One Night in Bangkok

~ written for sga_flashfic.

It was their first night in Atlantis. New home far away from home.

Carson was certain that not many would be sleeping tonight. He'd have stayed in the medical lab all night, himself, exploring the place and giving himself something to focus on. But he'd known that the other medical personnel would take their cue from him, so he'd forced himself to go, have dinner, and head for his quarters.

That wasn't where he was now. He knocked on the door he stood in front of and a moment later it slid open.

"Hey." Rodney didn't look like he was anywhere near ready for sleep. Carson was a bit surprised to find him in his room, at all, and not still in the control room fiddling with things.

Perhaps Weir had sent him off, then. But from the wide look of his eyes, Rodney wouldn't be asleep for hours. Too wound up -- they all were. He stepped back and Carson walked past him, stopping in the middle of the small room. He looked around. Just like his own -- alien and empty.

"Did you get a room assigned yet?" Rodney asked, and it was the tone of casual conversation and not subtle hint that tonight was good.

"Aye, just down the hallway from where we're setting up the infirmary."

"Good, good." Rodney looked around, and gave him a half-grin. "Amazing, isn't it? We're actually here."

Carson nodded. "That we are."

He got a sharp look from Rodney, then. "Terrifying, too," he admitted.

Carson didn't respond -- he didn't have to. The whole day had been a full flurry of chaos and excitement and fear. Rodney stepped over in front of him and laid a hand on Carson's cheek.

Carson closed his eyes. Rodney's hand was warm. He usually was, even in the colds of Antarctica.

"Stay here tonight," Rodney whispered, as though it weren't exactly the reason Carson had come.

Nodding, Carson opened his eyes again in time to see Rodney lean and kiss him.

It wasn't like Antarctica, where they'd had to take great care and keep most things for holiday. Tonight, at least, there would be no one to take notice. Tomorrow, perhaps, next week when things had settled down people would look around and see. But now, this first night, it would be all right.

Carson returned the kiss then went willingly as Rodney took him to bed.