Fuzzi's Fantasy

"I can't believe this," Rick groused.

"*You* can't believe it? You answered the phone!" AJ countered in a tone of disbelief.

"Yeah, well...."

When Rick didn't say more, AJ narrowed his eyes. "Well, what?" he demanded.

Rick shrugged, and finally admitted, "I wasn't really paying attention. When she said three nights' work, and said how much, I kinda--"

"You stopped listening. Missed all the details, and just said 'yes.'"

"Yeah." Rick gave his brother a 'well, what of it' look.

AJ returned it with an expression of even greater disbelief. "And *now*?" Rick suddenly looked guilty, and AJ glared at him. He walked over and stood in front of Rick. "Rick?"

"Well, we had to pay for the damages to this place, and--"

"You cashed the check, didn't you?"

"Well, she paid us up-front, I figured the job couldn't be too hard." He stopped again and seemed to realise what he'd said.

AJ gave a short laugh. "Not too hard, huh? Rick, sometimes I wonder about you."

Rick just waved him off, and silence fell. Neither man seemed too eager to break it. Finally AJ sighed and asked, "I don't suppose we can give the money back?"

"I already paid the contractors," Rick replied, a trifle sullenly.

AJ sighed. He said nothing for a moment, though it was clear he wanted to. Rick, as well, opened his mouth once or twice to speak, but didn't.

"We have to do this, then."

"AJ, I'm sorry -- look, if you really don't want to do this, we can... well, I can probably... find the money... somewhere."

"The same place we've found all those other paying jobs in the last month?" AJ asked, slightly acerbic.

Rick looked abashed. "Well, maybe there's something...."

AJ said sharply, "Rick, if there were something out there, I wouldn't be seriously considering going through with this." As soon as he spoke he clamped his jaw closed and looked away. Rick, however, looked at him in amazement.

"You are?"

AJ shrugged.

Rick narrowed his eyes. "You aren't just saying that to get me goin'?"

AJ half-grinned. "If that's all it takes this could be easier than I thought."

Rick rolled his eyes. "Cute, AJ. But seriously... you...?"

"It isn't like we've... never.... I mean, you *did* teach me...." He trailed off, not saying what both of them obviously knew. There was silence again, with each brother trying not to look at the other.



They looked at each other, then both began laughing at the same moment. When it died away, though, they were left still standing there uncertainly.

"So?" Rick tried again.

AJ sighed, and said, "Come on. We aren't going to get anywhere standing here." He went over and got his jacket and slung it over a shoulder. When he turned back he found Rick staring at him. "What?"

Rick shook his head slowly. "You're serious?"

"Rick, whether we do this or don't do this, we're not doing *anything* at the office. Now, come on."

With that, he turned and walked out. After a moment, Rick shook his head, grabbed his hat, and ran after him.

The drive back to AJ's place was silent. It wasn't tense, exactly, but despite the obvious decision to do *something* about their new job, neither seemed to know what to say about it.

When they walked into AJ's living room, Rick sat down on the couch and rested his arms on either side of the back. AJ stopped in the kitchen. "You want a beer?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yeah... no. Yeah." Rick jumped up again. "Are we really going to do this?"

AJ shrugged. "Look at it this way: it can't be any worse than doing it yourself."

Rick smiled. "There is that."

"And it isn't like I won't respect you in the morning," AJ suddenly said with a grin.

"Oh yeah?" Rick reached out and grabbed his brother, wrapping an arm around him playfully -- and stopping as he realised that he was holding AJ. They stared at each other for a moment. Then Rick said carefully, "It wouldn't be, would it?"

AJ blinked. "Huh?"

"Worse. After all, we...." He stopped, looked at AJ, then moved his head in quickly before AJ could say a word and kissed him. AJ was very still for a second, then with what could have been a laugh, he returned it. It was a short kiss, but when Rick broke away he grinned at the stunned expression on AJ's face. "Is that a yes?"

"That's a 'I won't kill you yet,'" AJ responded, somewhat dazed, but then he grinned just as widely.

Another silence, then Rick asked, "So, now what?"

AJ leaned back gave him a surprised smile. "You mean you've never gotten this far before?"

With a growl Rick grabbed him again and dragged him towards the couch.

Laughing, AJ was unable to fight his way free until Rick had him lying more or less on the couch and was draped over him, holding him down. Rick growled again and this time bit him on the neck.

AJ yelped and slapped his head. "No rough stuff."

Rick looked at him as angelically as he could. "What do you mean 'no rough stuff'? I was just--"

"No biting."

Rick nodded. "No biting."

AJ relaxed and let Rick remain lying on top of him. Rick looked down at him contemplatively, when suddenly AJ gave him a push, and Rick fell over onto the floor.

"What was *that* for?"

AJ shrugged. "She said tonight. That's three hours away, at least if you go by when the sun goes down." Nonchalantly, AJ stood up and headed into the kitchen. "You hungry?"

From the floor, Rick muttered incoherently, then gave his brother a look. AJ caught it, and looked back.

"What?" he asked with much more convincing innocence than Rick had done before.

"Nothing," Rick said, levering himself up off the floor and wandering into the kitchen. "Dinner sounds fine."

AJ laughed and threw him a coquettish look. "You don't think you're going to have me without dinner first, at least. Maybe flowers--"

AJ dropped the kitchen towel he'd been holding as Rick lunged for him again. With AJ laughing and wriggling in his arms, Rick dragged him slowly out of the kitchen. AJ went, struggling a little and counterattacking a little more. Finally they ended up near the stairs, Rick pressed up against the wall. He was pinned by AJ, who was staring up at him with an expression of pure conquest in his eyes.

Rick opened his mouth, trying to form whatever words he thought needed saying... which, by the length of silence that followed, were none. AJ moved forward, capturing his open mouth and kissing him, pressing Rick even closer to the wall. Rick stood utterly still for three seconds. Then he wrapped his arms around AJ and held him tight. Too tightly for either man to move, but instead of trying, they simply remained locked in the embrace.

This time, when they broke off, neither said a word. AJ leaned his head against Rick's shoulder, breathing deeply. Rick put his hand on AJ's back, holding him closely, and stared off into space. Then he smiled. "Maybe we should practise, before nightfall. Make sure we can get it right."

AJ jerked his head up with a look of outrage... which melted quickly into a grin. He grabbed Rick's hand and headed for the stairs.

"Aren't you supposed to play hard to get?" Rick asked, as they went up to AJ's bedroom.

"Me?" AJ glanced at him. "I thought that was you."

"Oh." Rick paused as they reached the bedroom door. AJ raised his eyebrow, then Rick shrugged. "I'll do it next time."

"*Next* time?" AJ shook his head. "Nevermind, I don't wanna talk about it." He grabbed Rick's arms and tugged hard; Rick stumbled into the room, tripped over AJ's foot, and fell onto the bed.

"You know, if you wanted me here--" he stopped as AJ bounced onto the bed beside him. He swallowed, looking truly nervous for the first time. "We really gonna do this?"

"Unless you don't want to," AJ said seriously.

Rick exhaled sharply. "OK." And he rolled onto his side, grabbed hold of AJ, and pulled him closer. Sliding a hand behind AJ's neck, he held his brother in place while he kissed him, once, very gently on the lips.

"Wow. Is that what Maria was talking about?" AJ asked a second later.

"Maria?" Rick blinked.

"Yeah, you remember, short, dark hair, blue eyes. About a year ago, you and she--"

"Are you gonna lie there and talk about my old girlfriends after every move?"

AJ grinned, then shrugged. "Well, only after every move I've heard about before."

That got him tickled.

AJ managed to pull Rick over, though, and they ended up with Rick on his back near the foot of the bed, with AJ sitting up on top of him. Rick looked around him. "Now how did *that* happen?"

AJ grinned. "That's my secret."

Rick rested his hands on AJ's hips and smiled up at him. AJ was caught, staring down at him, the impish grin dying away. Rick just looked up at him, saying nothing. After a moment, AJ moved away. Rick sat up, a slight frown forming, then it vanished as AJ began to remove his shirt.

Rick scrambled off the bed and stood next to him. He started to help, then he stopped, letting his hands drop to his sides. He tilted his head slightly, to watch without stepping away. AJ gave him a smile, slight and half-shy, half-delighted, and continued to strip. He dropped his shirt behind them, then pulled his undershirt up and off in one quick motion. Rick just smiled, lips parted slightly. AJ leaned in a gave him a kiss; Rick grabbed him again, holding him tight. He rubbed his hands up and down AJ's back. AJ moaned softly, and Rick pulled back and grinned.

"Just take your clothes off, Rick." AJ glared.

Rick gave a laugh and stepped away. He got as far as dropping his shirt and boots haphazardly on the floor when AJ grabbed his arm. When Rick looked at him quizzically, AJ just said, "My turn," and held him close and kissed him. AJ ran his hands down Rick's sides, raising goosebumps and shivers as he did so. After a moment, AJ moaned again. He pushed Rick back and grabbed at Rick's waistband. He stopped, then, and looked up at his brother.

"Go ahead," Rick said calmly.

AJ grinned and very quickly divested Rick of his jeans, socks, and underwear. Rick laughed and then yelped as AJ tripped him again onto the bed. Rick bounced on the mattress and looked up expectantly. AJ gave him a grin and disrobed as well. Rick goggled appreciatively, and AJ threw a sock at him.

Rick just threw it on the floor and continued watching. AJ walked forward until he hit the edge of the bed. He opened his mouth, but Rick interrupted, "Yes, AJ. Now come on, already."

AJ moved forward, climbing on top of Rick carefully, and uncomfortably. Rick took him by the arms and pulled him down. Both froze at the moment when their bodies touched.

For the longest time neither man moved. Staring at each other, neither seemed able, or at least willing, to speak. Then Rick smiled. "We have to do *something*. Not just lie here."

"You have anything in mind?" AJ asked. The confident, teasing tone was gone. Instead, beneath the unwavering tone was a question.

Rick heard it and took control. He kissed AJ, bringing his hand up to hold his brother's head, letting the other drop to the small of AJ's back.

He held him there as they kissed, slowly and easily. He rolled them over to lie on their sides and brought his hands towards each other, lightly caressing AJ's back. AJ moaned and pressed himself against Rick.

Rick whispered something under his breath and in half-formed words, but they had the intended effect. AJ began to relax and then began to move. He rubbed his body against Rick's, slowly. Rick shuddered, and AJ grinned and repeated it. AJ placed his hand on Rick's right buttock, felt another shiver, and then wriggled his other hand underneath Rick's body.

For the next several moments they both moved, hands and bodies rubbing skin and touching everything either could reach. Rick began kissing AJ's neck, hitting a spot that made AJ gasp and grab onto Rick, tightly. Rick laughed and nuzzled the spot again.

"Oh my god, Rick," AJ pleaded. Rick continued at the spot, kissing, sucking, and running his tongue lightly over the skin. AJ regained his coherency long enough to move one hand and squeeze, and Rick reflexively thrust his hips forward.

AJ laughed deep in the back of his throat. Rick growled lightly and thrust again. This time AJ shivered. Pressed so close together, neither could miss feeling just exactly how each move, each touch, was making the other react. Rick slowly thrust his hips a third time, experimentally, and AJ squeezed his hand again on Rick's buttock. Rick responded by thrusting again, harder, and this time he didn't stop. He continued the motion, still laving the spot on AJ's neck, and soon AJ was unable to do much more than whimper and hang on as tightly as he could.

AJ shook, and Rick wrapped an arm around his back. Suddenly AJ cried out, flinging his head back. Rick began panting, hard and fast, thrusting even harder and faster against his brother's shivering body. He threw his leg over AJ's and hung on; with one last thrust he came, hearing AJ's own cry as he did. AJ struggled for breath without letting go of Rick. Rick, for his part, had collapsed against AJ, head buried between the bed and AJ's shoulder.

They lay there for a long moment, entwined.

When Rick had caught his breath, he said quietly, "I think we need more practise."

There was a stunned pause, then AJ began laughing.

Rick grinned at him, moving his head just enough so he could watch.

When AJ finally subsided, Rick brought his hand up and caressed AJ's face lightly, once.

"Three nights, you said?" AJ asked.

Rick nodded. "Three nights."

Frowning, AJ asked, "You never told me how she's going to *know*." Rick blushed, and AJ grabbed his arm. "Rick?" Rick tried to move away, but AJ didn't let him go. "Rick?" His voice was low and threatening.

"She said she'd set up a camera," Rick mumbled.

"Excuse me?"

"She... said she'd set up...." Rick looked up at AJ with his best cute expression.

"In the room?"

"No! She said...." Rick looked out of AJ's window, towards the house next door.

They could both see the tiny, flashing red light of a running video camera.

Rick turned back to AJ; AJ shrugged and Rick blinked in surprise. "You don't mind?"

AJ grinned, then, and Rick shivered at the lechery there. AJ ran a hand down Rick's back and said in a low voice, "As long as we're fulfilling someone's fantasies...."

"Yeah?" Rick asked in a suddenly dry voice.

"I want you to do something."

"Yeah?" It came out a slight squeak.

AJ leaned over and whispered into Rick's ear.

Rick froze, eyes growing big. Then he growled and flung AJ onto his back, throwing himself on top and kissing him deeply. When he stopped to gasp for air, AJ inquired causally, but with dilated eyes, "Does that mean you'll do it?"

"Every morning for the next twenty years," Rick replied. AJ's mouth dropped open. Rick took a deep breath and continued, "If you want. I do. Or we can just--"

"Rick, shut up."


AJ smiled and touched Rick's cheek with a single finger. Then he asked, "How about you?"

Rick smiled. "Oh, we can work it in later." His smile turned into a satisfied grin. "You still mad at me for saying yes?"

AJ glared at him. "Considering it was *you* who got the office trashed in the first place--"

"All right, all right," Rick interrupted. "It wasn't entirely my fault, you know."

"Uh-huh," AJ replied.

Rick started to protest again, then he dove instead for a certain spot on AJ's neck. AJ yelped, tried to swat at him, then turned to boneless jelly and groaned. When Rick propped himself up on his elbows and looked down, AJ frowned at him, but didn't otherwise move.

"So. What's for dinner?" Rick asked brightly. AJ hit him with a pillow.

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