Dancing Around

"This is not what we agreed." Percy looked as stern as he could manage, while staring at his utterly naked, still dripping-from-the-shower lover.

"Oh?" Severus looked surprised. It was not a look that he wore well, and Percy was often delighted to tell him such. At least, the attempt at guilelessness or innocent that he tried to paste on with the surprise -- it made him look as though he'd eaten someone too sweet and was trying not to react.

Percy folded his arms, glad he, at least, had already dressed. This was not an argument he wished to have while they were *both* naked. Those arguments always ended up with them not arguing at all, and an hour or two late to wherever they were supposed to be. "You know it isn't."

His lover shrugged. "So plans changed. Are you telling me you've *never* changed your plans?" He walked over, obviously trying to use his charms -- and lack of clothing -- to distract Percy.

"I'm not talking about any other time," Percy said, ignoring as best he could the view before him. "I'm talking about this time, and we had an agreement."

"Did we?" Severus asked, standing very close in front of him, now. Percy swallowed nervously, and Severus smiled, bringing one finger to touch Percy's chin, tilting it up and leaning down. "Did we, now?" His voice whispered over Percy's lips, and he was sore tried not to lick them.

"Yes," Percy replied, his own voice shivering. He waited to see if those lips would kiss him, or if Severus would only tease, and move away.

They did neither, as Severus remained where he was. "And what if I told you, I'd had a hidden agenda, when I agreed to your...proposal?"

Percy swallowed, hard. Then he gave Severus a scowl. "That's not fair." He didn't care if he sounded like a schoolboy, whining at the demands of an older bully. Severus *did* still tower over him...by a few inches, at any rate. And at moments like these, he was hard pressed not to feel like a recalcitrant schoolboy being called on some mischief. If he'd ever performed any mischief in school, that is.

"Oh, it's never fair," Severus replied. "It's really quite selfish on my part." He hadn't moved away yet, didn't act as though he were going to move at all.

Percy shifted slightly, one foot to the other, and back. He wanted to give Severus another stern look, and insist that they were sticking to their original plans. But...he was still standing there. Naked. Wet. Mouth really very close, and smirking ever so much.

"I'm not--" Percy began. Severus smiled, triumphantly. Percy glared. "I said I'm *not*."

"I heard you." And Severus finally moved -- not away, not closer, just back and forth, ever so slightly. Taunting him. Teasing him. Stringing him along with the seductive looks and almost touches, just waiting for Percy to say 'yes'.

"I'm not doing this."

"I know." Severus still had that smile of triumph on his face. Percy felt a sudden urge to smack it off.

"Then why--"

"Because, Percy, you look so *delightful* when you think I'm trying to seduce you half an hour before we're supposed to be at your parents' house for dinner."

The nice thing, Percy thought, about his lover being fully naked, was the distinct disadvantage he had when Percy whipped out his wand, and uttered the levitation spell and thumped him on the arse with a pillow.

It also allowed him to run outside, when his lover forthwith gave chase.