Slave To Your Passions

~ Written for the sga_flashfic slave challenge.

Rodney leaned down to get a better look into the Ancient gadget they'd been working on. They hadn't named it yet because they had absolutely no clue what it did. It had been partially in pieces when they'd found it, so he and Radek were attempting to put it back together and turn it on, to find out what the thing was.

It was a spare time project, one that didn't involve people being blown up or killed or turned into giant mollusks if they failed to get everything done exactly right and by a deadline of yesterday. As such, it was really quite fascinating -- and relaxing.

Rodney frowned again. "Huh. This slave circuit seems to be in the right place, now." He reached over for a penlight and paused long enough to give Radek a glare. "You're an engineer; you shouldn't snicker at the phrase 'slave circuit.'"

Radek snickered once more, giving him an unrepentant look.

"Just give me the light," Rodney snapped. "How did you ever get your Ph.D. without giggling through your thesis defense?"

"My thesis was brilliant and none of the professors understood a word." Radek handed him the light he'd been toying with. "Also, I was, possibly, mildly drunk."

Raising an eyebrow, Rodney wondered if the latter part was really true. He knew the first part wasn't true, because he'd read Radek's thesis before approving him to join the Atlantis team. It had been a brilliant thesis -- for a graduate student, and for someone who was clearly not quite the sort of genius Rodney was. But it wasn't incomprehensible, even in its English translation and even for the sort of not-on-Rodney's-level-of-genius professors who would have been found at Radek's university.

"Hand me that last power cord," Rodney said, holding out his hand without looking. He took the cord Radek handed him and started to put it into the only possible place it could fit -- and stopped. "This isn't right."

"That is last piece," Radek insisted.

Holding it up, Rodney said, "Clearly it isn't correct, because it has two male ends and no female."

"So, sockets are inside," Radek said, shrugging.

"No, the slave circuit also has a male end. There's no-- for god's sake." He glared again at Radek. Who was snickering. "Could you at least pretend to focus?" Rodney demanded.

"I am focused. You are the one who cannot figure out how to attach two males to one slave."

Rodney opened his mouth to point out that was *impossible*, when a voice interrupted.

"I always used to think I didn't understand science."

Rodney turned around and gave Major Sheppard a glare. "Fine. Get it out of your system. Because I have *never* heard *any* jokes about this before." He folded his arms and waited.

Sheppard just exchanged a grin with Radek. "Is there a problem?" he asked Radek, nodding his head to clearly refer to the scientist and not the actual science.

Radek, for his part, nodded, not bothering to hold back his grin. "We have a male slave, and two male ends to attach to it. Rodney cannot figure out how this is to be done."

"It isn't *possible*," Rodney began, knowing they were going to make grade school sex jokes for the next four days if he didn't kick them out of the lab now, and work on this himself.

"Clearly, you are suffering from a failure of imagination," Sheppard said, seriously.

"I am *not*," Rodney snapped. "Two plugs don't *connect*."

"Unless they use an adaptor," Radek finished, and Rodney wanted to tell him off, except he was very clearly correct.

Turning back to the table, Rodney dug through the pile of Ancient plugs, cords, circuit boards until he found the adaptor they'd tossed in there yesterday, thinking it belonged to one of the other unidentified gizmos. It looked like it would even fit.

"I hate you both," he said, as he plugged the cord in.