Lord of the Rings Stories

A Blustery Sort of Day ~ Merry/Pippin (PG)
Merry and Pippin are bored in the after-life. A crossover, and a sequel of sorts to Paths for the Dead.
Care and Feeding of Young Hobbits ~ Merry/Pippin implied (PG-15)
My contribution to the PVHFA list. Vampire hobbits. S'all I'm saying.
Each Journey Begins ~ gen (G)
When Pippin is a child, his world begins to change.
Fellowship of the Ring, Revisited ~ everyone (PG-13)
If I had written Fellowship of the Ring, this is how it would have happened. Er, humour. (Spew alert)
Grey Days of Yore ~ Merry/Pippin implied (PG)
Many years after the Return of the King, someone looks back upon his life.
Growing Pains ~ gen (G)
A Pippin snippet. Or two.
King's Man ~ gen (G)
Seeing a hint of the man Boromir would grow into.
Let Me Not Rule Over All Departed Dead ~ Pippin/Boromir implied (G)
Set after the Fellowship leaves the mines of Moria.
Memory ~ gen (G)
Pippin remembers.
A Night Below Lorien ~ Frodo/Sam (G)
Set while the Fellowship is in Lothlorien.
Of All the Inquisitive Tooks ~ gen (G)
Pippin has always been curious.
Paths for the Dead ~ Pippin/Merry implied (G)
Pippin leaves Minas Tirith on his last journey. What he finds isn't precisely what he expected. Spoilers for all three books, plus a few appendices.
Virgin Sacrifice ~ gen (G)
Sometimes a virgin sacrifice is required.

"Stories" Series

Stories Told ~ Merry/Pippin (G)
Merry thinks about stories.
Dreams of Air ~ Merry/Pippin (G)
Set during the Hobbits' first night at Rivendell.
Deadweight ~ Merry/Pippin (G)
The Fellowship has begun their quest, and Merry notices things.
Drifting Into Dawn ~ Merry/Pippin (PG)
Pippin and Merry have to make sacrifices away from the Shire.