A Visit To Puget Sound

"Well, this is just great. This is just... fucking great." Blair stomped along to beach, looking around.

"Calm down, Chief," Jim began, only to be interrupted.

"Calm down? We just got shipwrecked or didn't you notice?" Blair waved at the island.

"I noticed," Jim sighed. "But we were in radio contact with the Coast Guard until ten minutes before we crashed. They should be here soon enough."

"Soon enough, he says," Blair muttered as he stomped away. He was soaking wet, and the wind was cold. Now wouldn't be soon enough.

A hand grabbed his arm and he looked up, surprised. "Relax, Blair. We'll be fine. Rescued by evening at the latest." Jim looked confident, but Blair reminded himself that was his partner's job. Look calm when the shit has hit the fan. Jim sighed again. "Blair? Would it help if I warmed you up?"

Blair froze, and slowly turned back towards his partner. The words were casual, the tone was casual, but the feral gleam in Jim's eye was not.

Unfortunately, it wasn't going to work this time.

Blair shook his head, ruefully. "Man, I'd love to throw you down or get thrown down and have wild sex on a deserted beach while we wait."

"But?" Jim asked, when Blair didn't go on.

Blair sighed. "Jim, I love you, but this isn't a very good spot. I'm wet--"

"I can lick you dry." Jim offered.

Blair paused, then regained his bearings. "And it's cold," he tried again.

"You can lie down on a warm fur blanket."

Blair paused again, and tried again to regain his bearings. Took longer, but he did it. "There's sand everywhere."

Jim shrugged. "Litterbox."

Blair sputtered. "Jim!"

"What?" Jim looked back, innocently.

"That is not the way to seduce me."

Jim walked over, put his hand on Blair's hip, and replied, "I thought you didn't want to be seduced out here, in the cold," he kissed Blair. "Wet," he kissed him again. "And sand."

He kissed Blair deeply, and for a moment all thoughts of complaint vanished from Blair's mind. Then he recalled what exactly was prompting the complaints, and pushed Jim away. Not far, just far enough that he could breathe, and therefore speak. He didn't, though, and Jim looked at him expectantly. "Jim... I'm sorry. I can't."

"Why not?" Jim asked, sounding confused.

"There's... well, Jim, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about."

Jim groaned. "If you tell me you're really a married straight guy with three kids and you've been faking this for your paper--"

Blair stared at him, then began laughing, again.

Jim waited patiently for him to stop. When he did, he stood up and shook his head. "No, nothing like that. God knows I could never fake loving sex with a panther--"

"Good thing, too. I have huge teeth."

"And claws. But that's not... oh, hell, Jim. Maybe I should just...." He trailed off, not sure how he was going to explain. He was running out of time, and if he didn't say something Jim would find out, anyway, and he wouldn't be able to explain.

"Blair? Come on, what's going on?" Jim seemed to realise that this was, in fact, something serious.

"Jim... this is going to sound... well, maybe it won't. After everything else we've been through this might just be perfectly normal. I never said anything because even though I've been living in Cascade I never expected it to come up, never thought I'd get out here. So I--"

"Blair." Jim had put his hand over Blair's mouth. Blair looked at him. "The point?"

Blair nodded, and Jim removed his hand. "The point, Jim, is--" He was too late. He swore silently, and knew he should have said something earlier. Like when Jim had changed, or when his partner had dragged him onto a boat on the Puget Sound, or even when they'd first washed up on the island.

He quickly began stripping his clothes off, and spoke as fast as he could, ignoring Jim's astonished expression.

"I'm sorry Jim but I wasn't expecting to be out here if I had I would have warned you but I haven't been here in years I usually avoid the place because it's like a full moon you see and I always end--" He stopped, because his mouth no longer worked.

He looked up at Jim, big brown eyes pleading at his lover to understand.

Jim stared.

Blair stared back, knowing that although normally he was the cuter one by far, right now he was even more cute. He blinked once, slowly.

"You're a seal."

Blair shook his snout from side to side.

Jim asked, "A were-seal?"


Jim closed his eyes. "We're gonna need a much bigger tub, aren't we?"