Love For A Change

"What are you *doing*?" Incredulous tones interrupted what had been a very industrious endeavour. Sparkling eyes looked up and toes retreated.


Jim shifted in his chair, as if to move his leg away from his lover's. He gave the innocent smile a glare, and turned back to the TV. The news would be over in another 10 minutes, then he could play. Blair knew that. Jim focused on the television.

"Sandburg!" He jumped slightly at the touch of a bare foot -- again -- rubbing against his leg.

"Yeah?" Blair spoke in unconcerned tones.

"Stop that."

Blair didn't answer -- and he moved his foot away from Jim's leg. He let Jim go back to hearing about some lady who'd given a dog CPR and saved its life. He waited. Jim didn't glance his way, so he continued waiting.

Finally his lover glanced over. "Blair, what are you up to?"

"Me? Just watching the news, Jim." Just the right amount of 'don't mind me, I'm used to being ignored/chastised/spurned.' It usually worked.

"If you think I'm falling for that, you're wrong."

"Fall for what? Hey, I can understand if you don't want me touching you." He made a move, as if to stand up. Four, three, two...

"Get over here!" An arm encircled his waist, and yanked him sideways. Blair found himself lying across Jim's legs, and he laughed. Jim looked down at him. "What am I going to do to you?" He shook his head, resignedly.

"I think a backrub would teach me a lesson. I'd never bother you again when you're trying to do something else."

Jim laughed. Blair smiled; he loved the sound of his partner's delight. Sometimes, he knew, he spent the day thinking of ways to delight him, to make him laugh. Other times he was struck with inspiration and couldn't wait for the chance to try something. Then there were times like now, when he just couldn't resist teasing -- besides, if it got him a backrub....

He settled in, somewhat awkward lying sideways but it wouldn't be for long. Jim went back to watching the news -- the last wrap-up story for the night. It really *was* important to the other man that he see the news every day. Blair knew that, and carefully timed his interruptions during the weather, sports, and human interest stories. And commercials. And opening credits.. end credits... right before Jim turned on the TV... He grinned, and began casually fingering the button's of Jim's shirt.

Fingers grabbed his and held them still. Nothing was said, until the anchor woman started thanking everyone for tuning in. Then Jim looked at him. "Backrub, huh?"

Pure innocence expression 104A. "It might work."

Jim smirked, then pulled Blair suddenly close. It looked as if he might be going for a kiss -- then he veered at the last minute for Blair's neck. The *blaat* of a raspberry sounded loudly; Blair started wriggling and laughing. Then Jim pulled him up, and finally did kiss him.

Blair took the opportunity to try to distract Jim, rubbing his tongue against sensitive places in his mouth, licking at his teeth... but Jim was retaliating, running his hands along Blair's skull to hold him still. Finally Blair moved back, groaning. Forget the backrub, just keep rubbing my skull....

And then Jim was pushing him off, letting him plop onto the floor on his hands and knees. He looked up expectantly -- and saw Jim pointing the remote at the television. Dismayed, Blair looked at the screen. "Seven o'clock news?!?" he wailed.

"You're the one who asked for cable."

"That was for the Bravo channel! Not CNN!" Defeated, Blair let himself fall onto his stomach. "Spurned! I think I'll go drown my sorrows." He scrambled to his feet and gave Jim a haughty look. "*I'm* going to go take a hot shower and drown the pain of my rejection." He left the room, not waiting for Jim's reply. As he stripped, though, and entered the bathroom, he heard it. The TV was shut off, and as he reached over to turn on the water he heard Jim walk into the small bathroom.

With a grin, Blair grabbed the purple bottle.