Gay Paree


"Shut up" Hastur was now standing a good five feet away from Ligur. He'd have been standing on the other side of the universe if he could have got away with it, but this was supposed to be their afternoon off, to spend together, doing the sorts of things demons did when they had an afternoon off to spend together.

Tourist stuff.

They'd wandered around Singapore, doing a little shopping, then headed up to Korea for lunch. They'd managed to send a bus-load of nuns into fits by necking in front of the restaurant -- their official excuse, in case anyone asked. Now, because Ligur had been wanting to since they'd built the damned thing (even though it wasn't, technically, damned - it was on the lists as one of the Inspired Acheivements of God's Children, and hence a No Go spot for demons), they'd come to Paris to see the Effil Tower.

Only to discover that Ligur was afraid of heights.

He'd grabbed onto Hastur as soon as they'd stepped off the elevator, and when the other tourists had started giggling, Hastur had forcibly removed Ligur from his person and tried pretending he didn't know him.

The farther away he wandered, looking out over the city, the louder Ligur whined.

Finally he stormed over and grabbed Ligur by the collar, and hefted him up -- and carried him over to toss him over the railing. Ligur's eyes went wide, and he flailed a bit, and dimly Hastur was aware of some shouting and fainting going on behind him.

Ligur kept staring at him like a kicked hellpuppy.

"Frickin' frackin!" Hastur muttered, and set him down again.

"I'm sorry," Ligur began. "Ever since The Fall I've been--"

"All right! All right! Let's just go." Hastur stormed back towards the elevator, shoving his way past some uniformed men who were shouting at him in French. Christ Almighty, but this whole liking someone thing was really getting on his nerves.