Spirit Babies, Too

Blair was trying not to whistle as he went about his way. Household chores were usually not a thing he enjoyed -- at least not when they were chores Jim had had to gently remind him it was his turn to do. But he was in such a good mood that even Jim's earlier growl that 'if the bathroom looks like this when I get home I'm not sharing a shower with you' hadn't dampened... er, diminished his good cheer.

He was just now almost finished wiping down the shower and was looking forward to making it a mess again later. He smiled. Maybe spending a weekend without having any sex whatsoever was a good thing -- lord knew as soon as the babies had been picked up Jim had set on him -- or had he set on Jim?

Blair shook his head. His memories of that entire night were hazy.

Since then, they'd had rather wild sex every night (and a couple of afternoons). He wouldn't have thought they were that desperate. It had only been one weekend, after all. But he wasn't complaining. He was, however, thinking about asking if they could baby-sit again -- once they wound down a bit and he had a chance to rest.

Then again, if he needed a rest, maybe they should baby-sit sooner...

Blair grinned. Surely their parents would appreciate having regular nights/weekends off. Say, once a month? He finished up the bathroom quickly, and went to figure out just how he could get the message to his spirit guide.

Two weeks later

Blair was drumming his fingers on the counter top. So far, nothing. His guide had agreed readily enough to drop the babies by again, and Blair had thought that the message he'd received last night was to the effect that this evening they'd get to baby-sit again. He'd readied the loft -- without warning Jim, of course, because that would involve explaining why he'd done it.

The gates were in place, the newspapers down on the floor, and the new cat and dog toys he'd bought were already scattered. He didn't expect the toys to last long, but at least they'd give the babies something to do for a few minutes. He hadn't bought the squeaky toys, because he didn't want to sleep on the roof -- which is where Jim would send him, if he had.

Not that the squeaky bones weren't cute...

But it was nearly six o'clock, and Jim was due home soon. And so far -- no babies! What was up? Maybe he should go meditate and ask if they were held up in traffic or something...

The phone rang. Blair jumped up and answered it. "Hello?"


"Oh my god!" Blair grinned at the unexpected voice. "How are you? Where are you? How've you been?"

His old friend laughed, but it sounded strained. "Fine, I've been fine, Blair. I'm back in the States right now and I was going to be spending the evening with the new man in my life--"

"Oh yeah?" Blair leaned forward eagerly. "Well, dish, man! Then I can tell you all about Jim."

"I'd love to, but -- Blair, I think I have something that was misdelivered; I think it's yours."

"Really?" Blair was surprised. "Man, that hasn't happened since we were in Tunisia. I mean, it isn't like our names are anything alike." Blair thought for a moment. "How do you know it's mine? Is it addressed to me? Hey! Do you have my Star Wars tapes? I ordered those a month ago--"

"No, Blair. No address, but believe me -- they're yours. And I'm hoping you can get them -- I have plans for tonight."

"Oh, right, man of your dreams. Sure, I can get it -- are you in Cascade?" he suddenly asked.

"Colorado." Came the unexpected answer.

"Colorado? Uh... I don't think I can come get whatever it is..."

His friend laughed. "If they're yours, you can."

Blair shook his head. "What do you have?"

"About a half dozen wolf pups. Right now they're destroying my bathroom rug."

Blair sat down with a soft 'thunk'. "You got them? They were supposed to be over here! Daniel, how did they end up over there?"

"Don't ask me. I thought we got this straightened out five years ago, when you kept getting my dreamwalks and I kept getting yours. Hey -- is Jim the guy I kept dreaming about?"

Blair laughed. "Yeah! And he's as hot as you told me he would be. Thanks, man. I'll be right over... er, spiritually speaking, that is."

"Thanks, Blair. I don't know how I'd explain this one to Jack."

"No problem. Hey, call me again in a couple of days, willya? I want to hear all about this Jack guy."

"I will. And Blair -- you were right. That dream about the desert and everything? You were right." The odd tone of his old friend's voice made Blair stop before asking what else he'd been right about.

They said their good-byes, and Blair hurried into his study. Sitting down, he quickly entered a meditative state. It didn't take long to orient himself on Daniel. He found himself standing in a bedroom, looking at a closed bathroom door. From the other side of the door he could hear gleeful destructive-puppy sounds.

He sighed and went through the door. The pups pounced as soon as they saw him. Laughing, he gathered them up as best he could, and called out a 'thanks' to Daniel. He felt a 'you're welcome', but it sounded as if his friend were distracted. Blair felt the beginning tendrils of arousal, and realised Jack had arrived. He tightened his hold on the pups and returned home.

When he opened his eyes, he found the pups covering his lap. As they solidified, they began to explore. Blair snatched them up again and took them into the kitchen. Happily, they bounded out of his arms and across the newspaper. It didn't take long for them to find their new toys and begin destroying those.

Blair laughed, watching them, then realised -- where were the kittens, then?

The phone rang.


"Blair? I think I have something that belongs to Jim...."

Blair let his head fall into his hand. "Sorry about that, Dave. I'll be right over."

As he hung up the phone, Jim walked into the loft. "What's wrong... Blair?" He stopped, and fixed his lover with a fierce, no-nonsense glare. "What are they doing here?"

Blair grinned hopefully. "Could you watch them for a bit? I gotta go get the kits. Unless you want to--"

"The kits? Blair -- we're *not* baby-sitting again--"

"Jim." Blair interrupted, with his best pleading look. "We have to."


"Look, I really have to go get the kits -- I'll explain later."

Jim didn't look convinced. "Why do you have to get them? Why weren't they dropped off like last time?"

Blair sighed, shook his head, then suddenly realised what must have happened. "Well they got dropped off at Dave and Ken's place. I guess your spirit guide got confused, after you and Dave switched bodies that time--"

Jim waved him silent. "Don't remind me. Fine, then, go get them. I'll watch the pups."

Jim sighed, and gave his lover a look of long-indulgent suffering.

Blair gave him a quick kiss. "I'll be right back!" He headed for his study again. He pretended not to hear Jim growling back at the pups.

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