Pinch O' Green

Blair rolled over in bed, warm and cozy as only a person who doesn't have to get out of bed for another two hours while his lover is already heading for work can be. He smiled as Jim walked out of the bathroom. His smiled changed quickly to a frown; Jim just gave him a quizzical look.

"You're not wearing any green."

Jim smiled. "Yes I am."

Okay, a challenge. Blair pulled himself out of bed and walked over to his lover, looking at his clothes closely. "No, you're not. You know what happens to people who don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day, don't you?"

"I assure you, Chief, I am wearing green." He stood there, holding out his arms in invitation. "Can't you tell?"

"Uh-huh." Blair checked out the shirt, no miniscule green lines running through the pattern. "Where?"

"It's perfectly obvious."

"Sentinel sight doens't count here, man. Us normal folk have to be able to see it." Blair determined that the shirt was *not* green by any stretch of the imagination. He knelt down and began inspecting the jeans -- maybe a green tag? There was nothing -- nothing except an erection. He'd deal with that in a minute, though. A quick check revealed no green shoe laces, no green socks. He stood up again. "No green on *that* layer."

He pulled Jim's shirt up, and off of him. Nothing but bare skin -- no green. That left only one thing. He smirked. "Green shorts don't count, man. No one but me is gonna see them." He began undoing the buttons, pulling the fly open -- and stopped. Black. He hurriedly pushed the jeans down, past Jim's hips to reveal the solid black boxers. Huh?

Then he realised something else. These were the *silk* boxers. The ones Jim only wore when he wasn't expecting to wear them very long; otherwise they were too distracting. He glanced up at his lover's face, and saw nothing but a small, patient, gleeful smile.

"So, Detective, where's this green you're wearing?"

"Told you, it's perfectly obvious."

"You are *not* wearing green, Jim. Fun as it was to get--" he pinched Jim's left buttock. A hand grabbed his forearm, a second too late.

"You didn't finish looking."

"I what?" Blair thought about it. What had he not... uh-oh. He chewed on his lip, considering. He wouldn't. He didn't. He... Blair pulled the waistband of the boxers out, and peered inside. He had. A green ribbon was tied carefully into a small bow. Drawing the boxers down, he freed his lover's bedecked erection. He gave it a look, then began removing Jim's clothing, stopping only when the man was standing before him wearing only green. "That's evil, Jim."

"You know what happens to people who pinch a man who's wearing green?"

Blair looked up, startled. "No..."

"Yes," Jim advanced on him. Blair retreated, but Jim reached out and grabbed him, and flung him onto the bed for his revenge.