1973 Model Mustang ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (NC-17)
Porn. No plot.
Anonymity ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (NC-17)
Tony needs something, and sometimes the cost is far too high. Warnings: Bondage.
Comings and Goings ~ DiNozzo/Harkness/Scuito (PG)
Tony meets a man, then meets him again. Crossover with Torchwood.
Dark Nights and Cheap Streets ~ Gibbs/omc, Gibbs/DiNozzo UST (PG)
Gibbs didn't bother telling himself he didn't do this kind of thing. (Crossover)
Influence ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo UST (PG-13)
Drink is an influence, for good or for ill.
Like Coffee ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (G)
There are things in this world Jethro Gibbs needs.
Marked Man ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG-15)
Everyone has scars.
Nick and Nora and Cough Drops ~ DiNozzo (PG)
Tony goes home after work, feeling sick.
Rain ~ DiNozzo/OMC, DiNozzo/Gibbs UST (R)
Sometimes the rain just doesn't seem to go away.
Toy Boxes ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo UST (PG)
Tony has toys.
The Way Things Are Done ~ Gibbs&DiNozzo (PG)
Working for Gibbs means that just when you have things figured out, you find out you probably don't.
Seize Me ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG15)
Tony wants to do something a little different.
Draft ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG)
Jethro and Tony have, and have not. Story originally published in Horizontal Mosiac.

Werebunny Series

Issums Bunny ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG)
Werebunny crack!fic.
Deadlier Than the Mail ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG)
Is it possible to write a crack!fic version of a crack!fic? If so, I did.
A Thousand Words Are Worth One or Two Pictures At Least ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo (PG)
This is because I kinda felt bad about encouraging evil bunnies in other people. No, really.