One Picture is Worth A Naked Man

"What are you doing?"

Blair looked up at the politely curious tone of voice - which he knew was faked but treated as if it weren't. He gave Jim his best-on-short-notice innocent puppy eyes look. "When did you get home?" He tried pulling the piece of canvas over what he'd been working on.

Jim took a step forward and lightly grabbed his wrist, stopping him. "Not long enough, looks like. Blair, what *is* that?"

"Would you believe me if I said 'nothing important'?"


"How about 'can't tell you now'?"

Jim paused in his attempts to remove the canvas. "I might. Depends on when I *can* see it."

"*That* depends on whether you'll help me." He gave Jim a blinding smile.

"Help you what?" Jim gave him a look of utter suspicion, and backed up a step.

"Please? I've been doing it by memory but it would be *so* much better if I had you... I mean, to look at! Geez, where's your mind?" He'd had to move fast to knock away the eager hands, more than willing to undo buttons and let Blair "have" his lover.

"You mean it's me?" He sounded surprised, and pleased. Blair just shrugged. "That's really... sure, I'll pose. Where do you want me?"

"On the couch, there," Blair pointed. "Drape yourself a bit - you know, artistically."

Jim gave him a leer. "Spread my legs, you mean?"

Blair just smiled innocently. "It's for art, man. Oh, and take off your clothes."

This time Jim just smiled. But he removed his clothes, sprawled on the couch, and waited while Blair had him rearrange every limb to perfection. Finally Blair went back to the easel. "Do I have to hold still?"

"Nah, man, just don't move too much."

Jim 'resigned' himself to sitting mostly still, naked, in front of Blair, for an hour or two. He grinned. Yeah, torture me some more. After a bit, though, his erection needed serious attention and he stood up. Blair licked his lips as Jim walked over, and set the buish aside.

"Problem, love? Need a trip to the john?"

"Nope," Jim shook his head. "Trip to the Blair."

Laughing, Blair moved out from behind the easel to met Jim in a kiss.

"Upstairs," Jim pulled his lover to him. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the painting Blair was working on. After a second he moved forward, nudging Blair aside, and stared.

Jungle landscape. Birds, monkeys, flowers, all creating bits of colour among the dark green shadows. A beautiful piece, really. Beautiful landscape art.

Jim turned on a now-retreating Blair, growling.

"What? What?!" Blair was laughing too hard to sound really innocent this time. Jim chased him upstairs and proceeded to show him 'what'.