Owlet has written an Angel/Doyle story which I highly recommend! Waking Dreams is a short, very powerful piece. Owlet has a wonderful command of description, and creates an evocative scene in just a few paragraphs. Slash.

Sheila has some very wonderful stories. I've enjoyed her Gunn fic, but it was Fall In, Fall Out that made me put her on this page. Maybe because it's Wesley. Maybe because it's a good story. Maybe because I found her URL. Who knows? This was a story that pulled me in, made me enjoy every word, and made me glad I'd read it. Slash.

Claire has written some lovely Angel and Buffy universe slash. Truth's Deception is an Angel/Wesley piece that works really, really, well. It has all the hurt and loevliness and sex and doubt that you could ask for from a much longer piece, only this short scene brings them all together without overdoing any of it. Slash.

I happily read anything Pet writes, including things I would swear I never read like gender-switch fiction. She makes it work, though. I'm mostly happy that she writes Wesley/Gunn. Vampire Dreams makes me whimper every time I read it, even though I know what's coming. Slash.

Brat Queen has a Wesley/Angel series called Epiphany. It's full of angst, uncertainty, and hot sex. Slash.

Shrift has written a Wesley/Gunn story called Comfortable and it is superb. There isn't a single sentence that is out of step or less well written, and the story itself simply feels so good. It's full of teasing and happiness and love and comfort, and each of the characters from the show has an appearance, and a point to make. Slash.


Anne Higgins has a wonderful sense of humour. 6 Seconds is a Batman/Superman story set after a JLA story, but it isn't necessary to know that story to follow Anne's fanfic. Clark is, at heart, a dork. But he has his Bat.

Battlestar Galactica

Claire's No Matter What is 99% perfect. It made me smile, laugh, cry, afraid, angry, and laugh again. I love stories which make me feel, and this one did. It's a long, well-crafted story with a great plot. Slash.

Anne Higgins has a fun, sweet A/S story. Ambushed By a Pair of Green Eyes is an enjoyable read. While you're there, read everything else she's written. Slash.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Te has a series titled Post-Grad. I'm not sure how to coherently recommend this story. It is Xander/Spike, and if I could read no other slash fic in the world, I would want to read this series. Oh - I guess I just did coherently recommend it. Slash.

I haven't recced Wolfling and Mad Poetess before, because I figure - hey, I co-write with them, of course I like their writing! But they've written a story together called Company in Hell that is truly amazing. Spike/Giles, and one of the few that totally convinces me those two would do that together. It also left me wondering what next, with a myriad of ways it could conceivably go, all of which would be as intriguing as this beginning. The story is dark, and tense, and oh so hot. Maybe a hopeful ending, maybe not. You decide. Slash.

Due South

A.C. Chapin has written two of my most favourite stories. The Spelling Lesson is her first Due South slash-ish story and I find it extremely touching.


For some Emergency! fic, Mady Bay has written some nice, realistic, detailed stories. Two of my favourites are Nightmare and Your Life or Mine. (Archived here with permission).

A lovely, wonderful, psycho-creepy Emergency! fic by Cindy T. Light and Shadow is the best horror story I've read. OK, so I don't like horror stories... usually. This I love. Gen. [Unfortunately, I can no longer find this story online. If anyone has a link, please let Perian know.]


Eleanor K. has written a Simon/Mal story which I just love. Immanent dips down into Simon's nightmares, and pulls him out into Mal's arms. I could feel and see everything, and never got jerked out of the story by any missteps.

Forever Knight

A.C. Chapin has written two of my most favourite stories. The Myth of the Bat is a Forever Knight story which continually blows me away. It is so wonderful, very surreal and mystifying. Gen.

Good Omens

Torch has a lovely short fic for Good Omens called And when he falls. Makes you wanna laugh, and go awww. Not at the same time, though, or you'll snort your code red.

Gundam Wing

In Gundam Wing fandom, I've discovered a few wonderful, wonderful stories. First, anything by Keelywolfe, though I most heartily recommend From a Goodnight Kiss because there isn't enough threesome slash out there, not to mention threesome fic which is this fantastic. Part of the reason why I love it, is that it hits one of my favorite kinks, but it's still very well written and worth the read! Slash.

Suicide for Dummies is a refreshing, amusing-though-serious look at the genre of suicide/saved by love slash fic. Or gen fic, I suppose. Written by Itsuki, it's a short, but effective look into Duo Maxwell's state of mind.

Come Undone by Firecat is a lovely scene with Quatre and Duo. Not slash, not really, but still a wonderful connection between two souls, and two soldiers.

Oh my freakin' goddess. If you know anything about Gundam Wing and Winnie ther Pooh, go read Hyakuchoubayashi. No, really. Just don't be drinking anything, or, you know, try to breathe.

Harry Potter

Cairnsy has written a Harry Potter fic called Where Do The Children Play? which just socked me in the stomach and made me wish for more. Sad, harrowing, and something quite necessary to remember -- Harry wasn't the only victim of war. Gen.

Mireille has several Percy and Oliver fics, mostly from the OPImprov list. Check out any of them, but particularly Falling. Excellent use of metaphor, drawing parallels, and using circular verbage to bring differing aspects of Oliver's life together. Um. All of which means -- it's really, really cool and I love the way she crafted the story, as well as loving the content. Many accolades for writing good stuff, well.

Lord of the Rings

Bedtime Story is a Merry/Pippin PWP by Daisy Gamgee. It's wonderfully sweet, and hot sex. I'd like to camp out in this author's lawn, and wait for each story to be flung out into the sun. Unless they're Sam/Frodo, the pervs. ;-)

MJ has written some very lovely Merry/Pippin stories. She has a very vivid way of writing, with realistic-sounding hobbits. Her stories are set in the Shire before the story in FotR begins.

Care and Feeding of Hobbits by Baylor is set during the book version of Fellowship of the Ring. As slashy as the books (which is to say... she-yeah, open to interpretation), this is a very warm, fuzzy, loving look at the hobbits as Boromir gets to know them as a people and individuals. Very wonderful, even if the chapters are a tad short.


This is a story which made me cry. Not to worry, it isn't sad! Well, it is, but it has a beautiful ending. It's Betrayer and Betrayed. It's on a page of Hercules slash, but it's about two members of the Angelic Host. It's a wonderfully well-written story.


Check out the Professionals Circuit Archive for some really great stuff. What, I hear you asking, in particular? Debra Hicks' Pros/Danger Mouse series for starters! I kid you not. Well, I would but not about something like this. Also amazingly fantastic are Sebastian's stories including the Adagio trilogy. Be warned, they are not pleasant stories! They are incredibly mesmerising, though! Slash.

Real Ghostbusters

Robyn Thurman has a Real Ghostbusters story, The Loa. It's in first POV and she has written the character so strongly. Add to that an incredible, tense story and wonderful angst and Peter and Egon moments, you get a great read. Gen.

For more RGB you can also check out Kitty Woldow's wonderful, smarmy Highway to Hell. It's intense, with high emotions and angst, worry, love, hugs, sacrifice -- and all well-written. Gen.

Sheila Paulson has added a story from a zine, which is one of my favouritest of her stories. All The Years Till Midnight. How can you not love a story with such a cool title? Anyhow, it's Peter-owies at its best. Gen.

The Sentinel

writing off his clothes is by far one of the most incredibly written Sentinel pieces I've found. Miriam has several stories, Sentinel and otherwise, and they are all well-written, but this piece hits my surrealism/metaphysical kink in a big way! Slash.

Sa's Panther Tales are a wonderfully dark, intense, gripping series of stories about an alternate sort of future for Jim and Blair. Slash.

Destina Fortunato has written a Sentinel story which is just incredible. Silver Rain is short, powerful, and just incredible. Have I said it's incredible? OK, so, read anything by hers while you're there, but don't miss this story. Slash.

Laura Jacquez Valentine's Sentinel fic, Death Song of a Woods Colt. It made me cry in a touching, sad, happy ending sort of way. Short, complex, very moving. Yes, you can see the ending resolution before the story gets past the first line, but TS fic is like that. Sit down and cry. Happy ending. Honest. Slash.

Sith Academy

Here is a whole site for you to get lost in: Siubhan's Holy House of Horror. Check out the Sith Academy pages. Slash.

Star Trek: DS9

Brenda Antrim has several excellent pieces on her site, but two of my favs which I particularly recommend are two DS9 pieces, Voices and Secrets. Both are Bashir pieces, and they are incredible. Nice and angsty, with uncertain endings.

Star Trek: TOS/Voy

Killashandra's Ghost in the Machine is not to be missed. Classic Trek and Voyager, it is the only piece of Kirk slash I've ever liked. In fact, I love it.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Arianna Lussier has a couple of Q/O stories which, if you are at all even vaguely interested in Star Wars TPM slash you have probably already read. Penance and That I Shall Say Goodbye made me cry so hard I was shaking. Very powerful stories, very depressing. Good stuff and I highly recommend them! Slash.

Another M/A author is Jane St Clair. No doubt you've also already read her stories, if you're reading TPM fic. Carefully Everywhere Descending is my favorite. Slash.

Again with Laura Jacquez Valentine, Death Experienced. Just exactly the sort of way I think a true Jedi would cope with death. Romance is nice and all for fiction, but this reads more accurate to me, philosophically. Slash.

Stargate SG1

You could easily read anything Yum@ has written and enjoy yourself. I like, in particular, Alone, Desperate Measures, and Towards the Flame. Or you could just read them all. Gen.

For a few more 'read almost anything' authors of SG1 genfic, try Jmas, Rheanna, Sapphire, or Seanchaidh. Bear in mind I don't read any authors who have any Sam/Jack stories listed. ;-) Gen.

Ay has just about the best SG1 slash I've seen for my favourite pairing. Letters and You Don't Know Jack are incredible, and the latter inspired me to write two TPM stories in a similar vein. Slash.