Aliens Take the Blame

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Carson frowned at him, and Rodney fidgeted and said, "Look, I didn't know... I mean I didn't know what time of year it would be. I would have said something..." He trailed off, not sure if he was helping or hurting his cause.

His cause was primarily "Get out of trouble" but secondarily it was "don't screw up the mission." Rodney tried giving Carson a hopeful look -- he'd been told often enough that his 'innocent' look sucked raw eggs, so he didn't even bother going for that one, even if he did happen to be innocent this time.

"You drag me off-world, saying it's a perfect opportunity for a bit of rest and recreation. 'Nothing to worry about', I believe your exact words were." Carson was still frowning, apparently unmoved and wholly unconvinced by Rodney's attempts thus far.

"I'm sorry?" Rodney offered. "You have to admit it isn't like we're being shot at, kidnapped, or eaten."

Rodney was fairly sure he hadn't just jinxed them. Atlantis had established a trade agreement with the locals several months ago, and all previous visits had proven quiet, normal, and a little bit boring.
Rodney had only accepted the current mission on the condition that he get to bring Carson and make a week's vacation of it. Sheppard had grinned, done the eyebrow-waggling thing that made Rodney want to smack him -- only he hadn't, because who was the one with a boyfriend, and who was still depending on the kindness of random aliens?

Rodney squelched his brief amusement at the idea of random aliens and sex, and looked at Carson, hoping for some sign he wasn't in too deep to talk his way out.

Carson had folded his arms across his chest and was glaring at him.

"I swear I didn't know it was the festival!" Rodney said, desperately. "I mean, yes, I was hoping we could... you know. I just didn't expect... um..." Rodney trailed off.

"You didn't invite me here to participate in the Gadathians' annual fertility festival?" The way Carson said it, Rodney honestly couldn't tell if it was possible to answer that question without getting in
trouble for something.

"We could go back home and come back next week," Rodney suggested, though they both already knew that wouldn't endear them to the villagers. Technically the festival had begun yesterday, before their arrival, and according to local custom anyone and everyone who was able participated in the festivities or risked offending the gods.

The gods apparently didn't know the difference between locals and guests, and as Gerant, the local chief, had explained -- once he and Carson had set foot on the village's land, they were obligated to not offend the gods or risk blights and famine and, Rodney supposed, the local version of locusts and rain of frogs.

The feast, music and dancing portions of the festival had sounded like a perfect way to start his vacation with Carson and had been looking forward to it. Then Gerant had inquired whether they wanted to find partners ahead of time for the fertility celebrations, held each night after the elders and youngsters went to bed, or if they preferred to be spontaneous, once nighttime fell.

Rodney had managed to stammer a quick explanation that he and Carson were together -- hoping that he wasn't about to offend the vilalgers or the gods even more, but Gerant had taken it as the Atlantians' support of their customs that they had sent a mated couple during festival time.

Now, Rodney was trying to figure out a way to not destroy the trade agreement which would piss off Elizabeth, Lorne, and most of Atlantis when they lost the bright orange drufati fruits that not only made excellent ice cream, but fermented into something even better than any other vegetable or grain they'd found in the Pegasus galaxy.

Unfortunately, he was faced with doing exactly that -- or risk pissing off Carson to the point Rodney would be sleeping on a couch on the other side of the city for a year.

"If I didn't think we would get lynched the second we walked through the gate," Carson began, then he stopped and grinning suddenly. "Christ, Rodney, breathe before you pass out. When you packed your bag I rather figured you were hoping to wear us both out. I just didn't realise everyone else would be doing the same thing."

Rodney waited, thinking surely the other shoe would drop and it would be something horrible like Wraith, or Scottish ire. When Carson just stood there, laughing at him, Rodney narrowed his eyes. "You're not... you don't mind?"

"If the Gadathians require that all able-bodied men and women have sex tonight in order to ensure a good harvest, I suppose I can do my part without complaint." Carson's expression was serious, only the evil glint in his eyes gave him away.

"Don't sound like it's a chore or anything," Rodney groused.

"I don't suppose they have prohibitions against having sex the next few nights following?" Carson asked, laughing.

"I didn't ask," Rodney muttered, wondering if it was normal to want to strangle the person you wanted to spend your life kissing. "I was too busy thinking about where you'd hide the body when I told you what we had to do." He'd even asked Gerant how the villagers verified that everyone complied. Gerant had told them quite seriously that the gods knew. Rodney took that to mean that someone snuck around and checked on everyone to make sure no one was faking.

Besides, it wasn't like he disliked the idea of having sex with Carson -- it was what he'd planned on, after all. But there was a difference between hoping for sex, and being told by the village chief that it was required.

Luckily, it seemed like Carson was going to let Rodney live -- and the good relations with the Gadathians would stand.

"Come on, then; it sounds like they're about to begin serving lunch. I get the feeling we're supposed to keep our strength up." Carson gave him a wink, and Rodney thought about where he might hide the body. Not today, of course -- he wanted to have sex first. But tomorrow, or possibly at the end of the week, he would seriously think about strangling his boyfriend. Maybe the Gadathians would enjoy a human sacrifice and reward him with a drufati orchard all for his own.

The music was almost reminiscent of something Rodney had heard before. Something native and primitive and -- well of course they were playing on simple, handmade instruments, so naturally it wouldn't sound like complex keyboard or stringed music. Perhaps it was just 'gourd-based music' that always sounded alike, but Rodney thought he rather liked the Gadathians' version.

He was grateful to all the local harvest gods that he hadn't been required to dance. It was enough to sit around the edge of the circle, lounging and sampling each of the dishes that were passed along, and listen and watch while others danced around the central area. From the look on Carson's face, he wasn't the only one grateful to be an observer; Carson's hand was tapping his knee along with the most prominent beat of the percussion.

The sun had gone down nearly half an hour ago, and the food and music and dancing had continued. Rodney had noticed the youngest of the children dropping off to sleep in their parents' laps; now, though, the oldest villagers were beginning to collect the children. Rodney tried not to stare as the elders and youngsters began heading into the darkness, towards the family huts.

Was it reasonable, Rodney wondered, to feel nervous? He glanced around but saw none of the adults paying any particular attention to him and Carson. Even Carson was still watching the dancers; perhaps he hadn't noticed that it was almost... time...

"Do you want another cup of wine?" Carson asked softly, leaning in and whispering in his ear.

"Um, what? Why?" The wine hadn't been all that great, but -- oh. Rodney gave Carson a glare. "I don't need dutch courage, thank you."

"Just making sure, love." Carson grinned, and it was the evil grin that almost nobody else ever saw -- and very few even believed existed. He'd argued with Radek for weeks about it, until Radek had finally seen it for himself one day when Carson had dropped by the lab and dragged Rodney away.

Rodney leaned back, suspiciously. "What?"

Carson's expression turned innocent, and how was it fair that he could pull it off so well, so convincingly? Rodney wasn't the least bit fooled, and held fast.

"I've had sex with you before, you know," he pointed out.

"Yes, but usually you don't look like you're about to faint if I do this." Without further warning, Carson leaned in and kissed him.

There wasn't much question of pushing him away. Rodney grabbed onto Carson's jacket and held him close, opening his mouth and letting Carson's tongue slip inside. He could taste the sweet, spicy flavor of those little green pastry things Carson had been eating.

When Carson broke the kiss, Rodney couldn't help but glance around. Not only was no one looking, but there were several couples engaging in similar embraces. When he turned his attention back to Carson he expected to see a smirk; instead Carson was watching him with a soft, open look that made Rodney's stomach flip over.

"Love you," Rodney stammered.

Carson traced a finger under his chin, then leaned in for a brief kiss, warm lips pressed to Rodney's for just a moment. "I love you, too."

"We don't have to do this here do we?" The thought suddenly occurred to him that he might have wanted more wine, after all.

Carson laughed. "No, there's blankets." He gave a nod, and Rodney looked to see a pile of blankets; the bright woven patterns he knew were there were dulled by the shadows. As he watched, he saw a couple walk up and take one, and go arm in arm out towards the woods.

"Oh. Oh, um. We should..." Had he remembered any of the lube he'd packed? Rodney slapped his pockets, and relaxed when he felt the tube shoved there earlier. Carson laughed at him again, and Rodney narrowed his eyes. "What's to stop me from picking up one of the native girls?"

"The fact you know I'll have to pick up one of the native boys," Carson replied, shifting closer, until he was almost near enough to kiss again. "You'd have to think about me, naked out there, flat on my back and legs in the air--"

Rodney yanked him forward and kissed him. Not just to shut him up, because dear god, Rodney loved the image Carson was giving him. But when Carson started talking like that it was impossible not to
kiss him. Besides which, he wanted to make it perfectly clear that no one other than Rodney would be the one kneeling between Carson's legs, touching his cock, slipping lubed fingers into his ass...

Rodney shoved Carson away. "God, go grab a blanket already and let's get out of here."

There might have been an echo of laughter, but mostly Carson just scrambled to his feet and hurried over to snag a blanket. Rodney took a moment to straight his jacket -- not hiding anything, of course, but right at the moment he didn't care. Seeing Carson turn back to him, eyes wide with desire and want... Rodney nearly leapt over the low seat he'd been lounging on and went to Carson's side.

Carson took his hand and turned, leading them away from the music and dancers who were growing fewer in number as more folk slipped into the darkness. Rodney stumbled a bit, but the way was mostly clear. No true paths, but clear spots nestled between trees and undergrowth. He had no idea how Carson was finding his way through without running over already-occupied spaces, he was simply grateful that one of them seemed to know where they were going.

Soon, Carson drew him aside then stopped, pulling Rodney towards him and kissing him.

The blanket fell to the ground and Rodney thought they ought to stop and do something about that before it was too late and they were getting grass stains in places grass stains weren't meant to be. But Carson's hands were on his face, and his tongue pressing insistently into Rodney's mouth, and Carson was leaning against him like he expected Rodney would simply stand there and take his weight.

He would gladly do so. Hold Carson right where he was, hands and tongue and erection all sending electric sparks down Rodney's spine. He moaned and tugged at Carson's shirt. Skin was a lot better for what he wanted, though it wouldn't be the first time they'd had sex with barely any clothing off, or even open.

Carson leaned away from him and Rodney started to follow, catching himself as Carson laughed. "If you want me naked, you have to let go for a moment."

"I bet I don't," Rodney countered. He was tempted to try it now -- surely a genius could figure out a way to strip Carson and not stop kissing him. But he conceded that it would be faster, and besides which Carson was already out of his jacket and boots.

Rodney took advantage of the chance to get his own clothes off; he dropped them in a pile at the edge of the small clearing, and hoped that no bugs or worse would decide to take up residence. He reminded himself to shake everything out firmly before getting dressed -- then Carson was naked and though it was too dark to see much, Rodney could see enough.

Sometimes he couldn't understand how he'd gotten such an amazing lover. He'd fallen for Carson the second he'd laid eyes on him, back on Earth. But he'd known enough not to bother with making a move -- the project too important and the underground base too tiny for anything but awkwardness to come of it. Once they'd got to Atlantis, he'd considered asking Carson out -- spending nearly a year trying to get up his courage before a certain someone had possessed him, and taken matters into her own hands. His own hands, at least, and the memory of kissing Carson had made it impossible not to ask for more.

How he'd lucked out and had Carson say yes, he still didn't know. But here they were, lovers, friends, and showing no signs of the sort of ugly break-up that Rodney had halfway expected from the moment Carson had said yes. If anything, Carson seemed content to stick with Rodney for the foreseeable future.

"Rodney?" Carson's voice was soft, pitched to carry only as far as the edges of their clearing.

"Hmm?" Rodney shook himself, wondering just how long he'd been standing there, staring.

"Come here, love." And Carson beckoned, unnecessarily, because Rodney knew exactly where he wanted to be. It only took a moment before he was pressed against Carson again, arms and knees and mouths fitting together in ways he had memorized. He felt Carson's hands on his back, sliding down towards his ass, and Rodney's cock needed only the suggestion of the touch to grow harder.

By the time Carson broke away, Rodney had forgotten all about the woods and the blanket that, a moment later, Carson was spreading on the ground. Rodney watched, staring unrepentantly at Carson's ass.

Carson ducked his head and looked backwards at him, and Rodney thought that fucking would be the best thing right now, ever. "Are you going to stand there?" Carson asked, teasing him with his voice and that look and the way he waggled his hips just so.

"I might," Rodney replied, but his voice was far too breathy to sound even remotely sincere.

"How do you want it?" Carson asked, and he rolled over, sitting back and leaning on his hands, legs spread out in front of him like a plate for Rodney to feast off of.

It took Rodney several moments to remember how to talk. Even then, he had no idea what he wanted -- 'yes' and 'you' seemed sufficient, so he went with those.

Carson laughed, and rolled onto his side again, digging around in the pile of his clothing. Rodney took advantage of what was clearly an offer, and laid down behind him, spooning close and kissing the nape of Carson's neck.

There was a chuckle, then Carson said, "Or we can do it that way."

"Hmm?" Rodney lifted his head and looked over -- and his breath caught when he saw what Carson was holding. He sat up quickly, ignoring the way Carson was now opening grinning at him, and took the pieces of soft, well-worn leather out of Carson's hands. "Lie... lie back." Rodney had to swallow, to make his voice work. Luckily Carson didn't really need his instructions. He was already moving, lying on his back and looking at Rodney expectantly.

His cock was already hard, so Rodney started there. He took the thin strip and quickly wrapped it around Carson's cock, fingers trembling as Carson gasped, and spread his legs apart. He wrapped the leather tightly, but not too tight -- enough that Carson wouldn't be able to come until Rodney released him.

Rodney's own cock was throbbing, wanting to fuck Carson now. He forced himself to pause and breathe deeply, wondering as always how he could be the one fighting for control, when it was Carson being bound.

He wrapped the end of the leather in a double loop, around each of Carson's balls, spreading them apart and holding them tightly. Carson moaned at the sensation -- Rodney knew the pain and arousal would be fighting for dominance right now, and gave his lover's balls a hard tug. Carson's breath hitched, and his eyes had long since closed.

Rodney wanted to lift Carson's legs, and prepare him -- drive his own erection deep inside Carson's body. But he wanted one more thing, first. He picked up the other strip of leather and leaned forward, shuddering as his cock brushed against Carson's stomach. He indulged himself, rubbing his cock against Carson, as he reached up and took a hold of Carson's hands.

He let Carson hold his weight as he moved Carson's hands above his head, then tied the leather around Carson's wrists. He looked around, and spotted exactly what he needed -- a tree trunk, small enough he could tie the other end of the strap around it and hold Carson in place. he scooted back, and got Carson to move the necessary few inches, then tied the strap securely, but with a knot that would slip if Carson tugged just the right way.

Carson was breathing heavily, cock hard against his hip, his legs up, knees bent and feet on the ground. Rodney put his hand on Carson's knee, pushing slightly, and heard Carson choke back a noise.

He knew that soon, Carson wouldn't be able to hold back any noise -- and he suddenly realised he'd been hearing the same sounds, all around him.

He felt a shiver of embarrassment, telling himself that they weren't in any condition to be listening for him.

Rodney looked at Carson, focusing his attention on his lover, and not the thoughts of the couples around them. Carson was watching him, the blue of his eyes hidden in the dark of night, but still piercing all the same. Rodney whimpered, once, then Carson nodded, and Rodney swept forward.

He began kissing, and licking. Starting with Carson's chest, and up his neck -- pausing to suck, hard, on the spot above Carson's jugular. Carson was whimpering by the time he moved up to kiss Carson's mouth, and he swallowed the moans and what he knew would be whispered demands that he get on with it already. Soon enough he'd want to hear Carson beg, but for now he just wanted to kiss him like the night would never end.

Carson opened his mouth willingly, letting him in without hesitation. Rodney took his time -- running his tongue along Carson's, licking his lower lip, sucking on it for a moment before diving back in and swallowing Carson's tongue into his mouth. He could feel Carson straining against the bonds on his wrists, no doubt wishing he could reach down and hold Rodney, and touch him. But much as he loved it when Carson touched him, he also loved it when Carson could do nothing but lie back and let him do whatever he wished.

Rodney shuddered at the new slam of arousal, hitting him cock-first and spreading throughout his body. His hips jerked, wanting to be fucking already, get on with it and bury himself balls-deep. He gave Carson one last hard kiss, and sat up. Taking a deep breath, he looked around for the lube he knew he'd brought... He spotted his clothes and pawed through them, finding the tube in the pocket.

"God, yes," Carson whispered, lifting his legs a bit. Rodney paused, and reached down to run his fingers along the shaft of Carson's cock, teasing him with the echo of the firm grip he knew Carson wanted. The resulting whimper hammered straight down Rodney's spine, and made him move that much faster to get the lube where it was most needed.

He watched as Carson stared at Rodney's hand as he lubed himself up. Sometimes he drew this part out, teasing and torturing them both with the anticipation. But Rodney knew he was quickly running out of patience, and suddenly had no desire to delay things any more than he already had.

He took his time with Carson, however, carefully inserting one finger, spreading the lube around and stretching him gently. Carson's moans made it difficult to wait, made him want to say to hell with it and fuck him right now. He forced himself to take his time, reminding himself that he wanted to do this again, tomorrow. And the next day, and every day after that until they went home.

Not that they couldn't switch off, but still -- there was nothing better when they made love than sliding his cock deep inside Carson's ass.

Rodney shivered, and told himself the night air was growing cooler. He added more lube, added a second finger and told himself he was almost there, almost ready. Carson was moaning louder, now, arching his back and trying to push himself down onto Rodney's hand. Rodney pulled away before he could do so, loving the disappointed whimper that drew from his lover's throat.

Rodney shifted onto his knees, and put his hands on Carson's thighs, pushing them easily upwards, and apart. "I can never decide," he said casually, as though his brain and body weren't both screaming at him to fuck already. "If I should make you wait 'til after I've come, to untie you, or let you come when I do."

Then he shoved his cock forward, burying himself halfway inside without any other warning than Carson's past experience.

Carson cried out, bucking, trying hard to push himself down onto Rodney's cock. The strap on his wrists held him, though, and the strap on his cock prevented what Rodney suspected would have been his orgasm. Carson cried out again, groaning and rolling his head back.

"Still don't know," Rodney mused, then dropped his head forward and thrust slowly inside.

God, it was something he could never describe adequately. Tight, hot, yet so open and ready for him -- like he fit neatly inside Carson as though he'd been built for it. But it was more, and less than that. It was seeing Carson spread out beneath him, held fast and forced to wait on Rodney's decision. Held wanting until Rodney let him go, and the sight of Carson and the realisation of what he could do slammed into Rodney as hard as he wanted to slam himself into Carson.

So he did. Pulled back until just the tip of his cock was inside Carson's ass, then he shoved himself forward, hard as he could. Carson's groan matched his own, then, and Rodney gripped Carson's hips tightly, bracing himself above him. Then he let himself go -- let himself finally fuck Carson, as hard and fast and deeply as he wanted. Thrusting again and again, with Carson's breathy moans and desperate cries spurring him on.

He felt, then heard, the hitch in Carson's breathing, and he reached down. Fumbling for a second, he got his hand on the end of the strap. Carson pushed himself against Rodney's hand, begging for the release. Rodney waited -- it would never do to give him what he wanted, too soon, or he'd be far too smug and cocky the whole next day. Rodney smiled, and took Carson's cock in his fist, and pulled, slowly, leaving the bindings in place.

"Oh please, god, Rodney, love..." Carson breathed, and his words died out into wordless moans. Rodney pulled his cock again, rubbing his fingers against Carson's balls until he heard the moans shift into high, nearly-pained keening. Then he pulled the leather strap free, and at the same time slammed his cock deep inside Carson.

Carson cried out, loud enough to shake the rooftops -- had there been any. He came almost immediately, crying out with each long spurt, with each hard thrust of Rodney's cock. Rodney kept fucking him, mesmerized by the sight of Carson in orgasm. He felt himself trembling, knew he wasn't far, himself, but he wanted to watch, wanted to see this the whole way through.

He paused, briefly, and placed a hand on Carson's stomach. Carson opened his eyes as the last of his orgasm drained from him, gaze locking with Rodney's.

"Love--" he gasped out, and Rodney didn't need anything more. he thrust in, hard, and felt his orgasm take over. Pounding into Carson without control, holding on as best he could as his body took over, then lost everything to the feeling of fucking Carson.

He let out a harsh groan, then felt his hands slip from Carson's thighs. Carson wrapped his leg around Rodney, holding him briefly before Rodney let himself slip forward, to lie on top of Carson. He managed to turn his head for a kiss, before letting his eyes slip closed.

"Love you," Carson breathed in his ear.

"Love you, too," Rodney replied, loving the fact that the words came easily. He reached up and pulled at the strap on Carson's wrists, loosening it and helping Carson free himself. He held onto one wrist, rubbing it gently with his thumb as Carson settled himself.

Carson kissed his ear, and Rodney wrinkled his nose. But he didn't move, and pretty soon he thought that maybe the aliens had just exactly the right idea after all.

three months later

Carson folded his arms and glared at Rodney.

"I didn't know the altar would be in the middle of town!"