Tumbling Down

Tom rolled over on his bed, tangling the blanket even more firmly around his ankle. He didn't mind -- at least not so much that after the first attempt to free it that he couldn't abandon his foot to its fate. He had much more interesting things going on, much higher up on the bed.

His hands, specifically, were having most of the fun at the moment. Running his fingertips along every sensitive spot he'd ever mapped, he was making his lover squirm and whimper in the most delightful ways. Every so often he'd scratch with a nail, just to watch him stiffen.Grinning, Tom levered himself up onto an elbow to get a better angle at teasing the other side of Chakotay's torso.

"Please please please please...."

Tom didn't stop, moved in closer and whispered in Chakotay's ear, his hot breath making his lover writhe even more. "Please what, Chakotay?"

"Please.... anything! Just please...."

Tom sighed, and then shook his head. Chakotay was still capable of speach. That would never do. Thinking carefully, he pushed himself up and began slowly tracing his fingers down the other man's legs, until he reached his feet.

Thirty seconds later a gargling sound told Tom his plan had succeeded.