding his beloved.
One Night in Bangkok ~ Beckett/McKay (G)
The 'first night in Atlantis' flashfic challenge.
The Scientific Process ~ Sheppard/Zelenka (PG-15)
John is going about this very systematically.
Second Guessing ~ Beckett/McKay (G)
A short bit of fluff, written to amuse myself while waiting for the laundry.
Semper Fidelis ~ Bates/Sumner, Sheppard/Zelenka (PG-13)
The Marines of Atlantis have traditions. Bates upholds them.
Slave To Your Passions ~ gen (PG-13)
It was a spare time project, one that didn't involve people being blown up or killed or turned into giant mollusks.
Stairs ~ Carson/Rodney/John (PG-13)
"All right, fine, she sends the good stuff which the SGC can't seem to find with a map, a flashlight, and three native guides."
A Sure Bet ~ Beckett/McKay (PG)
There's this bet, see...
Squishy Love ~ Sheppard/squid (R)
Sheppard finds... a companion. Er...
Twu Wuv ~ Sheppard/McKay (PG-13)
As Air Force pilots' lives went, John's had been pretty darned ordinary.
Wine, Men, and Lewd Gestures ~ Zelenka/McKay, Zelenka/Beckett UST (PG-13)
Radek wants something he thinks he can't have. Also, he should know better than to get drunk.

Alone in Your Mind

Alone in Your Mind: One | Two ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (NC-17)
Carson Beckett encounters a piece of Ancient technology which changes his life in more ways than one.
What Dwells Within ~ Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (NC-17)
The guys adjust to life together. More or less.
Interlude #1 ~ Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (NC-17)
Sex. Takes place during Alone in Your Mind.
Ionization -- The Progression of Rodney McKay ~ Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (NC-17)
A series of looks at Rodney McKay throughout the series thus far.
Twelve Days ~ Beckett/McKay/Sheppard (PG)
Sleepy!Carson. Takes place somewhere in the series.

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The Centaur Series

Set in the same universe as the Horses of Different Colors stories.
There's No Place Like A Mythological City To Call Home ~ Sheppard (G)
John Sheppard realizes something.
Centaur Lullabye ~ Sheppard (G)
John accepts the responsibilities that go with being herd stallion.
Tetrameter ~ Sheppard/Beckett, Sheppard/Zelenka (NC-17)
Four feet, four people, four points of view.
The Clock Struck One ~ Zelenka (G)
Radek's the tricky one.
Untitled Snippet ~ Beckett (G)
Carson started it.
Thundering of Heartbeats ~ Sheppard/Beckett, Sheppard/Zelenka (R)
Centaurs, after the S2 opener.
(Not So) Ordinary Gaits ~ Sheppard/Beckett, Sheppard/Zelenka, Sheppard/McKay (R)
Picks up where Thundering of Heartbeats left off.

Many Faces

The Many Faces of Radek Zelenka ~ various (PG)
Radek gets a shock. Literally.
The Many Faces of Radek Zelenka: The Return ~ various (PG)
The Radeks go home.

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Moonlight of Your Soul ~ Beckett/Zelenka (NC-17)
An alternate dimension where some legends are true. How do they deal with learning that one of their own is a werewolf?
Stay the Course of Night ~ Beckett/Zelenka (PG-13)
The first night Carson and Radek are together, after they find out what Radek is.Set during Moonlight of Your Soul.
Day in the Life of a Working Wolf ~ Beckett/Zelenka (PG)
Werewolves, like other canines, need their pack. Scientists, like geeks, go about it in their own dorky fashion.

My World

My World and Welcome To It ~ McKay/Beckett (PG)
Carson is unpacking.
My World and Shouldn't You Be Paying Attention? ~ McKay/Beckett (R)
Carson finds Rodney and invites him to render assistance.
My World and Will You Please Stop Moving? ~ McKay/Beckett (PG-13)
Carson and Rodney have some time alone, together.


Winter Landing ~ McKay/Beckett UST (PG)
Rodney's seeing John. Carson reacts.
Yule ~ McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Beckett (PG-13)
Carson is trapped and hurt, and reveals things he didn't intend.

Stargate SG-1

Cloudwork ~ Jack/Daniel (PG)
Written as penance for breaking a list rule; the listmum asked for 12k of Jack/Daniel smut. This offers 12k of almost smut.
Groceries ~ Jack/Daniel (PG)
This is Wolfling's fault for saying she would read anything, including a grocery list.
One More Time Into the Breach ~ gen (PG)
Just a typical day at SGC, and a typical mission. Or so.
Overheard ~ Jack/Daniel (NC-17)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
A first time PWP.
Ritual ~ Jack/Daniel (NC-17)
Jack O'Neil is forced to sacrifice one of his team. The consequences, however, aren't what he expected.
SG1 Survival Kit ~ gen (G)
What happens when a team member gets injured?