Real Ghostbusters Stories

Club Limbo ~ Peter/Winston (NC-17)
~ Co-written with Wolfling [website]
Peter and Winston get trapped in another dimension, and must wait for the others to rescue them. Previously published in Awakening 7.
Harrow Hallways ~ Peter/Egon (PG-13)
Peter and Egon meet as students at Columbia.
Have You Never Been Lonely, Have You Never Been Lied to? ~ Peter/other, Peter/Egon (R)
Peter tries to make something out of a life in a mess.
I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You ~ Peter/Egon (PG)
Peter's last Christmas alone.
Ink ~ Peter/Egon (G)
Peter, pens, and Egon. Hahahaha I'm a dork. I had this listed as gen, not slash. Oops?
Let Us Give Thanks ~ gen (PG)
Peter spends a Thanksgiving alone.
Of Pillows and Bedclothes ~ Peter/Egon (NC-17)
Timing is everything.
On a Knife's Tip ~ gen (PG)
Peter makes a deal to save his friends.
Out of Heaven ~ Peter/Egon (PG)
Winston discovers something about Peter and Egon that he didn't quite expect. Originally published in Cohorts 6. Warnings: mention of past trauma, not depicted.
Some Enchanted Evening ~ Peter/Egon (NC-17)
PWP inspired by a pic by Lethe.
What Tangled Tails Woven ~ Peter/Egon (G)
The ghostbusters have busted some ghosts and it gets them into trouble.
Why Peter Owns a Child's Pop-up Book and Reads It ~ gen (G)
As a child, Peter had it rough. Now, his friends make up for it.

Dreams and Waking

To Dream Of Wanting ~ Peter/Egon (R)
Peter wishes he had something, and finds that having it might be worse.
To Have or To Hold ~ Peter/Egon (NC-17)
Sometimes dreams come true.

Untitled Series

One Fair World ~ Peter/Egon (PG)
Peter thinks about what he wants.
Nightly ~ Peter/Egon (G)
Egon's POV of life.

What Are Friends For? Alternate Universe

What Are Friends For? ~ gen (PG)
Peter has a secret. What happens when his friends find out?
What Else Are Friends For? ~ Peter/Egon (PG-13)
Peter is trying to learn how to be human, and his friends are trying to help him.