1973 Model Mustang

~ For crimsonquills who inexplicably wanted new NCIS porn. Also, I made an educated guess on the right year for the title.

Tony's hips are starting to ache, but he doesn't care. Doesn't try to move, doesn't even really think about it much beyond noticing and reminding himself to say something before the ache becomes a scream to let him lower his legs right fucking now.

It's just a small ache at the moment and Tony would really rather his legs stay exactly where they are, because Jethro is standing at the end of the bed staring at him and Tony is sure that he's gonna come in two more seconds unless he closes his eyes and thinks about the new model Mustang that really doesn't look like the classics at all.

He whimpers and tugs at the leather on his wrists, and he writhes against the bed because once he starts moving again he can't stop. His cock aches worse than his hips and he's ready to beg, all the right words resting on his lips if only Jethro would give him permission to speak.

Gasping for air, he shoves the words back down and tries to let them go, tries to move his hips in a way that won't make him need to stop this sooner than later, tries to ignore the way Jethro is still fucking staring at him like he's about to pounce and fuck him and that would be so much better than this limbo of needing and not yet getting.

How the hell can he stand there and not move? Tony wants to ask -- not now, but later, when he's awake and alive and there aren't more important things going on. But Jethro isn't moving, is only staring -- watching -- breathing evenly and Tony is about to scream in frustration and need, then Jethro's eyes widen just a little and Tony feels fingers on his ass spreading him wide and he comes, so hard and fast that his head would have shut down if it weren't already short-circuiting.

When Jethro starts fucking him, it's a relief, even if he's already past needing something more to push him through. Jethro's cock in his ass is comfort, soothing the aches and pains away as Tony catches his breath, finds the ground again and remembers little things like his name, the year, and why it is he prefers the 1969 over the 1970 model.

Tony sighs happily when he feels Jethro thrust in, hard enough to shove him up towards the headboard. Then finally Jethro is shouting, and Tony gives him a squeeze which he knows is superfluous, because Jethro's already coming. Fingers digging into his thighs and Tony wishes for a moment his legs were free to wrap around Jethro's waist to hold him.

When Jethro leans back, staggering like a man who's just lost his mind to an orgasm, Tony slides his wrists free and reaches out. He catches Jethro as he falls forward, lets him land on top of Tony and doesn't mind when Jethro's body gets in the way of Tony untying the knots that hold him by the knees. He's still got a few minutes before the ache gets bad enough that he'll need to shift Jethro away, and there's always something about still being held open, despite the fact Jethro can no longer see him, that makes Tony think that he's going to get hard again and need to do this all over.

Sometimes he does, and Jethro rolls him onto his stomach and finger fucks him. Sometimes Jethro sucks him off. Sometimes Jethro laughs and says he's got the energy to listen, but not even watch, and he falls asleep on top of Tony before Tony has his hand halfway to his cock.

When Jethro pushes himself back, Tony discovers that this is one of those *other* times, and he shoves his hands back inside the loose leather cuffs, and he whimpers.

Jethro grins, and pushes himself away, and Tony's getting hard from the look in his lover's eye. Jethro's hands rub at his hips for a moment, and that's going to give him a few extra minutes, then his brain is going again because Jethro is kneeling this time, and already spreading him open, and Tony has a chance to think oh god, that's his tongue, before language deserts him and he forgets he isn't supposed to make a noise.

When he opens his eyes, his legs are lying on the bed, and his arms are plastered against the mattress due to gravity and sweat, and he knows there is no way in hell he is ever going to move again.

Jethro smiles at him, and Tony dredges up something in return, and closes his eyes again as Jethro pulls him closer.