Untitled Ivan Snippet

~ I wasn't gonna put this up, but I saw just how desperate Ivan slash fans are. ;-) So while I think thoughts about writing a long(er) story, here is this:

One of the best things about being on Earth, Ivan thought, was not that he'd got away from his mother.

He'd thought that would be the best thing as son as he'd got his assignment. He'd danced around the living room, chortling in glee at the idea of being that far away from his mother and her insidious influence over his life. Over his love life, specifically.

But when he'd arrived on Earth and settled into the embassy, he'd discovered two things. The first was that the weekly messages from his mother meant that he really hadn't got as far away from her as he'd hoped.

The second was a lady named Irene. And she was the best damn thing about being on Earth, and she made him want to move here and stay, forever. Irene was clever and gorgeous and intelligent and a thousand other things that would make Ivan's mother faint dead away from joy if he tried introducing her as his fiance.

The thing Ivan liked about Irene was that her brother, Calvin, shared an apartment with her and that Irene understood that sometimes, when you grew up in another culture, you needed to let everyone else think you were sleeping with the girl.

When, in reality, it was the boy you were losing your head over.