The Sentinel Stories

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The Drabble by Rule ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
There are Rules for Erotic Drabbles which require the inclusion of certain elements.
Drabbles ~ Jim/Blair (PG-13)
Ten miscellaneous drabbles.
The Falcon and the Breeze ~ Jim/Blair, Methos/Blair (R)
Was originally published in the zine Beefstick and Lambchop and is now available here. It is a Highlander/Sentinel crossover.
For The Lave of Me, Would You Save None Of Me? ~ Jim/Blair (G)
It's Blair's birthday, and he's anticipating a surprise. Not the one he gets, though.
Gentle Into That Good Night ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
My first ever Sentinel slash story. It has the shared distinction of being one of two first net-ly available Sentinel slash stories.
Getting the Weekend Off ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Another "not my fault, someone on IRC made me do it" story. You'd think I'd learn. But no. It's a PWP with light bondage.
Glory Nights ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
Summary forthcoming.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears ~ gen (G)
A Sentinel Fairy Tale
In Our Lives In Love ~ Jim/Blair, Starbuck/Apollo (PG-13)
A crossover with Battlestar Galactica, it takes a look at a few days in the lives of some people together.
In the Pink ~ Blair/Joel (G)
Don't ask me. I wasn't there. I was home, with a tummy ache, so it couldn't have been me writing this.
Love For A Change ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
A quickie. A happy quickie, at that.
Making Sense of Things ~ Jim/Blair (G)
A short look into the state of Jim's life.
One Picture is Worth a Naked Man ~ Jim/Blair (PG-13)
Summary forthcoming.
Pinch O' Green ~ Jim/Blair (PG-13)
A St Paddy's Day challenge story.
Rice Paper ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
A short story that appeared out of boredom. Not my boredom, mind you. We were playing word games on IRC one day, and this story was one of those resulting.
Run Away ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
An A/U story about the Sentinel and his Guide.
Say Forever For Me ~ Jim/Blair (G)
A story about love, pain, and patience.
Send in the Clones ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
I'm sure I don't know how it happened.
Sidestepping Adventures of Anthro Boy and Sentinelman ~ Sentinelman/Anthro Boy (G)
Part of Ninjababe's wonderfully silly series The Adventures of Sentinelman and Anthroboy.
Some Time Without You ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
Jim and Blair spend some time together.
Spare Parts -- Missing Scene ~ Jim/Blair (G)
A missing scene from the episode with Naomi Sandburg's first appearance. In this scene, she and Jim talk about his love for Blair, and his place in Blair's life.
Stay One More Day ~ Jim/Blair (G)
An epilogue of sorts for the third season opener, 'Warriors'.
Taken With Your Eyes Closed ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Blair's birthday and a friend has given him a scripted S&M scene. What will Jim do when he finds out?
Then There Shall Be Ashes ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
An A/U. What if Blair Sandburg didn't pursue his studies of sentinels as an anthropology student? What if he became a fireman, instead?
A Visit To Puget Sound ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Part of Sorka's Curses universe.
If you haven't read the stories, all you need to know for this is that Jim can turn into a panther.
Waving or Drowning ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Originally appeared in the zine Beefstick and Lambchop. A short h/c.
What Tangled Tails Woven ~ Peter/Egon (G)
The ghostbusters have busted some ghosts and it gets them into trouble. A Real Ghostbusters multi-crossover with an appearance by Jim and Blair.
Worlds of the Past ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Blair and Jim go out on a date and Jim finds out more than he ever suspected about his lover.
Ye Sentinel Carole ~ Jim/Blair (G)
A holiday story. Jim is visited by three spirits. Silly, and not what you're thinking. Heh. When have I ever steered you right?

The AIDS Stories

What I Sent Last Year Wasn't Good Enough ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
Blair is dying, and it's been two years since he's seen Jim. Will Jim remember him this year, on his birthday?
All I Want ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
Blair and Jim deal with Blair's approaching death.
Death story! No happy ending!
So Next Year's Will Be Better ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
The sequel to All I Want.
What Was Lost ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
The fourth story in this death-story series. This one has a happy ending.

Fine Art of Survival Universe

The Fine Art of Survival ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
Blair finds himself suffering panic attacks. Why, and can Jim help? Or is Jim part of the problem?
Can You Hear The Tit-Willow Cry? ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Blair needs some time away from his life in Cascade, so he goes to visit an old friend who helps him make a decision about Jim.
Echoing Drums ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Jim and Blair are deeply in love, but that doesn't always make things work out.

Horses of Different Colors

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]

Horses of Different Colors Page
A Houston Knights AU featuring centaurs.
The following stories are crossovers with The Sentinel:

Single White Fillies: Part One | Part Two ~ Levon/Joe, Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Summary forthcoming.
Withers Thou Goeth ~ Levon/Joe, Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Jim and Blair have their wedding. Eventually.

Shutting Doors Alternate Universe

Wherever You Stand ~ Batman/Robin, Jim/Blair (NC-17)
A Batman & Robin/Sentinel crossover wherein the boys all meet each other. Primarily a Bruce/Dick story but Jim and Blair get to have sex, too. If you want to read the Batman story which started this bit, check out my Batman & Robin page.
Castoff ~ Batman/Robin, Jim/Blair (PG)
The sequel to Wherever You Stand. It deals with Dick and Bruce's break-up. Angst, happy ending, and no sex on-screen. It is also a Batman/Sentinel crossover.

Spirit Babies Universe

Spirit Babies ~ Jim/Blair (G)
A majorly sappy story where Jim and Blair get to babysit.
Spirit Babies, Too ~ Jim/Blair (G)
The sequel to Spirit Babies brings the babies back. Sort of. Crossover with Starsky & Hutch and Stargate SG1.
Spirit Babies, Three ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Okay, another sequel. It's time to let the babies go out on their own. Sort of.
Chancellor's Tale ~ Jim/Blair (G)
We find out about Chancellor's introduction to his new home and new humans -- Starsky and Hutch.
"Bring Your Spirit Guide to Work" Day ~ Jim/Blair (G)
Buster's story. Written for the The Sentinel auction.

Wolf 'N' Gila's Radio Smut Show

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]

This project was begun in an effort on both our parts to write more Silly Stories. We realised we did more silliness when a) writing stories on irc for an audience and b) writing with a partner. Violin, the Radio Smut Show was born!

Attention: This series is incomplete, and will most likely never be finished.

Discombobulate ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Jim has a secret and Blair wants to findout what.
P.A.F. ~ Jim/Blair (PG)
P.A.F. stands for Purple Alien Frogs but this didn't turn out to be silly. Blair has a secret which he fears may ruin everything.
Times and Tides ~ Jim/Blair (NC-17)
Takes up where P.A.F. left off. This story features a visiting author, Maigret aka pooky, who is writing Simon Banks. We'd like to thank her for agreeing to do so after we drafted her.