Night One

"So did she say how long each night? Or just 'three nights'?" AJ asked casually.

"Just said three nights," Rick mumbled.

AJ raised his head to look down at his brother. "Hey!"

There was a pause. Then Rick opened one eye. "Hey what?"

"You can't go to sleep, it's barely ten thirty!"

There was another pause, then Rick half-raised his head to stare in disbelief. "Only ten thirty? What has *that* got to do with anything?"

AJ grinned. "You think she'll be happy with just, what, fifteen minutes the first night?" He laughed as Rick looked over his shoulder out the window. Then he yelped as Rick turned back towards him and grabbed him.

He didn't try to stop him, simply laid there and laughed as Rick attacked him. When the attack started to include tickling, AJ reached out and grabbed a pillow.

Rick leaned back, and warned, "Put the pillow down."

AJ leaned forward. Rick leaned back.

"Put it down. AJ, I'm not kidding."

AJ drew his legs up, and knelt on the bed. Rick scooted backwards, and fell off the end. AJ leapt, and this time Rick yelped. AJ hit him twice, solidly, as Rick held up his arms to protect his face. Raising the pillow again, AJ suddenly stopped.

Rick peeked up. "What?"

"I don't think she can see us down here." He looked up at the window, trying to see the video camera beyond. Rick heaved, and suddenly AJ found himself being thrown backwards, only to be caught, lifted, and thrown sideways back onto the bed. "Did she say anything about romance?" he asked, right before Rick descended.

His yelped changed, mid-utterance, to a moan. "Oh, god, Rick! What--" Then he stopped being able to utter, at all.

Rick was licking the small of his back. He assumed that was what Rick was doing, since he could feel not only a soft, warm, wet trail being laid down but also the faint tickling of what had to be Rick's moustache.

He closed his eyes and relaxed. Rick was holding onto his hips, and apparently exploring freely. He giggled once as the moustache tickled the top of his hip. He heard Rick's answering growl and then felt him slowly moving back and forth... touching AJ's skin with only the edges of the moustache.

He withstood it for nearly a minute, his nerves crackling as the faint touches teased, then began to torment him. "Rick!" He tried to get his brother's attention, though he wasn't sure what he'd say once he got it. 'Stop it' was definitely not it. But neither was 'keep doing that'.

It didn't matter; Rick ignored him.

AJ settled for wriggling, as Rick began kissing his way back up AJ's back. He felt Rick's hand briefly on his buttock, then it slipped down, between his legs. His wriggle began more pronounced, as he spread his legs and lifted his hips a little. He felt Rick's chuckle, hot breath wafting over his skin and the tremble of stomach muscles against his side.

"Riiiiick," he moaned. He still didn't know what he'd say, if he ever got his brother's attention.

Rick didn't answer him. That was fine, because he was licking his way up AJ's spine, and teasing his fingers farther down, between AJ's legs. When AJ tried to raise his hips higher, to give Rick access, Rick moved his hand. Away.



Rick sounded entirely to unconcerned for AJ's liking, so he turned halfway over, grabbed Rick's hand, and brought it to his mouth. He sucked on one finger, and watched as Rick lost the focus in his eyes. He moved to the next finger, and Rick slipped onto his side.

As he let go to move to the third, Rick grinned up at him. AJ returned the grin. "Now that I have your attention...."

"Uh?" Rick asked.

AJ thought about it. Then he shook his head. "Nevermind. I can't remember." He ducked his head and took the third finger into his mouth. He grinned as Rick moaned, and fell back.

When he stopped, Rick raised his head and frowned. "What'd you do that for?"

"Do what?"

"You stopped."

"You stopped, first."

Rick blinked. "I what? When?"

"When? Just a minute ago, when you--" AJ stopped, jaw open, as Rick replaced his hand.

"When I was here, you mean?"

"Yeah." AJ tried to retain control of himself. He was *not* going to let Rick...

Oh hell yes, he was. He fell over onto his back, this time, and decided Rick could do anything he pleased.

Rick chuckled, and moved his hand down AJ's thigh. AJ bent his leg, exposing himself more. He looked at Rick, and saw his brother's easy grin fade until he was simply smiling.

AJ returned it.

"You know, AJ...."

"Yeah?" he prompted, when Rick didn't continue. But he didn't. Rick just shook his head, looking down at him. AJ nodded.

That seemed to do it, for Rick suddenly went back to everything he'd been doing, promising to do, and hoping to do. There were no more words as Rick began to touch him, tracing fingers lightly over AJ's thighs, drawing them up, and touching his erection.

AJ could only lie there, moaning happily. He spread his legs more, and Rick moved to kneel between them. He kept his hands moving, slowly and firmly, rubbing gently everywhere he touched.

Rick didn't leave him hanging, this time. He touched AJ's cock as often as he touched his legs, his stomach, or reached up to caress his chest and face.

AJ was moaning now, with no conscious intent to be encouraging. He pushed himself against Rick's hands wherever he could, wanting more of everything Rick was doing.

And Rick, bless him, complied. Rick continued touching him, one hand roaming over AJ's body; the other hand wrapped around his cock and began to work it, gently. At first. After three strokes AJ yelled something he hoped meant 'faster' or 'harder' or 'more'.

He heard Rick chuckle, and respond appropriately. AJ dug his hands into the blankets, still twisted from earlier. It didn't matter, he simply needed something to hang onto as Rick drove him closer to the edge of madness.

AJ pushed his head back, pushed his hips up, and tried somehow to get more. He felt Rick touch him again, one finger on the tip of his cock as the other slid down his shaft, still pumping. Fingers played briefly with his balls, and then something else touched him and the lights began to explode, one by one. Hands, mouth, and the tickling edges of moustache on his inner thighs all worked in concert to shove him, screaming, into orgasm.

When he finally pried his eyes open, he found Rick lying on top of him, propped up on his elbows, and smiling.


Rick's smile split wide. "Hello. What brings you here?"

"I'm not sure. I'll let you know when my brain starts working again."

Rick 'mmmed' and leaned down. "Flattery like that will get you--"

He kissed AJ.

Then he whispered, "Everywhere."

AJ wriggled, and felt Rick wriggle back. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," Rick said softly, and leant down again. They kissed, opening their mouths for each other. AJ reached up and stroked Rick's back, then when he could, he asked, "Where do you wanna go?"

Rick didn't answer at first. He leaned back until he could look at AJ more easily, his eyes searching his brother's face.

"Rick?" AJ asked.

"I... I was wondering...."

"What, Rick?"

In a quiet voice he asked, "You mind if we just...."

AJ waited. Rick looked embarrassed, refusing to meet his gaze. "Rick?"

"You mind if we just lay here for a while?"

AJ grinned. "I don't mind at all." He scooted sideways a bit so his head would be in the middle of a pillow and not between two, and pulled Rick down to lie beside him.

Rick settled himself quickly, then lay there, eyes wide open.

AJ waited for a few moments, then, "Rick? Are you all right?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine."

AJ waited again, then, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said immediately. But he sighed, and said, "Nothing really. It's just...."

"Just what?" AJ held him closer, wondering what on earth could have gone wrong.

Rick looked up at him. "I don't think I can stop doing this after three nights."

Slowly, AJ smiled. "Who says you have to?"

As Rick mirrored his smile, his face lit up and he relaxed against AJ's body. He hugged AJ tightly, briefly, then snuggled in closer.

"Rick?" He asked a moment later.


"You think she has enough tape?"

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