"Peter? Wait up." Kermit hurried down the hallway after the other man. He'd finally kicked up his courage and after seeing Peter brush off yet another woman's eager pass he figured maybe he had a shot. //If Peter's gone off women, maybe he's interested in something else.// Kermit knew it was at least due to too many disappointments, but Peter's recent datelessness might be just what Kermit needed.

"Hey, Kermit, make it fast. I gotta meet someone."

Kermit felt a momentary twinge, then ignored it. He had to do this now. Or never. "Peter, I was wondering... if you wanted to come by my place tonight? Dinner and a hockey game?" //Or sex. Dinner and sex would be good, too,// Kermit thought.

Peter's eyes went wide and for a moment Kermit knew he'd blown it. Then Peter smiled. "Kermit? Are you asking me out?" He kept his voice low, which Kermit appreciated. It had only just occurred to him that he had asked this at the station.

"Well.. would that be all right?"

"Kermit, thanks. I'm flattered but I have a date tonight."

"Oh." There was no way to describe the feeling he had, of everything inside him crumbling. At least Peter didn't look offended. Maybe once this current girl -- or boy? -- friend went the way of the others, he'd have another chance? "Um...." How was he supposed to ask, though?

"Was there something else?"

"Yeah... would tomorrow night be OK? Or is this something serious?" //That was smooth, very nice.// Kermit wanted to bang his head against a wall and start over.

Peter shook his head. "Sorry, Kermit. This is very serious. I--" He stopped, and Kermit watched the other man's face light up like a thousand torches. //Yes,// Kermit mused, //This is serious.// He turned to see who had caught the man he loved.

And saw Kwai Chang walking through the crowd, smiling at his son's delight.