Little Five Points, Japan

Shan got his tray and headed for an empty chair. The mess was crowded, but not so much he couldn't manage to sit as near as he could. Miguel Ortiz was sitting with Tim O'Niell and Ben Krieg, as usual. As he began eating, Shan tried not to listen to their conversation but it was difficult... since he was trying to keep his attention on Miguel.

He didn't feel too badly about eavesdropping on Ortiz. It was, he told himself, the first step towards actually starting a conversation with the man. And a conversation was the first step towards asking if he wanted to have sex. There were probably quite a few steps between those two, but since he hadn't even been able to initiate a casual, off-duty conversation yet, he didn't worry too much about them.

It wasn't that he was shy, or afraid Miguel would say no and proceed to cause trouble for him. It was just that he had very specific plans and he wasn't sure the other man would agree to them. Shan wasn't interested in anything less -- less he could get elsewhere.

He *wanted* Miguel. In very specific ways.

Suddenly their conversation caught his attention. O'Niell had asked, "What are you doing in Tokyo, Miguel?" SeaQuest was docking for a few days, and the crew had shore leave.

Miguel had responded, "I think I'll go to the Zoo." Shan controlled his start of surprise.

O'Niell chided, "Miguel, the Tokyo Zoo has been closed for five years."

"Oh... that's right. I forgot," Miguel replied casually, and the conversation moved on. Shan, however, was very intrigued.

The Tokyo Zoo *was* closed. As a zoo, anyhow. A private business man owned it and opened it during the day for conventions and parties. At night, he opened it to very private parties. There were no advertisements, and attendees were only invited by other, regular party-goers. Only those who fit the party's profile were ever invited. Shan had been attending Tokyo Zoo parties for two years, whenever he was in the area.

If Miguel was going...

Shan might just have his chance.

The first night seaQuest was docked in Tokyo, Shan headed directly for the Fisherman's Ghetto. It was so-named because there was a plethora of bars, clubs, and restaurants where a man dressed as he currently was, would not stand out. Neither would he be likely to run into any UEO in uniform. Any crewmates he *did* run into wouldn't care, and certainly wouldn't spread gossip about it tomorrow.

He was dressed, beneath the long coat that got him off seaQuest and this far without stares, all in leather. Soft black shirt, tight black pants, braces around each wrist, and over his shoulder a satchel in which he carried items he would change into once he arrived at the zoo. As he ate dinner, he relaxed.

He was definitely looking forward to tonight. Even if he didn't find Miguel, or if Miguel was interested in other things, he was going to indulge. It had been far too long since Shan had been able to attend this party. A huge gathering of men, all with one thing in mind: sex, in any and every possible way.

There were areas dedicated to everything a person could want -- from talk-don't-touch in the snake house to water sports in the aquarium. The cages where the large cats had been were turned over to bondage, and the primate cages were set up for costumes, including drag. The security cameras provided entertainment to those voyeurs who wanted anonymity, and the house provided bouncers who roamed the Zoo, ensuring everyone obeyed the few rules enacted and tossing those who did not.

Shan usually stayed in the large cat cages.

He paid for dinner with cash, then hopped on a air-train for the Zoo. As the train drew closer, more and more party-goers were to be found among the passengers. Shan watched as they began sizing each other up; some greeted friends and others laid the groundwork for becoming friends -- or just friendly -- later.

When they arrived at their stop, Shan took his time. He wanted to avoid the crowd at the main gate, not wanting to get mixed up with some over-eager stud who wanted to test the waters. Shan disliked being groped in public and put up with it only as much as he had to in places like this, to get what he needed.

As the crowd thinned, Shan went forward. The man at the gate gave him the usual routine: have you been here before, do you know and understand the rules, have fun, be safe, any problems see the guys in orange tshirts. Shan entered and began scanning the immediate area for Miguel. There was no sign of him. The best way to canvas the whole zoo effectively was check the security screens. He gave the nearby crowd another glance then headed off.

The former security office was mostly empty this early in the evening. Shan found a spot where he could see most of the screens, and began waiting. He saw a few faces he recognised, some with whom he had had encounters before. None were Miguel. He moved to check the two screens on the far left, then returned to his place. While he waited he thought about what he wanted to do -- both in the event of Miguel's arrival, and in case he did not show.

For now Shan waited. He watched the screens, seeing some very intriguing things as men got into the partying spirit. He spotted a certain man he wouldn't mind finding later, if he could not find Miguel.

Half an hour later, Shan saw him.

Just inside the entrance gates Miguel stood looking around and appearing totally at ease. Shan nodded. He waited only long enough to see which direction Miguel headed, then left the office.

He strode briskly through the partying crowd, his intent manner dissuading most from intercepting him with offers. As he rounded the bend near the bird cages -- drag queens, transvestites, and other females of the male persuasion -- he caught sight of Miguel again. Miguel was headed down the path, away from the birdhouse and towards the area of the zoo where the elephants (musclemen), petting zoo (eighteen year olds and those who looked it), and bears (bears) were kept.

Miguel went through these sections with Shan tailing him as unobtrusively as he could. Shan watched with interest as Miguel looked around at the goings-on but passed them by. He was beginning to wonder just where the man was headed when Miguel turned one last corner. Shan's eyes went wide.

The cat cages. Miguel stopped here, and began looking around with more interest. Shan smiled, and dropped the bag from his shoulder. He removed his coat, stuffed it inside the bag out of the way of everything stashed there, then slung it over his shoulder once more. He frowned as a young Asian man stopped beside Miguel and spoke to him. Shan quickened his pace but as he drew near, the stranger walked away.

Miguel watched him go for only a moment, then began to scan the faces again. When he caught sight of Shan he stopped and stared.

"Shan!" He finally smiled, sounding friendly and pleased to see him.

"Miguel," Shan nodded. There was a moment's pause as he tried to figure out the best way to ask the most obvious question.

"What are you doing here?" Miguel asked, then with a grin continued, "I mean specifically? You look like you're," he nodded towards the cages.

"I am," Shan confirmed. He was encouraged by Miguel's responding look of interest.

"Which side?"


"What about you?" Shan queried.

Miguel smiled, a bit casually, a bit hopefully. "Anything, in there," he nodded towards the cat cages. "As long as I don't have injuries to explain to the doctors onboard. I prefer it done to me than the other," he clarified with a decidedly hopeful tone.

"You mind taking orders?"

Miguel shook his head.

"Good." Shan nodded. Those parameters agreed upon were all necessary -- everything else was already understood given where they stood. Safewords were set by the management, rigorously enforced, and up to the participants to decide whether to use them. Slowly Miguel smiled and nodded. Shan looked over and saw a few cages were still empty. "Come on," he ordered, and walked over towards the lion's cage. Miguel followed silently.

Shan led him around the back of the cage to the door, propped open. He indicated Miguel should precede him, as he looked about. The cupboards and racks held every conceivable item one might need. He had what he really wanted, however, and grabbed only the lubricants and condoms from the box. They always stocked only the best, and Shan hadn't wanted to try to requisition what he needed from seaQuest.

He followed Miguel inside and pulled the door closed. He didn't mind an audience but he did not want anyone interfering. Miguel was waiting for him near the old sunning rocks with a look of patient inquiry.

Shan nodded towards the back of the cage. "Strip."

Miguel nodded and walked over, removing his clothes and laying them carefully on a large, flat rock. Shan set his bag down and took a quick inventory of the equipment in the cage. All in good repair as he expected. He always checked, regardless. He changed quickly out of his pants and shirt into something more comfortable. Miguel turned and his eyes popped.

Apparently the chaps were a good choice.

After a moment of hesitation Miguel stepped forward and Shan took his moment to stare. Naked under the zoo's lights, Miguel's dark skin looked smooth as polished marble. He stood easily as Shan looked him up and down -- his cock already beginning to fill, standing now at quarter-mast. Shan took a leather strip from his collection and motioned Miguel forward.

There was a pole set in the center of the cage. It had hooks and two cross-bars set in it. Shan tied Miguel's wrists together then looped the ends of the strip around the second highest cross-bar. Miguel's arms were raised but not stretched painfully above his head. He could grab the pole easily, even take a step or two away from it.

Miguel watched him, not saying a word. He stood ready, feet firmly planted in the dirt. Shan stepped back and looked at him again. The muscles in his back were defined clearly, stretched and tensed as Miguel's arms were held. His legs and buttocks were firm, muscular... just begging to be touched.

He walked back to his bag and removed what he'd been aching to touch Miguel with since the day he'd arrived on seaQuest. He stayed back where Miguel could not see him, and stroked the soft leather of the cat o' nine tails. He stepped closer, trailing the ends of the whip up Miguel's legs. He watched as Miguel shivered and grinned.

His own erection was straining by this time, now bobbing freed of the tight leather pants. He enjoyed the feel of the leather wrapped around his legs, rubbing as he moved.

He brought the cat o' nine tails up Miguel's leg; Miguel strained his body, not moving from the spot. Shan flicked his wrist and the ends of the whip slapped lightly. Miguel hissed. Shan nodded and moved where he could see Miguel's face. Miguel looked over at him and their eyes met. Shan moved his entire arm this time and Miguel cried out as it landed. Neither man broke the gaze.

Shan saw that Miguel was no longer merely at quarter-mast. Past half, and looking as though it were going to be long and thin, once fully hard. Shan made plans for it for later and looked back up. Miguel was still watching him, the expression on his face familiar a hundred times over.

With a slight grin Shan told him, "Not to worry, Miguel. It's just what I want." Miguel's relief was masked, but still visible. Shan held Miguel's gaze, still grinning, then stepped closer and flicked his wrist upwards. The cat o' nine tails caught Miguel by surprise, coming up between his legs to land on his inner thigh.

His breath caught, eyes widening as he watched Shan. "You like that," Shan said.

Miguel didn't answer -- Shan hadn't expected him to. He rather thought Miguel intended to remain silent the entire time. Silent of anything coherent, rather. No words, only screams. That was fine. Screams he could do. He stepped back to get a better angle and this time, Miguel cried out.

Shan set the cat down, however, and walked around Miguel. Miguel was sweating slightly, and breathing rapidly. Shan reached out and fingered the tip of Miguel's cock. It rose and Miguel gasped.

"Have to do something about that," Shan noted and returned to his bag. He found a small cockring and brought it back over. He stood before Miguel and fastened it snugly around Miguel's cock, pretending to ignore the pleased whimper that elicited.

With the ring in place, Shan nodded and returned to his place behind Miguel. He placed his hands on Miguel's back, right over each shoulder blade. He could feel the heaving of each breath and the trembling when he moved his fingers. He gripped Miguel's shoulders, squeezing for a moment then pulling. Miguel arched his back and Shan leaned forward.

He could see down Miguel's frontside. Arched this way, Miguel's cock stuck straight out in front of him. The lights made multiple shadows on the ground and Shan watched one as he reached for the erection. He grabbed it, Miguel moaned, and the shadow became a hideously malformed limb. He moved his hand up and down, watching the changing shadow as it danced, mutated. Miguel's reactions were almost inconsequential as Shan amused himself.

When Miguel moaned long and low, Shan removed his hand. He looked over and saw Miguel watching him again. Shan merely nodded and moved his hands. He gripped Miguel's buttocks and parted them roughly. Kneading them, digging his fingers in for a moment, he let go without warning. Miguel whimpered slightly, sounding confused. His cock was now straining, full against his stomach.

"Rub yourself," Shan told him. Miguel looked at him, not understanding. With his hands tied, he could not masturbate as apparently requested. Shan nodded towards the pole. "Rub yourself."

Eyes widening with understanding, Miguel stepped forward. He positioned himself carefully against the polished plastic pole and rubbed. He groaned and rubbed again, moving slightly from side to side as he tried to find a way to rub himself that would bring satisfaction.

Shan watched him trying to thrust against the round pole. Miguel's cock slipped off the pole often as not, providing a more frustrating stimulation than masturbation would. "Stay still," Shan told him a few minutes later.

Miguel stopped, looking both relieved and frustrated. Shan moved closer and very quietly asked, "Hard and fast or slow and long?"

Miguel panted, but answered equally quietly, "Hard and fast, please...."

Shan nodded and walked back to his bag. He went back to Miguel and stood before him. He met Miguel's gaze as he tied the gag in place. He couldn't tell if Miguel's expression was one of understanding, or gratitude.

He picked up the cat o' nine tails then moved back into position. He raised his hand once, placed it in the small of Miguel's back. The flesh was warm and sweating. Shan let his hand fall and took another swing.

He didn't swing hard, only enough to make the 'smack' bounce off the stone walls of the cage. Miguel strained his legs and Shan whipped again. Two more hits and Miguel was crying out, muffled under the gag. Shan placed a hit across his back, then his legs, alternating up and down with each strike.

Miguel's dim cries and moans were growing nearly continuous and making Shan ready to fuck the man senseless. He pushed at his cock instead with the palm of his hand. He paused another moment, letting Miguel catch his breath. Then he moved forward to kick Miguel's right foot to one side, spreading his legs.

Resuming his position, Shan flicked the whip -- much more lightly -- upwards. The ends of the whip curled between Miguel's legs. Miguel screamed, not in pain but from shock and from pleasure. Shan knew exactly where the leather had landed and brought the whip back. He flicked again, gently, so the tails barely slapped skin -- tight, hard, straining skin of Miguel's cock and stomach.

Miguel whimpered and Shan whipped him a third time, slightly harder, and Miguel screamed. As he screamed, his entire body straining, Shan was moving forward. He'd dipped his fingers into his waistband where he'd stashed one of the packets. As he reached Miguel he had his hand out and jammed two coated fingers inside Miguel. Miguel choked on his scream.

Quickly Shan moved his hand, spreading the lube and spreading Miguel's asshole. Miguel was trying to plead with him, the muffled words washing over Shan but the tone pulling at him harder. Shan shoved another finger in, pushing Miguel slightly forward. Miguel grabbed onto the pole and held on.

When the begging died away, replaced by low whimpers, Shan moved into position. It took only a moment to get himself ready then he grabbed onto Miguel's hips. In one quick motion he shoved himself inside. One inch, then completely out.

Miguel was begging again, legs spread wide and clinging to the pole. Shan moved again, one inch again but after a pause, rather than pull Out, he thrust a second time. Miguel moaned, raising his head.

Shan watched him, caught for a second by the curve of his cheek. His eyes were closed tightly and his throat was straining, black strap pulling tautly across his mouth. Shan pulled at Miguel's hips and buried himself inside. Miguel screamed with pleasure. His body shook and Shan paused again, absorbing the moment of Miguel, trapped there, beneath and surrounding him.

Shan drew a long shaking breath and pushed the sudden hunger away with a hard thrust. He shoved himself inside, again and again, until the only thing that remained was the sweat-slick skin under his hands and the hot, tight channel into which he thrust. Even Miguel's cries faded into the noise of the night, as men all over the zoo called out in their passion.

He pounded until he himself called out in his release. With a shuddering breath he stilled, leaning for a moment on Miguel's back before pulling himself away. Miguel was staring back at him, pleading. Shan reached around. Unsnapping the cockring, he stroked once then stopped. Miguel's eyes went wide in dismay as Shan moved away. He gave Miguel a reassuring pat on one buttock and walked over to his bag. Shan took out a suede glove and put it on.

Returning to Miguel, he reached down and grabbed the still-straining cock. Shan watched Miguel's face and saw the moment of relief as Shan took him. He continued watching as he caressed Miguel, lightly for two strokes then grabbing him firmly. The gag was pulled tight, accenting the flush of his cheeks and giving sharp relief to the black of his eyes when he looked at Shan. It took only a few more strokes until Miguel found his release, shoving himself against Shan's hand and pulling at the strip binding him to the pole.

Shan kept his hand on Miguel as the erection softened, holding him gently and rolling the flesh lightly over his fingers. When Miguel relaxed all at once, nearly hanging by his tied hands, Shan knelt. He softly kissed Miguel's cock then sat back on his heels, not looking up as he stripped off his glove.

He saw out of the corner of his eye the men who had gathered to watch. Some were jerking off, some were fucking each other. Some, now, applauded. Shan grinned cheekily and stood. Miguel was watching him curiously, but Shan ignored him. He untied Miguel's hands and rubbed them gently, though he was fairly sure he hadn't tied them tight enough for the strain on them to have been great. Then he removed the gag and folded it.

"Thank you," Miguel said softly.

Shan just nodded. "Any time," he said a moment later, grinning again. Miguel laughed.

Without another word, they gathered up their things. Miguel took his clothes while Shan re-packed his bag. The glove he left by the door -- the management could have it cleaned then keep it. Shan had no way of cleaning it discreetly so he simply bought them by the several pair.

Miguel held his clothes as he walked out of the cage. "I'm headed for the shower. Do you want to come along?" Miguel asked casually.

Shan just shook his head.

"All right, then." Miguel smiled, and it was a beautiful smile. Shan wanted to touch it. "I'll see you."

Shan only nodded. He watched as Miguel walked off, naked, unconcerned with the whistles and gropes. When Miguel was out of sight Shan turned and headed away from the cages.

He stopped in surprise as he saw a bouncer he recognised. He walked over and Ben Krieg smiled in greeting. The "TZB" was clearly emblazoned on the orange tshirt's front and back, and Ben carried a small radio on his belt. "What are *you* doing here?" Shan asked, incredulously.

Ben shrugged. "I know the guy who owns this place. When I'm in town I work the party -- do him a few favours, he does me a few favours." Shan grinned and Ben shook his head. "Not *that* kind of favour." Then he laughed and added, "Well, not usually."

Shan laughed as well. Then he parted ways with the seaQuest's chief of supply -- noting that he *could* in fact have requisitioned what he'd needed for tonight. He'd keep it in mind for next time.

The tension in his gut did not uncoil as he headed for the entrance to the zoo.