The Many Faces of Radek Zelenka

Radek frowned at the device he'd been studying for the last several days. He'd finally routed power to it and verified that power was, in fact, flowing through it. But it still did not respond as though it had power -- which was proving quite frustrating.

He'd had it tested by various people with the ATA gene, both natural and therapy. Nothing. Which meant a failure in the hardware -- somewhere. Somewhere *invisible*, apparently.

Radek sighed and thought about taking a break for dinner. He reached over to remove the power pack he'd rigged.

There was a flash of brightness and the dim sensation of being thrown.

Radek groaned and opened his eyes. The infirmary was obvious even through the fuzzy vision of his eyes without his glasses on. He tried to move and discovered that every muscle in his body ached.

"Ah, finally awake are you?"

Radek looked over as Dr. Beckett walked over. Beckett smiled at him in a reassuring way that told Radek he was not dying. He nodded in response to the question.

"You've been unconscious most of the day," Beckett told him. "Quite a nasty shock you gave yourself." Beckett's smile grew decidedly amused. "Someone's been waiting to scold you, though." He nodded and Radek looked as someone stepped up beside the bed.

"Major Sheppard?"

Sheppard frowned. "Since when do you call me Major Sheppard?"

Radek looked from Sheppard to Beckett. His confusion grew when Sheppard reached down and picked up his hand.

Radek frowned and looked around the infirmary. Beckett had told him he would be fine; a simple electrical shock had knocked him out. But there was something very confusing. When he'd woken up, he'd had to ask where John was. Clearly not understanding, Beckett had called him down to the infirmary.

When Major John Sheppard walked into the infirmary, Radek's eyes widened.

"Ah. We have problem," he said. This man -- mustache and all -- was very clearly not *his*.

"What do you mean?" Dr Beckett hadn't let go of his hand. Radek found the contact not uncomfortable, but definitely odd.

"I mean," he said gently, and pulled his hand free. Beckett had been hanging onto his hand since he'd woken up. "I think I am not the same Radek Zelenka you knew this morning."

Beckett frowned, and his worried expression grew afraid. "I don't understand."

Radek nodded at Dr. McKay and Major Sheppard, who were standing at the foot of his bed. All of them were looking at him like they were torn -- between yelling at him and hugging him close.

Beckett didn't seem at all concerned when Radek asked to speak to Dr. McKay. He'd let Radek sit up, a bit surprised at how quickly Radek was recovering from the shock that had knocked him unconscious. He'd made a joke about scientists wanting to get straight back to work and Radek didn't try to correct him yet.

He'd known this was the wrong place as soon as he'd woken up. Carson -- this Carson -- was not his. He smelled completely wrong, and his behavior even more wrong.

Different, Radek corrected himself. He looked over as Rodney walked in. He, too, smelled different. He just wondered if they would have time to find the device and make it work again in time.

Not that they couldn't work on it more in the morning. But the moon was coming up in just a few hours and Radek wanted very much to be home before then.

"It is plastic," Radek said, frowning.

"It isn't *plastic*, David. And stop messing with it, you're going to break it."

Radek turned around, frowning at the strange man. "I think," he said slowly, "We have very big problem."

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