Laughter is Good for the Soul

"Hey, Roy?" Johnny looked over at his partner as they headed back. He wasn't sure why he was hesitant to ask, but for some reason he felt shy about voicing his request. He told himself he was being nuts, and asked. "We got a few minutes?"

"For what?"

Johnny hesitated for a moment before answering. "Well, seeing as where we are... I wanna stop by and see Chet before we head back to the station."

Roy nodded. "Yeah. We can do that."

"Great! Thanks." He chided himself for his hesitation, then -- as well as his relief. It wasn't like Roy didn't visit Chet as often as he did, or as often as any of the guys. But somehow he felt self-conscious, as if he still weren't supposed to admit how much he liked Chet and simply wanted to talk with him for a few minutes.

Roy just gave him a smile. When they got there, Roy let Johnny go ahead. "I was here this morning, actually," he explained.

"This'll only take a minute," Johnny told him just before he headed off.

"Take your time."

It didn't take very long for Johnny to get to where Chet was lying. Johnny gave him a breezy smile, then caught sight of the orange flowers he'd brought yesterday. "Hey, Chet, how're ya doing?" Johnny grinned and picked the flowers up. Checking them quickly, he stifled a grin and turned them towards Chet. A moment later a small stream of water came out of one of the blooms. "I can see they still have water in 'em. Might have to refill 'em, though, next time."

His conversation was interrupted by Roy. "We gotta go, Johnny. Call came over the HT."

"All right, I'm coming!" He set the flowers back down, arranging them so the squirting flower was facing the right way -- towards Chet. "See ya, Chet." Then he jogged back to where Roy was waiting.

As they headed back to the squad, Roy gave his partner a perplexed look. Johnny ignored it for a minute, then realised he'd be getting the look all day if he didn't get it over with, now. "What?" he asked, only slightly exasperated.

"You gave him flowers that squirt water?" Roy sounded as if he wasn't sure he'd actually seen what he'd seen.

"Yeah." Johnny shrugged.

"You mind if I ask why?"

Johnny shook his head, but he didn't answer right away. He looked back over his shoulder, back towards Chet. It wasn't that he thought Roy wouldn't understand. But he wasn't sure, exactly, how to explain it without babbling for half an hour and getting himself down. Finally he said, "He'd be disappointed if I didn't."

Roy didn't say anything, just climbed into the squad. Johnny followed.

"Does that make sense?" Johnny asked a moment later.

As they pulled away from the cemetery, Roy answered, "Yeah, Johnny. It makes sense."