Of Pillows and Bedclothes


The insistent voice was accompanied by a not-so-gentle nudge, which Peter Venkman, Ghostbuster extraordinare, ignored.


"Go 'way," Peter whined, trying to bury his head farther under the pillow but having little luck, since his head was pretty much completely under it already. Peter had no idea what time it was, but he knew for a fact that they had no busts scheduled for today, and that along with the fact that he'd fallen asleep sometime after 1am meant that there was no way he was waking up before noon.

Except that somebody had apparently forgotten to tell Egon, because he was nudging Peter again and saying, "Peter, roll over."

"Why?" Peter finally whined, not rolling over, but lifting his head slightly, in case this was something serious that would only require him being awake for two minutes to fix.

"I only have thirteen minutes," Egon explained in a calm tone that said he felt his statement made perfect sense.

Which of course it didn't. It made no sense -- which was why it woke Peter up the rest of the way. He pulled the pillow away and blinked over at Egon. "Huh?"

"Twelve minutes forty-five seconds, now," Egon replied. He was still in bed, himself, and looked like he hadn't got out of bed at all yet, either -- so why he was waking Peter up and giving him a deadline, Peter had no clue.

"Are you insane, Egon? Possessed? Drunk? You have twelve minutes forty-five seconds to--"

"Thirty," Egon interrupted.

"What *ever*. Why are you waking me up to tell me this? Thirteen minutes until what?"

"Until I have to get out of bed to get showered and dressed and be in the laboratory to remove the molds from their petrie dishes. If the molds are left too long, the experiment will have to be repeated."

Peter narrowed his eyes. "And?"

"And I thought you would want to take the opportunity to give me a blow job beforehand."

Peter blinked. There were a half dozen questions clamoring to be asked, but he settled on the most important. "You *woke* me *up* so I could give you a blow job before you go play with your molds and funguses?" There were times when he was glad he and Egon had a room and bathroom to themselves -- usually for the sex, but occassionally so he could avoid getting teased about stuff like this for the rest of the week.

Why Ray and Winston would always tease *him* and not Egon, was a mystery he still hadn't figured out.

Egon hadn't even blinked. "Yes."

"And expect me to be done in thirteen minutes?"

"Eleven and a half. Fortunately I started without your assistance." He pulled the blankets up and Peter peeked down -- always willing to look at Egon naked, no matter how annoyed he was. There, indeed, was evidence that Egon had started without him.

Almost a dozen more questions suggested themselves at *this* point, but Peter realised -- he was running out of time. Egon really *would* get out of bed in exactly eleven however many minutes, in order to meet his self-imposed deadline. Peter swallowed his questions for now, and ducked under the blankets to swallow something else.

Normally he liked to linger on this sort of activity -- take a few leisurely licks, do some exploratory sucking and nibbling, let his fingers wander around and distract his lover from the main event. But this time he simply swallowed Egon's cock as fully as he could, and sucked. Twice, hard, *then* he began licking and nibbling and sucking, until Egon was moving around and trying very hard not to make any noise.

Peter swallowed him whole, again, and wriggled his hand down to give Egon's balls a tug. He felt Egon's hips jerk up, and so did it again. Egon moaned, very softly in the back of his throat -- sounding like he was trying to hold it back, still, so Peter brought his mouth up a little and descended again. No noise that time, but time was running out. Peter figured maybe he'd have to settle for making Egon come without screaming, this time, and quickly turned his attention back to sucking Egon's brains out through his cock.

He felt the jump in Egon's hips just in time; Peter pulled his head up and began pumping Egon's cock with the hand he'd been using to play with Egon's balls. There was a strangled moan, and suddenly Egon *did* shout, and came all over Peter's hand. Peter kept jerking him off, watching with delight as Egon's orgasm wrung him dry. As it faded, Egon relaxed and fell silent.

Egon's cock grew softer in Peter's hand, so he let go and crawled up Egon's body to lie on top of him. He grinned, as Egon opened his eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you, Peter." He glanced to the side of the bed. "I have exactly two minutes to spare." The clock on the nightstand had numbers large enough for him to read without his glasses. Egon rolled onto his side, dumping Peter on the mattress, and got out of bed.

Peter lay there, gaping. "You're--"

"I have to shower, and go tend to my experiment."

"You're gonna *leave* me like this?" Peter's body had reacted the way it always did when he was doing *anything* fun with naked Egon. Sometimes with a clothed Egon. Peter yanked the blankets out of the way so Egon could see and more fully appreciate the condition Peter was in.

Egon just glanced back. "I did say I had only thirteen minutes." He headed towards the bathroom, but stopped at the door. "You're welcome to accompany me to the lab."

Peter narrowed his eyes. "If I do, will sex be involved?"

Egon actually looked surprised, though Peter knew he had to have been expecting the question. "Of course not. I told you -- I have to tend to my mold experiment. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take my shower."

With that, Egon disappeared into the bathroom. Peter sat there for nearly twenty seconds of Egon's spare two minutes, before he leapt out of the bed. He walked over to the bathroom, stopping in the doorway, and saw Egon leaning in to the shower stall to turn on the water. "Egon?"

"Yes, Peter?"

"How much time did you allow for your shower?"

Egon stated to smile. "I believe we have at least half an hour, Peter."