There are Rules for Erotic Drabbles which require the inclusion of certain elements. The more elements included in a 100 word drabble, the more (er, what is it? stars? slashes?) one is awarded. Thus, I wrote the following.

Skin? Check.
Sweat? Check.
Grasping/clutching hands? Check.
Licking/sucking/general mouth-to-body contact? Check.
Bucking/thrusting? Check.
Orgasm? Check.
100 word limit? Check.

The Drabble by Rule

Four hands grabbed together, pulling, twisting; fingers got in the way, fighting for control, for possession. Jim jerked suddenly forward, sending them both tumbling, naked chest to chest, flushed face pressed to flushed face.

"Oh god."

And then his hand slid down sweat-slippery skin; he could feel the heat pounding out of Jim's body. Blair watched as Jim repositioned himself, tense, frustrated; he squeezed Jim's shoulder gently. The other man's body shook, when without warning he began pumping. Slowly at first, then faster. An explosion of breath was the only sound as he made the final push.

"Tire's fixed."