Miscellaneous Fandoms

Able Team/Phoenix Force/Stony Man

Every Bit Counts ~ Gary/Carl (PG)
A random snippet after a random mission.
Friends ~ Gary/Carl (PG-13)
A story written in 1991. Posted "as-is," never to be revised or extended.
The Neverending Fire of Kilauea ~ Carl Lyons/Mack Bolan, Carl Lyons/Gary Manning (PG)
Carl reacts to nearing losing his partners on a mission. Fits into Lianne's Carl Series.
What We Need Most ~ Rosario/Carl (G)
A short ficlet about things that are important. Fits into Lianne's Carl Series.
~ For more Able Team, Phoenix Force and Stony Man fanfic, check out Lianne's Stony Man Page.

Battlestar Galactica (Original)

Among These Unyielding Stars ~ Adama/Tigh (PG)
Adama's working late. Tigh encourages him not to.
Cages ~ gen (G)
Starbuck's perceptions on being on a battlestar.
Card Games ~ Starbuck/Apollo (NC-17)
This story was published originally in Awakenings 5.
Dreamtime ~ Starbuck/Apollo (NC-17)
Co-written with Lori.
Apollo is despairing of ever winning Starbuck's love.
Even Trades ~ Starbuck/Apollo (G)
Sometimes trades are even.
Lost and Found ~ Starbuck/Apollo (G)
An established relationship story. With a 'slice of life' plot, it has angst, humour, comfort, and no on-screen sex.
My Heart ~ Starbuck/Apollo (PG)
A little look into Apollo's thoughts and life.
In Our Lives In Love ~ Jim/Blair, Starbuck/Apollo (PG-13)
A crossover with The Sentinel, it takes a look at a few days in the lives of some people together.
Streaks ~ Starbuck/Apollo (PG-13)
Originally published in Frisky: Above and Beyond. A first time story.

The Bible

For He Loved So Much ~ Jesus/Judas (PG)
Why did Judas betray Jesus? Disclaimer: Er. Not mine. Or possibly public domain.
Saints, Lizards and Lemonade ~ Michael, Lucifer, mention of Michael/Rafeal (PG)
An explanation of what really happened. Possibly blasphemous...


363.25: "Please Limit Your Selections to Twenty" ~ Gil/Nick (PG)
The CSIs have another case, and a little conversation, and Nick gets a little farther than he was before.
My Boy ~ Gil/Nick (PG)
Gil has always been in control of his life. (Snippet from a larger, not yet written werewolf universe.)
One Good Friend Deserves Another ~ gen
Nick tries to move on after the events of 'Stalker.'

Doctor Who/Torchwood

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Due South

Just a Minute of Your Time ~ Fraser/Ray (NC-17)
A lovely angst slash piece, with a BDSM fantasy scene in the middle for relief. Whose relief you'll have to read and find out.
Naked at My Side ~ Fraser/Vecchio (G)
Ray's on a stakeout and thinking.
Seasons ~ Fraser/Ray (R)
A series of three PWPs set against the year's seasons, and a final scene wherein love prevails.
Spirit Babies, Three ~ Jim/Blair (G)
The third in a Sentinel series, it contains a cameo by Ray. The first two are on the Sentinel page.
Waiting ~ Fraser/Ray (G)
A piece about Benny and Ray's Christmas with Ray's family.

I'll Believe Series

...and I'll Believe ~ gen (PG)
A story wherein Ray witnesses a tragedy, then experiences one of his own.
All I Can Say ~ gen (G)
A sequel to "...and I'll believe" which still has no happy ending.

Dukes of Hazzard

Like A River ~ Bo/Luke (NC-17)
Originally published in "A Frisky to Remember". Chock full of angst, h/c, love, and secrets.

Unnamed Bo/Roscoe Series

Into Each Life Some Rain Will Fall ~ Bo/Roscoe (NC-17)
Bo and Roscoe fall in love and have an affair, but they both know it can't last.
Stepping Backwards ~ Bo/Roscoe (G)
Set immediately after the pilot episode, 'One Armed Bandit'; Bo goes to talk to Roscoe.
Silver Clouds ~ Bo/Roscoe (G)
Bo and Roscoe are trying to find a way to co-exist.
Living at Dusk ~ Bo/Roscoe (G)
A look at the above events from Roscoe's point of view.
Sometimes, In Order To Survive ~ Bo/Roscoe (G)
The sequel to Living at Dusk, it has what amounts to a happy ending.
Caught In You ~ Bo/Roscoe (PG-13)
Bo and Roscoe move forward as best they can.
Samhain ~ Bo/Roscoe (G)
Fall festival time, and things are better, worse.
Several Days of You ~ Bo/Roscoe (PG-13)
The sequel to Samhain.


The Case of The Dead Mary ~ gen (G)
Mary Sue vists Station 51.
Give It A Try ~ gen (G)
Captain Stanley needs a rescue.
Laughter is Good for the Soul ~ gen (G)
Sometimes laughter is the only medicene.
Second Shifts ~ gen (G)
The guys at 51 have lives outside the station.
Something Brice This Way Comes ~ gen (G)
Johnny and Brice are stuck together.

Sedentary Series

Sedentary ~ Gage/Brackett (PG)
Johnny's in love, but he doesn't believe he ought to do anything about it.
Motile ~ Gage/Brackett (NC-17)
Johnny and Kel have a date.
Pendulous ~ Gage/Brackett (PG)
Johnny and Kel's relationship hits its first down, before swinging back up.


Desert Dunes ~ Jayne (G)
A young Cobb boy spends time in a desert.
Deserted ~ Kaylee (PG)
A Firefly crossover.
Where I Stand ~ Jayne/Simon (R)
Jayne has a visitor.

Good Omens

Gay Paree ~ Hastur/Ligur (PG)
Hastur and Ligur have a day off.
I Walk Among the Shadows ~ Aziraphale/Crowley (PG)
Aziraphale wants to say something.
Welcome to the Caribbean ~ gen (PG)
One angel, one demon, lots of sand.

Gundam Wing

Beneath Heaven ~ gen (G)
Poker night.
Model Gundams ~ gen (G)
Duo Maxwell and his life, after Gundams.

Hercules and Xena

Knock On Wood ~ Hercules/Iolaus, Xena/Gabrielle (PG)
Pure silliness. Iolaus has to find a way to get Herc back to normal.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Confessions ~ Peter/Kermit (G)
This is *so* not my fault.
December of Long Ago ~ Peter/Kermit, Levon/Joe (NC-17)
A crossover with Houston Knights, it addresses the question - where does Kermit disappear to, every Christmas?
On 'Til Morning ~ Peter/Kermit (G)
A short story featuring angst and an unhappy ending that will eventually have a longer frame story written for it.
Sailing ~ Peter/Kermit (NC-17)
A first-time story. It contains all the necessary qualities of quality fanfic -- sex, food, and shootings.
Star Light, Star Bright ~ Peter/Kermit (G)
A first time story. No sex, just kisses.


How to Seduce Your Geek ~ Eliot/Alec
There is a right way, a wrong way, and a geeky way.
The Thorn in His Paw Job ~ Eliot/Nate
The team is stuck when a blizzard strikes. Which would be OK, except they get bored easily. And then Eliot's a cat.
The Wrapped Around Your Finger Job ~ Eliot/Alec/Parker
Someone from Eliot's past shows up, and if Alec doesn't stop flirting with her, Eliot is going to kill him.

Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Times for Souls ~ Napoleon/Illya (PG-13)
Napoleon can't sleep.


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Pirates of the Caribbean

Cry Out Love ~ gen (G)
Jack is thinking about one he loves.
Noonday Sun ~ Jack/Bootstrap Bill (PG)
Jack lives on.

The Professionals

Never Staying Quite the Sane ~ Bodie/Doyle (PG)
Nobody quite understands. Or maybe they do.
Old Beginnings ~ gen (G)
Bodie finishes unpacking.
Poems ~ Bodie/Doyle (PG-13)
Three poems.
Santa's Basement ~ Bodie/Doyle (G)
Santa wouldn't let them down.
Unsaid ~ Bodie/Doyle (G)
Bodie writes a letter.
Writing In Progess ~ Bodie/Doyle (G)
It was turning out to be a better story than he'd hoped.
Young Sinner ~ Bodie/Doyle (R)
Bodie doesn't think he's adorable.

Quantum Leap

He Moves in Mysterious Ways ~ Sam/Al, Sam/other (G)
Al deals with the consequences of a leap.
I Like The Way He Smiles ~ Sam/Al (G)
Al's thoughts at the beginning of a leap.
Waiting ~ Sam/Al (PG)
This first appeared in Angel and the Dreamer. It's an Al-reflective piece.

SeaQuest DSV

Building Castles Undersea ~ Ford/Krieg (NC-17)
Ford learns some things about Kreig which makes him reconsider his assessment of the man.
Do Mermen Dream of Aquatic Sheep? ~ Kreig/other (PG)
AU. Mermen.
Fathom ~ Ortiz/Beckett/Grodin (NC-17)
Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis. Porn. When is porn, not just porn?
Gravestones and Lockers ~ Kreig/other (PG)
Ben remembers someone who is gone.
Hunters Under ~ gen (G)
An alternate version of season one's ending.
Little Five Points, Japan ~ Ortiz/Shan (NC-17)
Features BDSM.

Simon and Simon

Fuzzi's Fantasy ~ Rick/AJ (NC-17)
Fuzzicat wanted a story. So, I gave her one. PWP.
Night One ~ Rick/AJ (NC-17)
The sequel to the above PWP. Also a PWP.

Starsky and Hutch

Down Roads Long Passed ~ Starsky/Hutch, Hutch/other (NC-17 for violence)
Hutch has some secrets, and they're really messing up his life.
Driving Me Wild ~ Starsky/Hutch (G)
Just a typical morning, with Starsky running late again. AU.
Savour This ~ Starsky/Hutch (G)
Summary forthcoming.
Snapshot ~ Starsky/Hutch (PG-13)
Missing scenes from "The Specialist".
Summer Days ~ Starsky/Hutch (G)
Starsky has a heart-to-heart talk with Hutch.
Swear to Thee ~ Starsky/Hutch (PG)
Summary forthcoming.
Twilight ~ Starsky/Hutch (G)
Summary forthcoming.

Star Trek: Voyager

Annual Report ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG-13)
Paris files his annual report.
Seven Jars ~ Seven of Nine/Jar Jar Binks (PG)
Not my fault! A Star Wars: The Phantom Menace/Star Trek: Voyager crossover. Seven of Nine and Jar Jar.
Tumbling Down ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG)
A 500 word or less challenge story.

How Can I Live Without You Series

How Can I Lose You? ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG)
Tom gets lost.
How Can I Retrieve You? ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG)
Tom tries to get un-lost.
How Will I Remember You? ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG-13)
Tom tries to deal with staying lost.
How Can I Live Without You? ~ Paris/Chakotay (NC-17)
Tom finally gets found.
How Do They Do That? ~ Paris/Chakotay (PG-13)
Tom and Chakotay wonder what the hell.


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Touched By An Angel

Home is Just a Heart ~ gen (G)
Andrew takes two different souls away.

Vorkosigan Saga

Untitled Ivan Snippet ~ Ivan/? (PG)
One of the best things about being on Earth, Ivan thought, was not that he'd got away from his mother.
Discretions ~ Miles/Gregor (PG)
Some things people know, and some things nobody knows, and sometimes they're the same things.
Piece of Tin ~ Ivan/OC (PG)
There are weddings everywhere, it seems, and as expected, everyone wants to know when Ivan is going to get married.

Winnie ther Pooh

Naps ~ Winnie-ther-Pooh/Piglet (G)
File this under 'I can't believe I did this.'


Eulogy ~ Logan/Scott (PG)
He doesn't say no when Scott asks to stay.

Original Fiction

Denizen, Not Citizen ~ (R)
A story written in 1991. Posted "as-is," never to be revised or extended.