Home, Sweet Home

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Radek had honestly thought that everyone had one. Or if not everyone, at least more than him.

It began when the Daedalus left, with the heads of staff. Himself in charge of the city, Teyla in charge of the civilians, and Major Lorne in temporary command of the Marines. The ZPM had been left in place since the Wraith had been tricked, but no one had taken any time to check out exactly what it was doing other than saving their asses. There was too much to repair, and everyone needed time to recover from the ordeal.

He would have thought Rodney, at least, might have studied the city's systems, but he'd been laid just as flat as Radek, crashing from the stimulants Carson had given them. Between sleeping for a week, then running around shouting at people to by god not blow us up after we worked so hard to not die, it wasn't until the day after the Daedalus left that Radek even noticed the new section of the city.

Technically it wasn't a new section -- it had been there all along, only a few corridors away from where they had set up their quarters and labs. But it was suddenly now online, with systems come to life and Radek and Teyla consulted, then led a small contingent of soldiers into the area to reconnoiter.

It had only taken half an hour, checking the first dozen or so compartments, to discover the area was living quarters -- much nicer living quarters than the small, one-room compartments they were all now living in. There was an entire section of rooms spread out around a large, open area, giving the space a communal feel. The quarters themselves were larger, with separate living and sleeping rooms, and, most extraordinarily, they each had a small kitchen and dining space.

It had only taken a few hours for everyone to pack. Teyla reminded everyone they had to wait until the Marines had cleared the area -- which they did, in what Radek thought was remarkable time. Then she and Radek sat down, and in a much more organised fashion than "run fast and claim a spot", let everyone select new quarters.

They'd carefully set aside nice rooms for Elizabeth, Rodney, Carson and John -- if only because no one wanted to listen to Rodney complain about having to pick last simply because they were traveling to another galaxy during the land rush. But everyone agreed that the senior staff should have nice rooms, and anyway, there were plenty to go around.

Radek, for himself, had picked his room right away and marked it on the map before anyone else had had a chance to see them. He'd wandered through during that first exploration while the Marines had moved on to
check the next hallway. It was a smaller set of living quarters at the end of a corridor, removed somewhat from the main quad. It felt quiet, tucked away in its corner -- but most importantly it had a small room that was clearly meant to be a home office. Radek had mentally filled it with worktables and lab equipment even as he pulled out his PC tablet and typed in his name on the central map.

He paid little attention to the others as everyone packed and moved and wandered freely about, being invited into each others' new homes to explore and delight over the new apartments. There had been much, much more to discover that the ZPM had brought online, and Radek's new home office became quickly just as cluttered and inhabited as his lab.

Radek overheard people talking about their quarters, nodded when people said he should come over, though he never quite got around to it. He had every intent of inviting his friends over to his new place, but again work kept him busy until suddenly the Daedalus was back and Rodney was exclaiming over the quarters Radek had picked for him and everyone was positively thrumming with glee over the supplies and personal items the ship had brought back.

There was a week of frenzied activity, when everyone was unpacking again, and almost no work was getting done except for himself and Rodney, as Radek happily pointed out yet another new thing the ZPM had given them. Then, late one night at the end of the Atlantian week, Radek found himself trudging home, happy but exhausted, and contemplating nothing more than a long, hot soak before bed.

Which was where he was when Rodney burst in, stood in the doorway of Radek's bathroom, and gaped.

Then shouted, "How the HELL did you get that?"

Radek turned his head to look at Rodney, and tried to ask him why he had come into Radek's bathroom, because he was fairly certain that 'privacy' was something even Canadians understood. But he was too relaxed and comfortable to do more than glare for a moment, at which point confusion took over.

"Get what?" He looked around, wondering what he had that Rodney was surprised by -- blushing as he thought there was no way Rodney could be so impressed by that. The bubbles in the water were obscuring the view just enough to make out details, anyhow.

"You're in a JACUZZI!"

Radek blinked. He looked around the hot tub he was reclining in. It was large enough for four, had extremely comfortable seats with headrests and armrests that held a person up enough to avoid drowning in case they fell asleep.

A fact which Radek had only tested twice, so far, but was wholly satisfied with the results.

"Yes?" Radek asked, then he tried to think back to the layout of Rodney's new quarters. Perhaps he did not have such a thing in his bathroom?

Rodney gave him what would have been a murderous scowl, if Radek had not felt too divinely warm and content to be bothered. "No one else has a jacuzzi!" he snapped.

At that, Radek raised his head. "No one?" Surely that wasn't right. He thought back, and didn't recall anyone mentioning one, but he hadn't been really paying that much attention. People had talked about well-equipt kitchens, and beds that were large enough for a friend or two, and... no. No one had mentioned having a hot tub in an overly-spacious bathroom.

Radek grinned, feeling a bit sheepish. "Oops?" He hadn't honestly known his was the only room with one -- not that he wouldn't have snapped it up all the faster, had he known. But he definitely would have invited people over, before now -- or possibly spread a rumour that his shower was tiny and ran only cold water.

"That's it," Rodney snapped again, and Radek started to ask what Rodney had come here for in the first place.

Then Rodney took off his jacket, and sat down to take off his shoes.

Radek stared.

He stared as Rodney stripped down to the same outfit Radek was wearing -- nothing -- and kept staring as Rodney walked up and stepped into the tub. The jacuzzi was set only a few inches above the floor, and the texture of the stairs were easy to step down without feeling as though one might slip.

Radek kept staring as Rodney leaned back in the seat opposite his own. Rodney gave a huge sigh and closed his eyes, tilting his head back against the head rest.

"Oh god, this is fantastic. If anyone else finds out about this, we kill them."

Radek swallowed. Rodney was naked, in a jacuzzi with him. Where he was also naked.

Which would have been all right if it were not for the fact that the moment Rodney had stepped into the bathroom, Radek's body had responded the way it always did when Radek fantasied about being naked with Rodney.

He tried to think of something to say, but couldn't come up with anything coherent, in either English or Czech. Instead he kept staring, looking at the way Rodney's face relaxed as the hot water soaked into his body. The long line of his neck, exposed with his head tilted back, was the very spot Radek had dreamt about kissing -- wondering if Rodney responded to gentle bites, or if he were ticklish along his collarbone.

His lips were slightly parted, and Radek knew it would be very simple to place a kiss there. Taste his mouth, feel Rodney's tongue slip along his own. Would he be forceful, or tease? Would his hands roam while they kissed, or would they hold Radek in place?

Radek tried desperately to reign in his thoughts. There was no way to hide the reaction he was having, but there was understandable, and ignorable, arousal and then there was throwing himself on someone who could eviscerate him with his wit if he got sufficiently annoyed. Radek normally didn't mind Rodney's acerbic comments, even occasionally enjoyed them when he agreed they were due. But to rouse the ire of a straight man, who was his boss... Radek thought that even sharing his hot tub would not get him out of that much trouble.

He pulled his gaze away and tried staring at the far wall. Tried desperately to think of something to say, but his mind remained stubbornly blank except for the focus of what sound Rodney might make when Radek touched him.

Radek squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath, hoping that somehow he could regain control of his mind, if not his body. He felt the swirl of the water, and thought Rodney had found the water jet controls -- then he felt Rodney's knee bump his and Radek opened his eyes in surprise.

"God, you're making this difficult," Rodney said, then swooped in, and Radek discovered that 'determined and forceful' was exactly the way he should have expected Rodney to kiss.

Rodney leaned over him, knees on either side of Radek's legs and hands braced on the wall behind him. Radek could only lay back and open his mouth and let Rodney kiss him. He heard a soft noise and moaned in return, and felt Rodney's cock brush against his erection. Radek gasped into the kiss and thrust his hips forward without thinking, lifting one leg to place his foot on the floor of the tub, trying to push himself up, so he could get more against.

Rodney put his arm behind Radek's back, and pulled him close, breaking the kiss even as their bodies pressed together. Radek blinked, and focused, seeing Rodney looking at him. He wanted to move, rub Rodney's cock with his own, wrap his legs around Rodney and -- and Rodney was still looking at him like he had missed the beginning of a conversation.

"Yes?" Radek prompted.

"No one can find out about this," Rodney said, seriously.

Radek nodded, slowly, though he couldn't fight the disappointment. Of course, no one should know--

"About the jacuzzi, god, Radek. Do you think I want to schedule time in my own boyfriend's hot tub against two hundred other people?" Rodney narrowed his eyes and kept speaking, apparently ignoring the look of shock Radek knew was on his face. "But I'm glad it gave me the excuse, because I was seriously running out of ideas."

Rodney kissed him again, hard and quick, and Radek managed to find his voice. "You... planned this?"

"Sex in a hot tub? No. You, me, naked? Definitely. Now, do you want to have sex or do you want to keep talking about how long I've been trying to convince you to have sex with me?"

Radek was fairly sure he had missed something, very important, somewhere. Had Rodney been trying... how long had he been trying? But Rodney was taking ahold of his cock, now, and all Radek's thoughts morphed into "now."

He grabbed onto Rodney as the hand on his cock began to move. "Oh, god," he whispered, biting back more words and clinging to Rodney's arms, wrapping one leg around Rodney's and trying to push himself harder into Rodney's embrace.

Rodney kissed him again, then began kissing Radek's neck -- nibbling in just the right way to make Radek shout. He heard Rodney whisper, "I don't think this is the best place to fuck you, so we'll have to--" but Radek lost the rest as the words "fuck you" hit his cock. He shouted again and came in Rodney's hand.

"Oh, god, Radek," Rodney said, and Radek held onto him. He thought perhaps he should tell Rodney he knew the water somehow cleaned itself -- his fantasies about sex with Rodney included almost exactly this scenario, as well as the ones in the lab, and the puddle jumper cockpit, and any number of secluded spots and large, comfortable beds. Rodney's hand kept rubbing him, pulling gently as though he didn't want to let go.

Radek looked at him and smiled, and gave him a kiss. Then he tugged Rodney around to sit, and he moved to settle himself in Rodney's lap. Rodney's eyes went wide, and Radek said, "I think you underestimate the Ancient's techniques in hot tub engineering."

The seat Rodney was in was wide enough, and flat enough, that Radek was able to balance himself without any danger of falling -- and he lowered himself to the point that Rodney's cock brushed against his ass. He leaned down and whispered in Rodney's ear, "It is unfortunate there is nothing at hand to use for lube." He grinned at the expression on Rodney's face, then laughed and moved, just enough to suggest the motions he would be doing if he were riding Rodney's cock.

Rodney cursed and glanced around the bathroom, frantically. "There's got to be something, fuck, Radek, soap, lotion, machine oil...."

"You could be fucking me now," Radek continued, because he knew exactly where the lube was -- well within reach if not out of Rodney's line of sight. He felt Rodney tense, and the low, frustrated moan made him shiver. Rodney's hands grabbed his hips and held him still for a moment.

"I really need to be fucking you right now," Rodney gasped.

Radek leaned down and kissed him, then gave him a quick bite on the jaw. He worked his way down Rodney's neck, eliciting moans and a sharp gasp when Radek rubbed his ass along the shaft of Rodney's cock.

"Want... Radek..." Rodney's eyes slipped closed, and Radek watched as he continued to move, back and forth. Rodney's cock was so hard, and he could imagine what it would feel like to be fucked by him. It would be hard, and fast, and wild -- Radek let go of Rodney and leaned forward to grab the towel he'd left nearby, the tube of lubricant nestled inside its folds.

But Rodney bucked, suddenly, and pulled Radek down. Rodney shoved his cock against Radek's ass, hands gripping Radek's hips tightly. Rodney was whimpering, now, and Radek reached down and brushed his hand against Rodney's chest. There was no immediate response when his hand touched a nipple, so he gave it an experimental pinch.

Rodney's reaction was explosive. Rodney shouted, fingers tightening so hard Radek knew would leave bruises, and he shoved his cock against Radek, hard and fast. Radek pinched again and Rodney tensed, suddenly and violently still, then he was thrusting and coming, and Radek had to move in and capture his mouth and kiss him as he came.

He felt every move of Rodney's cock against his skin, felt Rodney's tongue pushing its way inside Radek's mouth, demanding and getting Radek's full attention. They rocked back and forth as Rodney's orgasm faded, still rubbing his cock against Radek, and the kiss became gradually less intense and more explorative.

Radek brought his hand up to cup Rodney's head, and when he finally let Rodney go to take a deep breath, he found Rodney staring at him, unblinking and unshuttered.

"So... no one knows about the hot tub," Rodney said, gasping slightly for air.

Radek smiled. "Not until we need huge favors, like Asgard ship of our very own."

Rodney nodded. "Agreed. And..." His expression fell, slightly, as it became more guarded. "This..."

Radek settled back on his heels, still astride Rodney's lap, and waited.

Rodney looked uncomfortable, almost apologetic, then he said, "I've never been really good at not making a total moron of myself when it comes to relationships. So if the next time you see them, Carson and John are acting really smug--"

"Because you had sex with them, too?" Radek said, keeping his voice steady despite the fact he knew exactly what Rodney was trying to say.

"No! Um, oh, god, that would be..." Rodney eyed the jacuzzi, and Radek could see him counting very carefully to 'four'. Then he gave himself a shake. "Um, I mean... What was I saying?"

"You were saying, 'Radek, you are brilliant, and there is a warm, dry bed outside where we can fall asleep without waking up prunes'."

Rodney narrowed his eyes. "I thought I was the one seducing you, here. Took you long enough to pick up on it, I should add."

"Never doubt an engineer's ability to adapt to new circumstances," Radek said, and he stood up. "For instance, I can stay where I am and hope I do not break my neck when you suck me off." he wriggled his hips slightly, emphasizing where his cock was in relation to Rodney's mouth, at the moment. "Or I can show you where this wide, comfortable bed is, and bring along the lube which has been waiting patiently."

"You have anthropomorphic lube?" Rodney looked up at him, then he darted forward and gave Radek's cockhead a quick lick. Radek was still trying to restart his brain when Rodney stood up. "So, bed? Tell me you don't have a heart-shaped, vibrating mattress."

"Would it matter if I did?" Radek found his balance and stepped out of the jacuzzi, crouching down to collect his towel. Rodney stole it from him and began to dry off; Radek sighed and went over to get another towel from the extremely prominently-displayed towel rack. He handed Rodney the lube he'd picked up with the towel, then began casually drying his hair as he walked out of the bathroom and towards the bed, knowing Rodney would be staring at his ass.

Judging by the speed at which Rodney tackled him on the mattress, Radek told himself that next time he would think twice about teasing Rodney before he'd got the lube in his hands.

Or, perhaps, he would not think about it at all, even if -- or maybe especially because -- he could not sit comfortably the entire next day.