With Your Devotions

The handwriting held absolutely no clues as to the sender. Square blocks, printed more neatly than any natural handwriting Percy had ever seen, formed the words which sent shivers up and down his spine.

He wondered who had sent it, and knew that not knowing was as responsible for the shivers as the instructions themselves.

'Use this' the note read, and Percy had found an item wrapped in paper -- sealed with a small ward which would only unravel at Percy's own fingerprint. The spell hinted at one or two possible senders, except surely anyone taking so much trouble to disguise their penmanship would not be so careless as to give the game away with the use of a spell. So it might or might not be... anyone.

Sitting on his bed where he'd found his gift, Percy read the note again, holding the item within the folds of his bathrobe. There was no real need to hide it -- the other Seventh Years had gone for winter holidays, and none of the others who'd stayed behind would have any interest in visiting Percy's room.

Well. Unless one of *them* had-- Percy shook his head. If he started thinking it was one of the other Gryffindor students, he'd start thinking it was from Fred and George -- and a prank set to fire at the most embarrassing moment possible.

Percy narrowed his eyes and touched the slender object again. He could detect only a faint pulse of magic. Most of his brothers' jokes were, if clever, rather blunt and forceful. One could tell almost by looking that an item had been bespelled by the twins. At least, someone who'd been forced to learn in the interest of self-preservation, could detect it with a touch and a close look.

This held none of his brothers' signature magics. It was different, and Percy knew that if he studied and unwove the spell, he might determine who the caster had been. But that would ruin the spell, and ruin the gift.

The note was clear. Use this. Alone, tonight, in bed. The eleventh hour before Christmas Day -- no candlelight, no spells to detect the owner.

Use this.

Percy knew he would. It was half past, now, and he'd been ready for bed since ten gone. His nightclothes were under his pillow to stay warm. Percy sat only in his robe, clean from his bath and ready. Waiting. His body was already stirred with aroused from anticipation. He knew, even without the note's clear instruction, what the object was for. Rather, he knew it's original intent. Whatever it had been spelled to do....

Percy glanced at the clock and saw it growing near eleven. He pressed a hand on his stomach, wanting to touch his cock; wanting to jerk off, as he'd been half-hard since the bath. But he knew it would be better to wait -- unless this was a trick of his brothers, in which case no choice he made would protect him from humiliation. So he might as well behave as though it were real, and wait.

The minute hand drew nearer, and Percy laid down under the blankets. He spread his legs, holding the polished silicone dildo in his hand. He'd prepared himself after his bath, though the dildo was slender enough. Smaller than his own erect cock, smaller than most he'd seen in hundreds of school showers.

He listened as the clock turned once more, then he took a deep breath and slid the dildo inside. The toy was cold, despite his having held it in his hand. Percy held back his gasp of surprise from years of living in a house full of people. The discomfort was mild, and soon enough it was gone.

Percy waited. His cock was hard, rubbing against the cotton sheet and he wondered if he was meant to play with himself. Wondered again just what--

This time his mouth fell open and he had to choke back the gasp as the dildo grew larger. Slowly, stretching him as he imagined a lover might do, the dildo grew larger in circumference. He couldn't tell if it were also growing longer. Percy pressed his heels against the mattress to lift his arse off the bed in case the toy needed the room.

After a moment, it seemed to stop growing. Now he was stretched as he'd have been if a lover crouched between his legs, human cock in his body rather than a silicone substitute. THe dildo lay still, teasing him, and Percy began to reach down, wanting to pull it farther inside himself.

It moved. Percy bit his lip; the dildo slid inside him, deeper, until Percy almost called out that it had to stop soon or pierce him through. It stopped, then began to slid slowly back out -- again stopping before Percy could cry out a warning.

Back and forth it began to slip, in the same slow, torturous rhythm. Percy spread his legs wider, wanting more and knowing there was no way to ask. The spell could not hear him, couldn't respond to the whispers and groans that tried so hard to escape his throat.

Percy inhaled deeply, trying to regain his control before he lost it completely. The dildo began moving faster. Percy found himself clutching at the sheets, curling the fabric into his fists as the dildo pounded into him. He brought his knees up nearly to his chest and he gasped, once, as the dildo continued thrusting.

The groan led to pants, quiet as he could bear to make them. Moans and whimpers tried to break free but he held them in, concentrating on simply breathing, and pushing, when he could, against the invisible force that shoved the dildo into him.

It kept on without a break and Percy wondered just how long this spell was meant to last. His cock jumped at the thought that it might outlast him, and he knew that if he didn't regain control, it would be over far too soon. He reached down to pinch the head of his cock, and the dildo moved inside him, turning and twisting around until Percy couldn't hold anything back.

He cried out as he twisted his hands in the sheets, mimicking the motion of the dildo. He tried to choke back the noise, but it was too late; he was already coming. Gasping for air, Percy heard his voice loud in his ears and he spared a desperate hope that no one could hear. The dildo kept pounding him, unaware or just uncaring that Percy was coming.

He gasped again, body trembling as the last of the orgasm trembled through him. Percy tried to catch his breath, still bent double with his knees pressed into his chest. It was almost impossible, and the dildo showed no signs of slowing. Percy whimpered, and stayed were he was -- reaching down with one hand to take his cock in his hand, pulling at it as he felt the twitch of new arousal.

It took a few moments, during which the dildo seemed to experiment with speed and rhythm. Slow, fast, twisting around in his body -- though it had been uniformly slender when he'd inserted it, it now suddenly seemed to have grown a curve. Percy felt less urgency this time, as he grew hard again. If the dildo was spelled to last, he reckoned he might be able to handle it...for awhile. He touched himself and focused on the movements of the dildo.

Closing his eyes, Percy imagined that there was someone there. Thrusting inside him, with the weight of a body against his legs, pushing down on him as he was fucked. The dildo moved within him, but did not *move* him, as he imagined the force of a lover would do. It would rock them on the bed, banging the headboard against the stone walls.

The dildo brought him to full arousal again, as Percy imagined that he was not alone, that he was being fucked by someone who loved him. He didn't try to hold back the gasps and groans this time; letting them slip freely as the dildo kept moving. Deeper this time, with long, slow thrusts that Percy swore he could feel in his throat. Then quick, hard thrusts which made him pant and keen, and once he reached out blindly with his hand to grab his lover, draw him down for a kiss--

Percy opened his eyes to darkness as the second orgasm hit. The dildo moved hard inside him, thrusting deeper than Percy had ever pushed before when it was his own hand moving the toy inside him. His lungs were locked, and the orgasm was silent as his arms and legs went rigid.

When he collapsed, legs down on the bed and spread apart, he felt his heart racing. Hot and sticky beneath his blankets, he was glad he'd thought to get a clean set of sheets, leaving them folded at the foot of the next bed. He didn't move to get them, waiting until his legs stopped trembling and his breath evened out.

He looked around the room, eyes partially adjusted to the darkness, and saw nothing. The dildo slipped out, returning to its original size and shape. Percy reached down and grabbed it, and felt nothing more of the magics that had brought it to life. He set it on the floor, on top of the note he'd dropped there earlier.

Percy waited, wondering if the sender would choose to reveal himself. Wondered if there would be another note, and what it would say. Hope you liked it. There's more where that came from. Please deposit ten knuts.

There was nothing. Silence, stillness, and when he glanced at the faintly illuminated clock, he saw that less than an hour had passed. It occurred to him that maybe the gift had been intended for someone else and the delivery had gone awry.

Percy rolled over in his bed, curling up in the dirty sheets and pulling his pillow close, ignoring the pajamas underneath. Perhaps it had been a joke after all, and the whole thing had been recorded for blackmail or amusement.

There was nothing to be done, if it was. He closed his eyes, feeling himself slipping into a cold sleep. Regardless of its intent, the sex had exhausted him. As sleep stole over him, he felt a brush of lips on his forehead. Percy struggled back to wakefulness, and heard a whisper. As he lost the battle to awaken, recognised the voice that sent him tumbling back into sleep.

"I love you, Percy," echoed into his dreams, and Percy curled more deeply amongst the blankets, smiling.