Taken With Your Eyes Closed

"So. Busy Thursday?" A soft hindi accent interrupted his studying.

Blair looked up, somewhat startled then he grinned widely, a faint -- or not so faint -- stirring in his groin. "Hey, Rud! Class at 3 I can't get out of. After that, though.... Not busy until Friday at 1."

"Excellent..." The other man sat down in the library study room with him. "My place, 7 o'clock?" The smile was unmistakeably sultry.

Blair shivered. "Absolutely." He agreed quickly. "I didn't think you were gonna be in town this week."

Rud blinked in surprise. "And miss your birthday? Man, you are kidding. I've been planning this for months."

"Ohh..." Blair was getting an erection. "Yeah?" He managed, brain spinning into overdrive.

"Yeah," Rud leaned forward, breathing onto Blair's face. "And, since it is your birthday, you get three wishes. Tell me now, so I can have time to make your dreams come true!"

Blair smiled ruefully. "I wish you could."

"What makes you think I can't? Tell me! Feathers, frogs, dancing horses?"

"No!" Blair laughed.

"So tell. Or you don't get your wishes."

Sighing, Blair leaned back in his chair. Thinking it over, he quickly made his decision. "A blindfold."

"Really?" The pleased surprise was evident in Rud's voice. "You didn't seem to like it the first time."

"I know... but I've changed my mind." Blair gave him an impish grin.

"Geez, what have I created?" Rud implored the ceiling. "OK, sahib, what else?"

"I want you to make me fuck myself while you watch."

Rud shivered noticeably. "Oh, yeah...." His dark eyes began to glaze over. He shook himself. "I assume you mean with a dildo?" Blair just slapped him on the arm. "Third thing?"

Blair thought it over. "I want..." He stopped, and looked away. "I want you to not ask questions when I call you by another name."

There was a moment's pause, then Rud put his arm across Blair's shoulders. "Sure, sweetie. You call me anything you want." He leaned over and gave Blair a quick peck on the cheek. Then he stood and headed for the door. "See you Thursday."

Blair grinned. "Thursday." When Rud left, he looked down at his books and sighed. No *way* was he going to be able to study now.

Thursday evening Blair opened the door to Rud's apartment. It was in a specially designed building, originally intended for who-knew what purposes. The walls were thick, constructed so that no sounds from neighboring apartments filtered through. When Rud had moved in two years ago, he immediately turned his guest room into a playroom.

Blair dumped his jacket on the back of a chair and called out. "Rud?" He wandered toward the kitchen, feeling perfectly at home. He and Rud had been friends for years, ever since they'd met in London when Blair was 16 and Rud was 17. They'd kept in touch as each traveled hither and yon, and always managed to get together a few times a year for some of the most mind-blowing sex Blair had ever found. They had found in each other a match - not quite master/slave, not quite fantasies where the stakes were all pretend. They found a balance between the two the second night they'd tried it, and had enjoyed it to the limits ever since.

Blair found a glass of gatorade waiting for him on the kitchen counter. He picked it up and started sipping it, perching himself on the edge of a barstool. He shifted his jeans, deliciously uncomfortable with the erection he'd been walking around with nearly constantly the last two days. A couple friends had teased him mercislessly -- not knowing exactly why Blair had simply smiled dreamily and ignored them. Jim had simply given him a grin, and said nothing. Blair sighed.

"Hey, hotcakes!" Rud breezed in, slamming the door behind him. "Where are.. oh! Here you are." He walked into the kitchen. "Finish that up, son." His voice was in the margin between the light-hearted friend he'd been in the library, and domineering master. Blair gulped the rest of the drink. When he set the glass on the counter, Rud narrowed his eyes. "Strip."

Blair stood up quickly, and removed his clothing leaving it scattered on the floor. Naked, he waited.

"Come here." Blair walked over, until he was right in front of his friend. Rud reached out and turned him forcefully around; Blair saw a red strip of cloth before his face, then it was over his eyes and he couldn't see a thing. He felt his pulse quicken; the floor beneath his feet felt suddenly colder.

A hand on his arm tugged him out of the kitchen. He followed, not stumbling as he knew exactly where they were headed. Rud said nothing as Blair felt the threshold under a foot when they entered the room. He swallowed with excited tension. Rud pulled him to a stop, and Blair turned his face as if looking for him. "What--" A hand slapped him hard, on the left buttock. "Ow!"

"I haven't told you to talk."

Blair flinched at the tone, and said nothing. Hands shoved him forward suddenly, and he stumbled against something at thigh level. Probably the table; he reached out and found the soft flannel padding that covered it.

"Lie down on your back."

Blair did as he was told, grabbing onto the bars beside his wrists. The bars were perfect for tying someone down -- and Rud usually did, with others he brought home. Blair used them to hold onto for purchase and support. He left his legs stretched flat, waiting for further instruction.

Fingers at his genitals startled him; he relaxed as he identified the cockring and harness. With a not-so-gentle tug, it was fastened firmly. His testicles were pulled somewhat apart, and the ring would help prevent him from coming, before Rud was prepared to let him. Blair began to breathe a little harder. He pulled his legs tentatively, wanting to reach down and touch himself.

"Hold still."

Blair stilled, and waited. The room was warm, but he felt goosebumps rising on his skin. He wondered what Rud was doing; the sounds were indecipherable and his mind was providing him with guesses from previous encounters. Chains, leathers, silk, wood -- anything and, given Rud's imagination and enough time to plan, could be everything. Blair found himself wanting to snap out for Rud to hurry, to end the anticipation for what the first thing would be.

The sounds stopped and Blair tensed, grabbing the bars tighter. What part of his body would be first? What would Rud do, what would he do it with, how would it be done? A soft rustling sound came, very near the table. Then there was nothing but the sound of his own breathing. He opened his mouth, wanting to ask, but stopped.

Minutes passed and nothing happened. What was going on? Blair started to turn his head towards the last place he'd heard the sounds but caught himself. No talking, no moving. He worked his jaw up and down twice, beginning to worry. What was he *doing*?

"Not very patient, are you?" A sneering voice came from the same place he'd heard rustling. Blair felt himself blush. "What do you think you're here for, anyway?"

Blair didn't answer. He schooled the smile from his face. Something that might have been a breeze touched his arm, light and cool. He wanted to move towards it, find the source of stimulation. But he didn't move, waiting for Rud to tell him to.

Another minute passed with silence. Then, "Oh god, you are *so* beautiful." Blair shivered again -- Rud was standing down near his feet, and his tone had been distinctly proprietorial without a trace of romantic wonder. Something - a finger? - traced the skin at his ankle. "I'm gonna take you so hard...."

Suddenly Rud bit him on the arch of his foot; Blair jerked, and held back a scream. Inhaling sharply, he kept himself from saying anything -- right now he was Rud's to do with as he pleased. The three wishes had been a gift, but the night itself was Rud's. He felt the teeth release and the arch began to throb. He could tell Rud hadn't broken skin but he frowned -- was this a sign of the night's theme? Usually they didn't get too far into pain as pleasure.

Softness, like satin, brushed up his thighs. "Oh, that was so good, Blair. You didn't scream at all," Rud purred at him, as the satiny fabric caressed his legs, slowly up between them, and down along the top of one, then the other. Blair wanted to spread his legs wider but didn't dare move.

A pinch made him jump -- just inside the left thigh, too close to his testicles for comfort. He didn't manage to silence his protest, that time.

A voice came at him, right next to his ear. "Did that hurt?" Rud whispered.


Teeth clamped onto his right nipple. They let go, and "Did that hurt?" Rud's voice teased him quietly.

"Rud," Blair begged silently. A kiss on his cheek calmed him, as did the hand brushing through his hair.

"You know, I told you not to talk. I'm going to have to find a way to silence you."

Blair felt a spasm of fear coarse through him. How often had he heard words to that effect, recently? How often in the past year had he been in fear of his life, stripped of control and at the mercy of another with only the hope of Jim's rescue to save him? He opened his mouth to ask Rud, to beg him... then he took a deep breath. Rud would not hurt him.

"Good job." Rud was still at his head, standing above him. Blair felt fingers at his throat, then his mouth. "You need something to keep you quiet. It's a good thing I can do anything to you that I want."

Blair tensed at the words, gripping the bars tightly, not knowing what was coming next but reminding himself it would be nothing he couldn't take. Nothing here would hurt him seriously and anything Rud could do to him, he could take. He trusted his friend.

Fingers pried at his mouth, and suddenly it was filled; Rud thrust his erection deeply into Blair's mouth. Blair arched his back, trying to move his head back to an angle where he would not choke, opening his mouth as wide as he could.

"Oh god, yes, Blair...." Rud thrust again, and began moving in and out. Blair held his jaw open as far as it would go; part of him wanted to move his head away and refuse the act, as oral sex had never been something he'd enjoyed. Another part thrilled that even *this* he could do. He felt the head of Rud's penis push against his tongue, and he tried moving it, tried to give Rud his pleasure. Rud's moans told him it was working. He lay still as Rud fucked his mouth.

Without warning Rud pulled out and moved away. Blair could hear him breathing hard, and knew he was giving himself time to regain control. His own erection had died somewhat, from the unexpected pains and discomfort. Then something hit his hand, and he knew what it was. He began to get hard again.

"It's all ready to go, Blair. Show me."

Blair let go of the bar, and gripped the dildo. He didn't hear Rud moving, and wasn't sure whether he should repostion himself. But Rud would have told him, so he simply raised his knees to his chest. Holding the dildo by its base, he could tell that it was a smaller one than usual. Surprised, and eager to find out *why*, he pressed the tip next to his anus.

"Do it, Blair." The voice was commanding, and Blair trembled. Rud was watching him, watching him do this.... His erection was pressing more firmly against his hip. Slowly Blair inserted the dildo. Arching his back at the sensation of being filled, he tilted his head back, spreading his legs wider.

"Yes, show me...." Rud's whisper filtered past the pulse pounding in his ears.

Blair pushed it farther, until it was halfway in. He stopped and waited a moment. He hadn't been penetrated in almost a week -- he had toys at home, but Jim was too often in the apartment for Blair to feel comfortable using them. Last week Jim had been out all night, and Blair had exhausted himself, barely waking the next morning with enough time to wash up and throw the sheets in the laundry.

Now the small dildo stretched him - easily enough but Blair was glad Rud hadn't given him one much larger. He moved it up and down a few times, wriggling his hips to increase the pressure.

"Fuck yourself, Blair. Do it."

Blair moved the dildo out, slowly, and pushed it slowly back in, halfway. Again he tilted it, pressing the tip against the inside of his body. He began to move it slowly back out agin, and, hearing Rud' intake of breath, slammed it suddenly in all the way. Blair groaned and tried to move his hips upwards. It felt so good, he wanted more.

"Come *on*, Blair." Rud's voice was strained. "I want to see you do it. Fuck yourself. I want to see you."

Blair's erection was straining now, the harness making the pressure almost painful. His legs shook slightly and he began thrusting the dildo with the same motion Rud had used in his mouth. By the sound of his voice, Rud was still standing at the end of the table by Blair's feet, where he was no doubt watching intently, where he could see everything, see exactly how Blair had his legs up, spread wide, shoving the dildo into his own body.

He clamped his jaw shut on the moans that tried to escape. He wanted to whisper to Rud, to ask him to let him come already, to let him have a larger dildo now, to beg Rud to fuck him or bite him or do anything at all. He twisted the dildo inside himself, wanting more.

Suddenly the dildo was pulled away, a hand over his own removing it. "Jesus, Blair, what am I gonna do to you?" Rud sounded breathless. Blair wondered if Rud had been stroking himself while he watched; how much longer would the other man last? He soon had his answer.

"Oh god, I need..." Rud's erection was again thurst into Blair's mouth. Only a few strokes this time, fueling the fire. This time it wasn't enough to dampen Blair's arousal, as he anticipated where next that erection might go.

Rud moved away, to the other side of the room. "Blair, I need you to be very, very quiet. I need to give you something."

Blair nodded, confused by the change in tone. This sounded serious -- good serious, to be sure, but serious all the same. Rud moved again, brushing his fingers along Blair's biceps, then the touch disappeared, reappearing at his still upraised thigh. "Blair, you're so beautiful."

Rud was standing between his legs; Blair shivered. Then he heard nothing as fingers began to touch him. They traced a line down his filled erection, cupped his testicles gently, then moved to lightly touch his anus. Blair wanted to move, shove himself down on those fingers but he forced himself to wait. The touch moved away, and without warning was replaced. A familiar pressure, and then Rud was inside him, pushing smoothly and easily inside. He felt Rud's hands briefly touch his legs, and Blair wondered at his friend's behaivour. He was acting hesitant and gentle, waiting until Blair had adjusted to the larger size of a man's erection, teasing him with feathery touches along his legs and his stomach.

He smiled, and decided he liked it. He tried to move his hips, and hands clamped down on them, holding him still. Rud began to slowly move back and forth, as if making himself sure of Blair's ability to take him. Then he slowly eased in, all the way, and stopped. Blair felt his muscles begin to throb; the harness had prevented him from coming so far, but soon it would be too much. He suddenly wanted to wrap his legs around Rud, hold him close. He realised he wanted his third wish, as well -- wanted to whisper the name of the man he loved. He tilted his head back, pressing it against the padded table.

Fingers gently touched his stomach, and he smiled at the gesture of reassurance. Rud's voice whispered suddenly. "There's one more thing I have to do, Blair. You've been a joy."

Before he could puzzle out the meaning of the words and soft tone, the blindfold was lifted away. Blair blinked, finding himself looking -- up? -- at Rud. Blair braced himself and looked.... The man between his legs grinned, and thrust quickly, possessively, and very, very, eagerly.

Blair let his head fall back, taking a deep, shuddering breath. He didn't move, frozen with disbelief. He had to be dreaming, he had to be imagining this. He moaned, blinked back the tears forming in his eyes, and then, unable to hold still any longer, he moved his entire body, side to side, rocking himself downwards, closer. He wanted more, as if to prove to himself that this was real. He looked over at Rud who was standing near the wall, gathering some of his things. Rud smiled, and walked over and ran his fingers through Blair's hair. "Happy birthday, sweetness."

Blair felt his smile widen until he thought his face would crack. He watched Rud leave, his gaze following his old friend until it came to rest... on his new lover.

"Jim...." He wanted to ask a thousand questions, but the pressure inside him told him that now was not the time. Jim thrust again, as if asking for Blair's acceptance. Blair grabbed the bars again. "Oh god Jim," He inhaled deeply, thanking every god he'd ever met. "Fuck me!"

A quick, pounding thrust answered him. It was only a few moments before he felt Jim increase his motions, until he was uncontrollably thrusting, on the verge of orgasm. Blair moaned, wishing he could do something, anything, to help push Jim over but in this position all he could do was wait and let Jim pound into him. Jim had gripped him by the legs, and suddenly squeezed tightly and let out a harsh cry. Blair closed his eyes, reveling in the sensation of Jim -- Jim! -- coming inside him. He wanted to cry out, as well.

He opened his eyes when Jim pulled out. Carefully Blair let his legs down and started to ask what the hell Jim was doing here. Before he could, Jim was crawling onto the table and lying on top of him, letting his weight press down onto Blair's body. Jim kissed him deeply, and for several moments Blair forgot every question he ever knew. He blinked when Jim moved away and Blair realised that he was still crying. Jim looked down at him, concern on his face, and Blair smiled. He felt lips brush his cheek, then heard Jim whisper in a loving, tender, and proprietal voice. "You belong to me, now."

Blair came.