Sands of Time

~ Co-written with Wolfling [website]

Xander finds a new home with Giles, and a new relationship with Spike. AU, late Season 1 onward.
Xander/Spike, Xander/Giles UST.

This series is now complete. Sorry that it took five years to get the last one finished!

Sandy Places in the Skin
Xander gets out of his house just in time. Rated PG-13.
Sandy Places in the Heart: One | Two
Xander adjusts, has help, has un-help, and basically tries to carry on. Rated PG-13.
Sandy Places on the Ground: One | Two
Xander's junior year. More Spike, more Giles, more everything. Rated NC-17.
Sandy Places in the Soul: One | Two
Following the death of his father, Xander is faced with a difficult choice. Or several. Rated NC-17.
Sandy Places Overseas: One | Two
Xander and Giles visit England. Rated PG-13.
Sandy Places in the Shadows: One | Two
It's almost graduation. The Scooby gang looks forward to graduating, Ascending Mayors, and surviving long enough to pick a path for the future. Rated NC-17.
Sandy Places Among the Angels: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six
Xander has moved to Los Angeles to go to school. Rated NC-17.
Sandy Places in the Mind
Adam destroys Sunnydale. Xander fights back. Rated NC-17.