No Man Can Tether Time ~ gen
Pre-series. Dean hunts alone.
Dawn Breaks ~ gen (G)
Dean has had a strange year, and now that Sam is back, there are complications he has to deal with. Werewolf!AU. Crossover with In Cop's Clothing series
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas ~ Sam/Dean (PG13)
Dean wants to give Sam the perfect present.
Someday Never Comes ~ Gen (PG)
John was a father, a hunter, and a husband. He might have only been good at one of those three.
Night of the Living Winchester Boys ~ Gen (PG)
Sam and Dean watch a zombi movie and Dean critiques.
The Ten Marriage Proposals of Dean Winchester ~ Sam/Dean (PG13)
Dean and his many marriage proposals. Contains wee!chesters but no underage smut.
Audio Version Format: m4b, Length: 26 minutes 20 seconds. Read by Secret Santa 2007.
John Finds Out ~ Sam/Dean (PG)
John walks in on his boys.
Crazy Days of Childhood ~ Gen (PG)
A quiet moment during a job with John and his sons.
Turn the Page ~ Gen (PG)
Everyone has secrets, and sometimes unusual steps must be taken in order to move on.
I Can't Trace Time ~ Sam/Dean (PG)
The demon was gone, and its influence over their lives was fading.
Sunny Days That I Thought Would Never End ~ Dean (PG)
Dean ditches school.
It'll Turn Your Head Around ~ gen (G)
Sequel to Sunny Days That I Thought Would Never End.
Cat Scratch Fever ~ gen (G)
Dean gets hit by a curse.
Of Kittens and Men ~ gen (G)
Sequel to Cat Scratch Fever. Sam is an evil brother.
Rain Makes the Grass Grow ~ John/Dean (R)
John and Dean are stuck in the rain.
There'll Be Peace ~ John/Dean (R)
What Dean does.
Sins of the Son ~ Dean/Demon!John (R)
Dean has sinned in more ways than one.
Taste and Memory ~ Jack Harkness/other Torchwood/Supernatural (PG)
Jack goes to a bar in Nebraska.

Heart's Desire Series

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
Times Two ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
Sometimes a dream isn't just a dream. Sometimes it's a second chance.
Follow the Light, It's Not in Vain ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
What do you do when what you want, is what you have?
I Wanna Drive It All Night Long - Sam/Dean (NC-17)
When you give it all for love, sometimes love gives it all back.
Where I Lay My Head is Home ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
Home is where the heart is.
Even As I Wander, I'm Keeping You in Sight ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
There's a ghost in Reno, and the boys utterly fail to go to a strip club.
Seeing Through Different Eyes ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
Every journey is a series of tiny steps.
The Way Home ~ Sam/Dean (NC-17)
The Winchesters hunt ghosts while Dean's ghosts hunt him.

Real Person Slash

Carry On ~ Jensen/Jared (PG-13)
Jensen asks Jared out on a date. Then he finds out Jared has other ideas.
The Death of Jensen Ackles ~ JA/JP (NC-17)
Jensen and Jared are friends-with-benefits until something happens that changes everything. This is not a death story. Word count: ~10,300
There is now a Podfic available for this story! By applegeuse, details and download info here.
Only You JA/JP (PG)
behind the scenes of some of our favorite photos