To Have or To Hold

Peter stopped briefly outside the firehouse. He didn't want to go inside. The feeling surprised him; in spite of a terminal case of unrequited love, he had never felt this aversion to coming home. Maybe he was just afraid that when he saw Egon, his body would recall what had been happening to it earlier and respond accordingly.

It was one of his goals in life to avoid embarrassing himself *that* way. He didn't mind all the other ways. But *that* way, the 'hi, I have an erection and it's all yours' embarrassment was not going to happen, if he could help it. Maybe if he headed directly upstairs, and avoided seeing or talking to any of the guys...

"Hey, Pete. You gonna stand outside all day or you coming in?" Winston looked at him quizzically from the doorway.

Peter grinned, cheerfully. "Just wondering when we were gonna paint this thing. It looks like an old firehouse...." He headed for the door, relieved at Winston's rolled eyes and smile.

Winston didn't say anything more as Peter headed past him for the stairs. He could hear Janine on the phone, insulting whom he hoped was a bill collector and not a customer.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he hummed to himself. A picture of gaiety... er, exuberance, he corrected. He grinned, "Hi Ray!" as he approached the other man.

Ray grinned back, matching Peter's high spirits. "How was your lunch date?"

Peter nearly tripped, but his smile didn't falter. He hoped. "Ah, you know me, Raymond. I don't kiss and tell."

His friend just laughed. "Yes you do, Peter. You just wait until you're ready to show the rest of us up." Ray gave him a wink.

"Moi?" Peter looked aghast. Again, Ray laughed. Peter clapped him on the shoulder, and continued down the hall. "Just for that, I'm not going to tell you a *thing* about the beautiful, striking, mesmerising blonde who kept kissing me..."

Inside he was chilled. He ran up the next flight of stairs to the bunkroom.

"Peter?" Egon's perplexed voice stopped him.

"Hey, Egon." He told himself to breathe.

"Would you please come look at this? It just started a moment ago; I haven't had a chance to notify the others." Egon was walking back towards the bathroom. Peter followed and realised he could hear the shower running. Egon pointed. "I've taken readings but other than the class 3 manifestation, it appears perfectly normal."

"Manifestation? Egon, it's a shower. We've had it for years." However he tread cautiously into the bathroom. The shower was running, and the mirrors were steaming quickly.

A hot shower. Oh god.

"The manifestation is there," again Egon pointed, over Peter's shoulder. There was a note. Peter tip-toed up to it, wondering if he should get his proton pack first. He was able to read it, though, without having to touch it.

"Peter, please accept this gift with my apologies."

He stared.

"Do you have any idea what this refers to, Peter?"

He wanted to say no. But he couldn't. He couldn't say a thing... and he really *had* told her he wanted a shower. No way he was going to step *in* there, though. The thing could run all night and all day and forever until the pipes rusted.

"Peter?" Egon sounded concerned, but totally without blame. As if he knew Peter hadn't actually done anything to bring this on them.

"I think it's from that woman -- the one who sent the lizardgeist back home? I saved her life, and she offered me a reward."

"And you asked for a hot shower?"

Peter shrugged. "It was early, and I was tired, dirty... what do you expect?"

"Then why is she apologising?"

Peter winced. "Beats me, Spengler. But I was hoping to take a shower this evening without it, you know, being ready before I got here. Can we turn it off?"

Egon studied the shower, looked at the PKE meter, and then stepped forward. He turned the taps, and the water shut off.

"Always a wise guy, eh, Egon?"

"I wouldn't recommend using it until we've determined that it's safe."

"No argument from me, Spengs. Just do it fast, OK? Otherwise we're gonna get a little ripe." Peter wondered if the near-crises had been averted and he could relax. Pretend life was back to normal.

"I can find no trace of anything potentially dangerous. The note appeared and the water came on. There is no sign of any other supernatural activity."

"So it was just a hot shower?" Peter asked doubtfully.

"It would appear so. Ray and I will run some tests, however, to make sure." Egon took a step away, then he stopped. When Peter glanced over he found Egon watching him closely.



Peter groaned. Afterwards he was going to get buttonholed for a *talk*. "Just get that shower safe for mankind and psychologists, so I can take a shower." He wondered if not taking one now would offend the woman... and he shivered.

After all, it was here because he hadn't accepted her first offer.

Egon left the bathroom, and the shower turned back on. Peter jumped. He didn't have to call Egon back; the other ghostbuster was there beside him, PKE meter sounding loudly, briefly.. then silent again. They stared at the meter, then the shower.

Peter looked at Egon. "No way, Spengs. I'm not getting in there." He wondered if it was safe to keep turning her down. When he'd refused the simulacrum, she'd given him the shower, just as he'd asked. She'd even apologised, which meant she probably wasn't mad.

Who knew how short her temper was, though.

He still didn't want to step in there, however. Not alone. Peter blinked. OK, those kind of thoughts weren't conducive to solving the problem. A hot shower with Egon to keep him safe... oh, yeah. Not at all what he needed right now. He looked at Egon and whatever he'd been about to say, died in his throat.

"I believe you are meant to... accept." Egon was looking at him awkwardly, apologetically.

"Uh-uh, Egon. No way. Not after--" Peter slammed his jaw closed, and counted.

He got to one before Egon asked, "Not after what?"

Peter sighed. Not a clue how he was going to explain this one away. He wanted to say 'it's nothing, Egon,' and get back to figuring out how he was going to accept the lady's gift without actually stepping into the shower.

He didn't think he could trick Slimer into taking it. The way Egon was eyeing him, he knew he couldn't get away without answering, either.

He was definitely going to try to get away with not telling him the truth. Peter shrugged, pretending disregard. "She tried to give me something else... I told her thanks but no thanks."

"Indeed? That could have been dangerous, Peter." Egon was interrupted by the arrival of the other two members of the team.

"What's going on?" Ray asked.

"Since when do we hold meetings in the bathroom?" Winston added.

Peter waited as Egon explained the unusual state of the shower. When he finished, Winston shook his head. "Man, I'm glad I already had my shower."

"What are we going to do?" Ray asked, looking at Egon. Egon looked at Peter.

"Peter, why did you turn down the lady's initial offer? Did it appear dangerous?"

Peter blinked, and hid his initial, panicked response.

"I thought you were on a lunch date, Peter?"

"I was... at least I thought I was. My date turned out to be her 'reward'. Wasn't my type, so I said no." He forced the easy smile without much trouble, and hoped like hell he pulled this off.

"Hmm," from Egon. Peter waited anxiously. "What was the response to your declination of the offer?"

Peter mouthed 'declination' before he answered. "Nothing. I--" he stopped. "I didn't stick around to discuss it. Once I realised what was going on..."

"What happened?" Ray asked, both interested and alarmed.

Peter wanted to groan. Instead he said, "Nothing, Ray. I got there, found out what was up, and split. Not my scene, you know? Like going to a prostitute or something."

"Yuck." Winston summed up his teammates' response.

"So anyway," Peter continued, feeling safe at last -- except for the shower problem -- "I took off and came back home."

"And found the shower running," Winston concluded. "Your trade-in reward."

"It appears to be perfectly harmless," Egon reiterated. "If the... date, was not threatening, merely distasteful, then it might stand to reason the shower is simply a shower."

Peter eyed Egon. "You're telling me I should take it?"

"No, of course not," Egon responded immediately. "Unless to not do so would invoke the lady's wrath."

Peter rolled his eyes. "Egon, I'm not stepping into that shower until somebody tells me its perfectly safe. Which is *after* it stops turning itself off and on!"

"Of course, Peter. We'll run some tests..." Egon turned and spoke with Ray, the two of them dissolving into technobabble quickly.

Peter watched them for a moment, then looked at Winston. "They're so cute when they play scientist."

Winston laughed. Ray stuck his tongue out at Peter, then he and Egon headed for the lab to gather some equipment.

"Must have been creepy," Winston said after a moment. "Being given a woman like that... What was it? A hooker? A woman under a spell?"

Guardedly, Peter answered, "It was a simulacrum. Not a real human being."

"Oh, man. No wonder you -- simulacrum of who? Cindy Crawford?"

"No... nobody. Just a girl." Peter looked at the shower. Did they *have* this much hot water in the tank?

"Then how'd you know it was a simulacrum? That means an exact replica of a person. So it must have been someone you know."

Peter gave his friend a brief glare. "It doesn't matter, Winston. I figured out it wasn't hi-- her so I took off. End of story. Why don't we go see if the guys need--"

Winston had grabbed his arm as he tried to walk past. He was giving Peter a serious, no-nonsense look. "Pete."

Peter glanced over, then looked away.

"Who was it, Pete?"

"I don't wanna talk about it Winston."

"I figured. Who was it?"

"Winston, I don't... it doesn't matter, all right? We better go down to the lab and--"

"Was it--"

Peter whirled and slapped his hand over Winston's mouth, surprising them both. "Don't. All right? Just don't." Later he'd worry about how Winston knew. How long he had known and what he would do about it. For now, he just needed it left unsaid. Untrue.

Winston was just looking at him, sympathetically. Peter frowned. He didn't need sympathy. He needed to get on with things, get rid of the possessed shower and let life return to normal. Finally Winston just relaxed, and stopped trying to speak around Peter's hand. Without a word -- only a stern expression -- Winston let him go past, and Peter headed down to the lab.

Peter found his two friends gathering equipment, and still babbling in technospeak. "Is this gonna take long? I wanna know if we should rent a hotel room."

The look Egon gave him made Peter freeze. Then he remembered that Egon hadn't heard the conversation moments before... rather the conversation that hadn't actually happened.

He tried to kick-start his brain but Ray spoke up. "We should know something after we get all this set-up. Depending on what we're dealing with, it may simply be a matter of removing a spell."

"Or? I know there's an 'or'," Peter said.

"Or you may have to accept her gift." Egon was still looking at him funny.

"I thought you said that wasn't an option, Spengler," Peter reminded him.

"If it is safe, and the only way to rid the shower of whatever is possessing it... it might be the only option."

Peter crossed his arms. "I'm not stepping into that shower."

Ray grinned. "Don't worry, Peter. We won't let you go alone."

"Oh, great. You gonna scrub my back for me, too?"


After three hours of tests, Egon declared that only one thing remained left to try. Peter tried to protest again, even though Ray had pointed out he could wear swimtrunks and not actually *take* the shower.

"This is ridiculous," Peter muttered. It wasn't like his trunks were baggy enough to help, and he couldn't exactly explain wanting to wear his coveralls into the shower.

Winston was watching him again, and as Peter continued to complain about Egon's plan, asked, "You want us all in here? Or just one of us?"

The implication was clear -- and welcome. Peter was about to take Winston up on the offer when Egon interjected, "It would be safer if we were all present. As a precaution only, Peter, but should something happen we will be better able to deal with trouble if all of us were present."

"Great. Everyone's going to watch Uncle Peter take a shower. You wanna invite the rest of the neighborhood, too?"

"Can we sell tickets?" Ray piped up.

"Only if he wears those striped bikini shorts," Egon said with a straight face.

Shocked, it took Peter a moment to respond appropriately. He gave Egon a raspberry. The teasing made Peter feel better -- even if he was still going to be stuck in the shower with his friends watching. It was taking 'togetherness' a little too far, he thought, but he was ready to admit they had to do *something*. The shower wasn't shutting off; every time someone tried turning the taps, the water merely kept running.

While the guys got their proton packs and traps ready, Peter went to change. He did *not* wear the striped bikini shorts, despite wanting to know just when Egon had ever seen him in them. Instead he grabbed some jogging shorts that were just a little too big. He felt silly, but reminded himself that in the course of their careers they had done even sillier things in the name of busting ghosts.

He tried to think of one, as he went back to the bathroom.

The others looked up as he walked in. "We're all set, Peter. Just step in the shower for a second, at first, so we can see how it reacts." Ray had walked over, and slung an arm over Peter's shoulders.

"Great." Peter looked at the running shower, doubtfully. He almost asked if he really had to do this, but it occurred to him one of his friends might volunteer in his place. If the hot shower was, as it appeared, for him, things would more likely go wrong if someone else stepped in.

He squared his shoulders, tested the temperature of the water, then stepped in. He stayed under the water for only a second before he ducked back out. "Well?"

The water was still running.

Egon and Ray were still studying readouts. Winston had stepped over to see if Peter was all right. "Yeah, I'm fine. Egon, what is that gizmo telling you?"

After another moment, Spengler looked up. "It is telling me that the phenomenon we are witnessing is a actively cascading 101 degree solution."

Peter blinked. "It's a hot shower?"


"Great. It's still there, in case you didn't notice." Peter pointed out, not wanting to hear what he expected would be Egon's response.

"I surmise you will have to complete the shower in order to... convince the lady you have accepted it."

"Is it just me, or is this stranger than our usual situations?" Peter asked, not expecting a reply.

"Not really, Peter." Egon began rechecking his equipment as he began to lecture.

Peter stopped him with an up-held a hand. "OK, OK, Egon. I believe you. We get a lot of weirdness. Does this mean I have to get back in there?"

"We could merely let it run, but I doubt you would care to pay the water bill next month."

Peter groaned. Unfortunately they soon discovered that Peter's merely standing in the shower didn't have an effect. He stood in the shower for two minutes, then five, then ten. The water never shut off.

Finally Ray made a suggestion. "Peter, you might have to... you know, actually take a shower. A real one."

"Not with you guys pointing those things at me, I'm not." Peter waved at the packs, traps, and other items.

"We'll clear outta here, Pete. But give us a yell if anything happens." Winston had already started gathering equipment.

"Are you ok with that, Peter?" Ray asked unhappily.

"I'm not giving a free show. You guys are my friends, but come on. I have my limits."

Stantz nodded, and started helping Winston. Egon, however, merely continued staring at Peter. "I don't like it," he began.

"You think *I* do? I could get slimed or something," Peter began, then realised he was saying exactly the wrong thing to get Egon to leave.

Egon folded his arms. "I'm staying."

"Egon! I'm not standing here in my alltogether with you here."

"I've seen it before, Peter. And I'm not going to leave if there is danger--"

"You just told me it wasn't dangerous. Didn't you? What was with all that," he waved at the things Ray and Winston were lugging out. He ignored everything else Egon had said. First the bikini, now...

"It hasn't done anything yet. It may simply be waiting for you to step in there alone, without us here to protect you."

There wasn't much to say to that. Peter admitted he didn't want to step in there, alone, but neither did he want *Egon* staring at him. He looked away and wondered how he could get Egon to let Winston or Ray keep an eye on him -- more or less -- without explaining why.

"Is there a problem, Peter?"

He almost said yes, until he realised what he had heard. Egon was hurt. Only slightly, and no doubt only at the thought that Peter would prefer to face this alone than let his friend help him. "It's just embarrassing, you know?"

"If you prefer, I can wait over here," Egon indicated a spot where he would be unable to see into the shower.

"Would you?"

"Of course, Peter. I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable. I merely wish to ensure your safety."

"I appreciate that, Egon."

There was a moment of silence, then Egon moved to stand where he had said he would. Peter hesitated, then very quickly stepped back into the shower. He removed his shorts, took a deep breath, and reached for the soap.

He tried to shower quickly but he soon realised he wouldn't be able to. Egon was, after all, standing just a couple feet away and *he* was standing here, naked, just hours after being in Egon's arms...

"Peter what's wrong?"

Egon's voice startled him; he opened his eyes and found Egon standing there, curtain pulled back, staring at him. "Are you hurt?" Egon continued, when Peter just stared at him.

Peter shook his head.

Egon continued staring at him, obviously not convinced. "You were moaning," he explained. When Peter looked away he reached out and took Peter's arm; Peter shuddered and pulled free. "Peter?"

Peter turned; he had to hide his face, as well as the erection which had chosen a very *bad* time to appear. He would have thought stress would have kept it down but his body had other ideas. Hot water, Egon, and a very good time, it was telling him.

"Peter?" Egon's voice was close. Too close. Peter wanted to ask him to leave, but he knew he couldn't. The only way to do it was tell Egon why... "Oh."

Peter froze. Oh God, he was going to die. He was going to turn the water up and drown himself--


"Please go, Egon," he whispered. So he could hang himself with the soap-on-a-rope.

"I'd rather not."

Peter closed his eyes and asked himself why this had to be happening. Talk about a bad day. He felt a tug on his arm but didn't open his eyes. Egon put his hand on Peter's back; Peter flinched but didn't move. His mind was whirling, trying to make sense of this and figure out what to do.

It didn't help that he could see, there with his eyes closed, the sight of Egon that afternoon. The simulacrum, as perfect in detail as Peter could judge. Egon removed his hand and Peter heard him step away. He tried to take a deep breath but he was afraid he wasn't in the clear, just yet. Even if Egon left now, he'd have to face his friend later.

He lifted his head, letting the hot water pour over his body. The water in his ears drowned out everything but his heartbeat. He was startled when Egon stepped into the shower with him. He stared, wondering if maybe the simulacrum had in fact returned, when Egon kissed him.

His legs melted first, followed quickly by his entire body. The extraordinary thing was that he knew, as soon as Egon's mouth touched his, that is was no simulacrum. He wrapped his arms around Egon, holding him tightly, almost desperately. He shouted down the voice in his head which was asking why, how, and who the hell this was. It wasn't a fake, but it couldn't possibly be the real thing... only it

It was only a few seconds before he had to break it off and stare at his friend in bewilderment. They were both startled when the shower stopped. Peter very slowly looked back at Egon. He found Egon smiling at him, soaking wet, and -- he realised he was only just noticing -- extremely naked. "Is there something you want to tell me, Egon?" Peter grinned.

"I thought that was my line," his friend replied, a gleam in his eye.

"Hey! Is everything all right in there?" Ray called through the door. "Peter? Egon?"

"We're fine, Ray!" Peter yelled back.

"The shower stopped, did it work?" Ray called again.

Peter looked at Egon, who was looking at him, smiling. "Yeah, I'd say it worked. Corny, but it worked."

Still smiling, Egon leaned forward and kissed him again. They stood like that, naked and dripping, until they heard an "Oops! Sorry!" and Ray was hurrying back out of the bathroom. They heard him laughing as he told Winston they were going to be awhile.

An awful thought occurred to Peter, and he looked at Egon. "You're not under a spell, are you?" He frowned, thinking how badly he was going to take this if it turned out he was.

"I don't believe so, Peter. Perhaps we should find out--"

Peter didn't let go as he tried to step away. "How long have you felt like this, Egon?"

Egon hesitated, silently watching him. Finally he said, "Since I've known you."

He knew they were going to have to talk. Trade explanations, questions, answers. Right now, he wanted something else. He wriggled.

Egon gave him a smile. "Does that mean you believe I am not under a spell?"

"Well, not *hers* anyhow. Though I can understand--" He stopped. Not because Egon had kissed him, but because he'd wriggled back. *Very* interesting.

Very, very interesting.

"You suppose we can throw Ray and Winston outta here for an hour?" That was when Egon kissed him.

Peter broke off, stepped out of the shower and opened the bathroom door a crack. He saw a note scribbled on a piece of paper.

'Went to the movies. Back at ten.'

Peter smiled. "Hey, Egon?"


Peter turned, and slipped his arms around Egon's waist. "You wanna have some fun?"

The dour look Egon gave him was marred by the grin he couldn't quite stifle. "If by that you mean--"

Peter kissed him sounding, then said, "I do." He started to drag Egon into the bedroom. Egon, however, was cooperating fully and did not need to be dragged.

"Peter, are you--"

Again Peter shut him up by kissing him. It wasn't that he didn't want to hear whatever Egon had to say, it was just that he didn't want to get distracted just yet by talking about it. If he let Egon start talking, they'd be here for three hours and not get anywhere.

"Peter--" When Peter let Egon go that time, he found his friend looking at him with amusement. "Are you going to let me speak?"

"Depends. What were you planning to say and is it going to delay my getting you into a bed?"

There was a pause as Egon registered Peter's words. Peter watched as Egon's eyes went slightly wide. "No," he said, clearing his throat. "I merely wanted to say... that I... that is, if you are certain..."

Peter smiled. "Egon, this may come as a surprise to you, but I love you. I always have."

"I, too, have always been in love with you, Peter. I always thought that my feelings were not returned."

Peter blinked. "Ok, we're treading very close to 'a conversation that is gonna put off getting to bed' here, Egon. You wanna go with this or get back to what we were trying to do?"

Egon looked at him, then laughed. "Very well, Peter. We shall take it as said that we love each other, both want this, and both -- I surmise -- know what he is doing. Is that satisfactory?"

"If it means you're going to hush now, it is." Peter resumed hustling Egon towards the bed. Egon went willingly. He aimed them towards Egon's bed. Not because it was bigger (it wasn't) but because he suspected the sheets would be more recently changed. Peter stopped beside the bed, held Egon close to him again, and kissed him. How many times was that, now? He ought to have been counting.

He wasn't so sure he could now, because Egon was kissing him back like... like... no counting, no metaphors. His brain had better things to do. Comparing this kiss to the thousand he had dreamt. Comparing the feel of Egon's body to the images he'd imagined. Noticing all the details he had never been able to discover until now, when Egon -- living, breathing, *real* Egon -- was pressed against him, naked, aroused, and willing.

He whimpered as Egon broke the kiss, then he was being guided towards the bed and pushed down to sit. He wrapped his arms again around Egon, pressing his face against Egon's stomach. He was warm, and he could feel the flutter of his stomach muscles.

"Egon," he breathed softly. He felt a hand on his head, playing gently with his hair. It gave him shivers. he leaned back, craning his head up and saw Egon staring at him. "I love you," Peter whispered.

Egon smiled. "I love you, too."

Peter kissed Egon's stomach, and felt him shudder. Peter grinned, and kissed him again. The shudders felt so delicious that he continued kissing, spreading them out along Egon's stomach, until Egon finally tilted him backwards and climbed onto the bed beside him.

He spread his arms, inviting Egon to lie down on top of him. With a smile, Egon took the invitation. Peter moaned as Egon laid down. He grabbed onto Egon's arms, holding him close and buried his face against Egon's shoulder. He wanted... he wanted... He wanted to eradicate the images he could remember, of making love to the monstrosity at the hotel. "Egon," he pleaded softly.


He didn't answer. There was nothing he could say that would explain it. Instead he held on tighter. Egon began stroking his sides, long, slow motions from his shoulder down his side. He trembled, then gasped as Egon's hand slipped underneath and touched his buttock.



The hand touched again, stroking him, up and down... gaining more familiarity with his body with every move. Finally he inhaled deeply, and let his head rest easily on the mattress.

He looked up at Egon. His friend was looking back at him, concerned, and waiting. "I'm ok now, Egon. You can get back to-- oh god... that..."

Egon had moved his hand again, and had placed it low on Peter's belly. Right where the tip of his cock could brush against it. Peter whimpered as Egon moved his hand again. Lower.


His friend was tormenting him. The barest, briefest touches then he'd move his hand away, touch him someplace else. It felt good, having Egon's hands on him like this but he *wanted* Egon to touch him again right-- "Aah!" He moaned, pushing his head back as Egon's hand closed gently around him.

"Would I be correct in assuming now would not be an acceptable time to resume our previous conversation?"

Peter raised his head, blinking in disbelief. "If you can... ah... oh god... talk about it... Egon... now, go.. . oh... right ahead." He let his head fall again. "Don't expect me to join in."

He heard Egon laugh, and then he stopped cataloguing anything except the sensations he was getting from his cock. Hard rubs, soft touches, many in between, all from Egon... He shuddered, looked up, and yelled. He came in Egon's hand.

When he caught his breath, he opened his eyes. Egon was still crouched there, rubbing his hand up and down Peter's stomach. He looked content, and faintly surprised. Peter grinned. Egon smiled at him, then his smile grew to a matching grin. "So, Egon... come here often?"

Egon burst into laughter. Peter pushed himself into a sitting position and gave his lover a hug. "Or just planning on it?" he added.

Egon didn't answer, and Peter took advantage of the situation. That being Egon, naked, still aroused, and laughing too much to say a word as Peter turned him around. He pushed Egon back, exchanging places with him. He paused for a moment, looking down at Egon sprawled below him. He trembled again.

It was a beautiful sight. "Beautiful," he repeated. Egon blushed, and his smile turned shy. Peter leaned down and stroked Egon's cheek. "You are, you know."

"Thank you," Egon said. Peter grinned.

"Now lie still, and let me at you."

"Of course," was Egon's reply; Peter noticed how his voice shook. Egon's erection was straining, and Peter figured that the merest touch would set him off. He leaned down, and blew a puff of air. It proved his point as Egon cried out.

He settled down more comfortably and puffed again. Egon wiggled, and Peter reached out and tapped the head.


"What?" Peter looked up.

"Will you stop playing with it and--"

"Will I what?" Peter laughed. "I thought that was the idea, Egon."

"You know what I mean." Egon didn't sound at all upset -- only mildly frustrated.

Peter traced a line down the shaft of Egon's erection with a finger. Egon moaned. Peter opened his mouth to tease his friend, and stopped. Egon looked stunning. He looked... delectable. Peter scooted closer and opened his mouth. He heard Egon cry out just before he closed his mouth over the tip of his cock.

Encouraged, Peter began what he had only even thought about very rarely. He lowered his mouth, sucked very gently then stopped as Egon began babbling. It sounded interesting, if nonsensical. Peter sucked again, and told himself he would have to learn, after lots of practise, how to interpret what those sounds meant. Continuing his sucking, interspersed with the occasional nibble, lick, and huffing of air, Peter elicited nearly a dozen different noises from his lover. They coalesced into a single, long wailing and Peter paused briefly. Egon cried out, and when Peter heard his name whispered he bent his head back down.

One more lick, one more suck, and Egon thrust suddenly. Peter pulled his head away and took Egon in his hand, milking him as the orgasm hit him. He was amazed to see Egon this way and he wanted to see it again... and again, as often as humanly possible. He grinned at himself.

When Egon looked at him with a sleepy smile, Peter moved forward, took Egon in his arms, and hugged him tightly. "Thank you."

There was a pause before Egon answered. "You're welcome." He sounded surprised.

Peter shifted slightly, then sighed. Very quietly he explained. "It was you... the witch gave me you the first time. This afternoon. I couldn't accept it so she gave me the shower I asked for."

"Peter?" Egon asked in a concerned tone.

"She made a fake... a simulacrum of you. You... it... was willing to... love me. The way I wanted. Only it wasn't you." Peter took a shuddering breath, startled to find himself shaking.

Egon hugged him close. Peter closed his eyes and reveled in the minutest differences which assured him this was his own Egon. The smell of him. The dry tone of voice. The sharp blue of his eyes. The way Peter felt relaxed, safe, and loved, in his embrace.

"Thank you, Peter," came the unexpected response when he'd finished telling what had happened.

Peter levered himself onto his elbow, and asked, "For what?"

"For not accepting." Egon frowned slightly. "Although I imagine you would not have told me, had you done so..."

"I would--" Peter started to protest, then stopped. "You're right. I probably wouldn't have. But I can't imagine having done *anything* with that thing." Even if he very nearly had.

But he had needed Egon so much... and he suspected, that had he accepted, Egon would have understood. As it was, he simply yawned and snuggled in. He was exhausted. Not enough sleep, and way too much excitement.

He grabbed a tshirt off the floor -- one of his, left from a day or two ago -- and wiped them off. Egon said nothing, only cuddling him again as Peter settled once more. Peter laid still for only a second before he moved again, this time to grab the blankets. Pulling them up, he re-settled himself.

"Comfy now?" Egon asked.

Peter grinned. "I will be just as soon as I close my eyes." He felt a kiss on his forehead. Peter sighed. "I could get used to this." Peter closed his eyes.

"Good," was the last thing he heard before he fell asleep.

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