Harry Potter Stories

Dancing Around ~ Percy/Severus (PG-15)
Percy and Severus have a disagreement.
Exposed ~ Percy (NC-17)
Percy spends his time alone.
Family ~ Percy (G)
Percy has different priorities.
Fly Down Long Fields to Me ~ Percy/Oliver (R)
Oliver has been chasing Percy a long time. Will he ever catch him?
Keeping Watch ~ gen (PG)
A short snippet, missing scene from Book 3, looking at parallels in Percy Weasley's life.
Lessons ~ gen (G)
A short, happy vignette. No, really. Happy.
Life Changes on a Breeze ~ Percy/m (PG)
There's a reason why Percy doesn't play Quidditch.
Memories ~ Percy/Oliver (PG)
Memories move with us. Hanky warning.
Platform Nine and Three Quarters ~ Percy/Oliver (G)
Every year, Percy leaves for school from Platform Nine and Three Quarters.
Price of Wisdom ~ Percy/m, Percy/Lucius (NC-17)
Percy has a secret. What will happen when he has to reveal it, to save his brother? BSDM.
Seeing You ~ Percy/Cedric (PG)
Set after Goblet of Fire.
Stumbling Into Darkness ~ Percy/Cedric (R)
Cedric confronts Percy about Penelope.
Who Never Sat Weeping? ~ Percy/Oliver (PG-13)
Set during Percy and Oliver's fourth year at Hogwarts. The boys are keeping a secret.
Winter Lovers ~ Percy/m (PG)
Set during Chambers of Secrets.
With Your Devotions ~ Percy/m (NC-17)
Percy is alone over winter holiday. Only, not exactly alone.