Winter Lovers

Percy climbed out of the bath, not bothering to reach for a towel. No one else was present, save for the mermaid and Percy had long since accepted the fact that she *watched*. That is, he was resigned to it, and as long as she kept her mouth shut, he didn't see as there was anything he could do about it.

She did keep quiet, as far as he could tell -- none of the other paintings ever smirked at him or made oblique references to his activities. It might have been due to his lover's influence, more than his own; Percy had no illusions about the extent of his power.

A Hogwarts' Prefect had authority over the younger students in his or her House, but that was pretty much it unless the Headmaster said otherwise. Percy doubted that Dumbledore would consider granting Percy increased authority in order to hide his liaisons.

But whatever the reason, Percy was grateful. He hadn't -- ever -- expected something like this to happen, and he didn't know how long it would last before *something* went wrong. It wasn't a secret he could keep forever, and he knew that he would have to end things, soon, rather than risk discovery.

But 'soon' wasn't today, and today he had the bath to himself. Himself, and his lover. Percy ran his fingers through his wet hair, not quite trying to finger-comb it, but just needing to do something other than stand in the middle of the room and wait.

Even if that's what he was doing. He didn't want to appear to be waiting nervously, so he tried for nonchalant. A few moments later it no longer mattered, as he heard his lover behind him.


He turned around, smiling -- cock already hardening at the though of what was next. He didn't try to hide it, no longer self-conscious at standing naked and aroused in the middle of the bathroom, before his lover. They'd done this too often, now, for such things. He smiled in welcome, and held out one hand.

"Come here," he said quietly, not exactly a command.

The house-elf walked over, and stood at Percy's feet. "Dobby is happy to see you, Percy! Very happy!"