Getting the Weekend Off

Jim was sitting peacefully on the couch, catching up on a week's worth of sports pages, when he heard it. A slam of rubber on brick, a thump of a dropped book, and hard breathing. He set the paper down, grinning, and waited expectantly. In less than three minutes his lover came barreling through the door.

"Jim! Jim! It's done! I can't believe it's all done..." Blair threw his bag down, followed that with his bike helmet, and then attached himself to Jim. Mouth first, then legs, then arms.

After a delightful minute of enjoying his lover, Jim felt Blair disentangle himself. Jim reached up to hold him and was left standing, blinking at the whirlwind as Blair stepped back and began to move.

"I got all the reports in and the article is in the mail and when Justine calls I can finally tell her what she wants to know about the Anazagi tribe." He rattled at high speed as he went from living room, to dining room, to kitchen, and back, putting things away and getting others out. It was making Jim dizzy.

He tried once to grab Blair and hang onto him, but his partner just stretched up and kissed him then continued on -- never slowing down. "Blair?" Jim tried to get his attention. He had been waiting for Blair to get home, since tonight was the first night they had off, in eight days. They had the next two days off, and Jim had already turned the ringer off the phone.

He had plans, and if Blair would just stand still long enough, he could get going on them. He tried again as Blair zoomed past and got a hold of Blair's shirt. Blair veered in a circle, then came bouncing towards Jim with a grin. "What's up?"

"You are." Blair laughed, and Jim just shook his head. "Mind standing still for a minute?"

"Sure, Jim." Blair stood in place -- still bouncing.

Jim put a hand on top of Blair's head, and pushed. "*Still*."

"Yes, Jim," Blair said, meekly. Then he laughed again. "Did I tell you about--"

This time Jim put a hand over Blair's mouth. His plans hadn't included Blair talking about work, school, or friends. He watched, amused, as Blair's eyebrows went up and Blair made no effort to speak. He waited for a few seconds, then asked, "Are you going to do as you're told?" He didn't move his hand.

Blair shook his head.

Jim sighed, and nodded. "All right, I'll do this without your help."

He dropped his hand, and immediately Blair asked, "Help with what? Jim, what's-- hey!"

Jim slung his lover over his shoulder, and carried him to the stairs.

"Hey!" That was the extent of Blair's protest. Jim suspected it was because Blair knew what was going to happen -- much the same thing that happened every time Jim carried him around.


Jim got him up to the bedroom, and dropped him on the bed. He gave his lover a stern glare when Blair started to stand up and Blair subsided. Briefly.

"You want me to get naked, Jim, or are you just--" He was still going mile a minute.

Jim moved quickly, grabbing Blair's left hand and hauling him backwards before Blair had a chance to ask what he was doing. He had the wrist tied and was grabbing the other hand when Blair got his voice working again.

"Uh, Jim, should I ask--"

Jim shut him up this time by kissing him. As he kissed Blair, he tied the other wrist to the railing. He leant back, and surveyed his work. The knots were tight, but the cotton wouldn't slip and the knots wouldn't become any tighter as Blair struggled.

Which he was doing, tentatively, now. Blair looked up at him, curiosity overcoming the affront of having been tied down. Up. Whatever. "Jim? Should I ask what you're up to or just go with the flow?"

Jim stood over his mate, and stared. Blair was lying half on his back, half on his side as he tried to meet Jim's gaze. Still entirely too active. He knew that would change, soon enough, and decided to ignore it. Blair wasn't going anywhere, now. He knelt on the bed and began undoing Blair's jeans. He grinned as Blair groaned, twisting his hips to push himseelf against Jim's hands. Jim deftly avoided touching Blair's erection any more than necessary as he peeled Blair's jeans down.

"Jim!" Blair pushed his hips up as Jim's hands left him.

With only a glance up towards Blair's face, Jim continued undressing him. Shoes, socks, and jeans soon were discarded. He ran his fingers up Blair's legs, which moved and stretched under his touch.

"Jim, whatever you want, man, go for it." Blair said, almost clearly.

Jim raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I need your permission?"

Blair groaned, and shoved his head back into the pillow. His erection was fully hard, now, and Jim could feel the tremours coursing through Blair's body. Jim began to trace the straining muscles in Blair's legs, first with his fingers again, then with soft kisses. He listened to the moans and whimpers that began with the first kiss and grew steadily in volume as he worked his way up. He had to hold on to the leg he was kissing, to keep it from moving away. Blair was writhing freely now, and begging him to keep doing what he was doing.

He amused himself with those gorgeous legs for awhile. Finally he raised his head and took a good look at his lover. Blair had been panting hard for several minutes, now, though he'd already stopped shouting Jim's name. Jim leant forward and reached his fingers underneath the edge of Blair's shirt.

Blair reacted instantly, stomach muscles tightening and back arching at the same time, pulling him away and pushing him towards Jim's touch. Jim brushed his fingers across Blair's stomach, then pulled his hand free. Blair gasped, and protested. "Jim!"

Jim ignored him, and climbed higher onto the bed. He looked down, trying to decide where to go next. Blair was lying all twisted below him, arms stretched out above his head, legs akimbo, head lolled to one side. He looked as though he'd already been ravaged.

Jim found himself in a distressing situation -- he was wearing too many clothes. He stood up, on the bed, and began to undress. Blair's eyes went wide as he watched, gaze riveted on his lover. Jim undressed carefully, balanced on the bed, looking down at Blair as if the appearing nakedness was merely an afterthought.

As if his lover's interest in that nakedness was irrelevant.

He dropped his shirt behind him, followed that with his jeans and underwear -- only his sentinel hearing told him that he had dropped them tidily beside the bed where they wouldn't be stepped on. He stepped forward, to stand over Blair. He looked down.

Blair looked up, eyes wide and breathing hard. Blair didn't stir. Jim considered his next move. He stood where he was for several moments, considering -- actually he was studying his lover. Studying the way Blair's chest was rising and falling, the way Blair's cock has risen and *wasn't* falling. Studied the way Blair was licking his lips, no doubt wanting to beg him to get on with it but forcing himself to stay quiet.

Jim finally smiled and lowered himself to his knees. Blair's eyes went even wider, and he pushed his hips up to meet Jim's body. Jim pretended not to notice. He settled himself just above Blair's chest, where Blair's cock couldn't not quite touch him.

Blair moaned and gave him a glare -- Jim shook his head and leaned forward, resting his hands on either side of Blair's head. This put his own cock, rather conveniently near Blair's mouth. His lover didn't even need coaxing; Jim closed his eyes with a moan as Blair took him in.

He pulled and thrust very slowly and easily, letting Blair do whatever he wanted -- whatever he had the room to do, all trussed up and trapped. He felt himself coming and shouted aloud. Blair sucked, and swallowed until Jim leant forward again and collapsed on Blair.

He lay there for a moment until he felt Blair's chuckle. "You gonna untie me? Or fuck me?"

With a tired groan, Jim pushed himself off Blair and lay beside him. "No."

Blair stared for a second. "Uh... no?" He looked, Jim noticed, excited underneath his apparent distress.

"No," he repeated matter-of-factly. He settled onto his side more comfortably and looked at Blair. Blair was staring back as if he wasn't sure exactly what he'd let his lover get him into.

Jim grinned.

Blair's eyebrows went up. "Jim? You going to *tell* me what you're doing?"

Jim looked at him. "What are you talking about, Chief?"

"Uh..." Blair gave him a look of startlement. "You know, whatever you have in store for me?" he prompted.

Jim looked at him like he was speaking nonsense. Inside he was laughing. "For you? Who says I have anything in store for you?"

The expression in response to that was priceless. Jim had to work very hard not to laugh out loud at Blair's shock.

"You're gonna just leave me tied up like this?" He waggled his erection.

Jim looked down and considered it for a moment. He shrugged. "Why not? I'm not going anywhere." He laid his head down and closed his eyes. He could feel, nestled against his body, Blair's tension. He felt as Blair moved, heard every sigh and bit-back protest.

Finally Blair subsided with only a few wriggles and whimpers.

When Blair was mostly quiet, he opened his eyes. He slid underneath Blair and pressed his cock -- now hard again -- against Blair's ass. Blair cried out in relief.

Jim bit him on the shoulder and pushed himself into the crack of Blair's butt cheeks.

"Thank god," Blair whispered. Jim laughed and angled his hips, so he could leave Blair lying mostly on his back and still penetrate him. He nudged Blair with his cock, teasing him, as he never quite reached where Blair was now shouting for him to go. He smiled, kissed Blair's shoulder, and reached under his pillow. He was well prepared. He'd been planning this all day.

He removed the tube and popped it open, spread some lubricant on his fingers. Blair was mumbling incoherently now, staring wild-eyed at Jim's hand. It sounded more or less like encouragement.

Whatever it was, Blair moved his hips sideways to give Jim better reach; Jim closed the tube and set it aside and began getting his lover prepared. Blair reacted as if he'd just been fucked. Well, technically he was being. Jim inserted two fingers at first, pushing them in entirely. Then he pulled them back out and re-inserted them in the same thrusting motion he used when he fucked.

Blair pushed against him, wrapping one leg backwards around Jim's and trying to pull him forward. Jim went, moving up against Blair as closely as he could and still move his fingers. He could feel every strand of hair that was caught between his chest and Blair's back. He could feel every strand as it rolled when Blair moved, and bent his head to inhale the scent of sweat and shampoo. Blair whimpered and Jim inserted a third finger. The whimper turned instantly into a gasp and a plea.

"More?" Jim turned the plea into English.

Blair nodded. Jim gave Blair a nudge, rolling him onto his stomach. Jim sat up on his heels, and did some re-arranging. Blair's legs he took and spread apart; he reached underneath Blair to make sure his lover's cock was nicely trapped between smoothed out blankets and Blair's body. Blair's groans and cries seemed to indicate this was appreciated.

When he had Blair ready, Jim reached under the pillow again. He pulled out a toy he'd brought home after seeing Blair's reaction to it. Blair had insisted at the time he didn't want to risk trying it, but the telltale indications only a Sentinel could detect told Jim otherwise.

Well, a Sentinel or a lover. Jim happened to be both. Now, of course, he could try it out without having to talk his lover into it, first. He pulled out the tube again and lubed the entire length, this time set the tube on the floor out of the way.

He settled himself beside Blair, and began fingering his lover. When Blair's moans were low and continuous he placed the tip of the device against Blair. There was no reaction other than what he'd already been getting, so Jim gave it a little push. It slipped easily inside, and Blair spread his legs to encourage more. Jim pushed until it was all the way inside and left it for a moment. It seemed small enough, Blair didn't seem to be in any discomfort. With a kiss in the middle of Blair's back, Jim flicked the switch.

Blair let out a scream and fairly leapt off the bed -- as far as his tied hands would let him. The vibrator hummed as Jim held it in place. Blair writhed, and Jim couldn't tell from his motions whether he was trying to move away or towards to sensation -- but the noise Blair was making was exactly that of a man about to orgasm himself into oblivion.

Jim continued to hold the vibrator firmly, making sure it didn't come out even an inch as Blair moved. Blair began shouting, loudly and rhythmically, and Jim watched as his lover convulsed, and came.

The orgasm was a long one, and Blair continued shouting until he could barely make a sound. Jim turned the vibrator down to low, but left it on. Blair opened his eyes and sent him a pleading look. Jim pulled the vibrator slightly out, and then slid it back in. Blair moaned and Jim began fucking him with it. Blair's strangled cry and choked whimpers turned him on more than he would have predicted -- had he ever imagined Blair could make noises like this.

It made him want to bury himself in Blair, hang onto him and wrap his arms and legs around Blair's body. He left the vibrator where it was for a moment until Blair was only making a single low whimper of need. Then he pulled it out and did just what he wanted to do.

In a second he was fully inside, holding onto Blair, feeling as if his body was becoming shifted millimeter by millimeter into his lover's. He closed his eyes and let Blair's movements carry them both, let Blair's still-writhing form do the fucking.

He inhaled once, deeply then he lost all control. Panting hard he hung onto his lover, pushing when Blair stilled and lying still when Blair shoved back. Soon he was hanging on tightly as he dared, whispering Blair's name and hearing something whispered in return.

When he came, it was like every light in his mind went out.

When he came to, he was still pressed in and against his lover and Blair was lying utterly still. Except for the rise and fall of his chest, and the wild pounding of his heart, that is. With a smile Jim snuggled in. As he was about to fall asleep he remembered, and reached over to untie Blair's wrists. Then he drew his lover in as close as he could, and fell asleep.

He woke up, wrists tied to the railing.