Back In The Saddle Again

The morning was warm. The sun had been peeking over the horizon for nearly an hour, and Levon was running hard and fast. He'd been woken early by his lover and cajoled outside with promises of a good morning work-out. Joe had smiled at him and taken off down the hallway. Levon had followed, trying to catch his partner. He'd finally done so a few steps shy of the door; Joe had kissed him and pleaded for a ride.

OK, 'pleaded' wasn't exactly the word. Joe had run a hand up Levon's hip, given him a look of longing, and got as far as 'you wanna change' before Levon was outside and waiting. They'd enjoyed the run, as always, and now - as promised - were headed to the barn for a work-out.

Joe slid off Levon's back and pulled the door open, gave him a come-hither look and stepped backwards out of sight. Levon went in after him, and found Joe rubbing the curry combs together.

"You wanna get a rubdown?"

"Do I have a choice?" Levon grinned and headed over. He was already shivering in anticipation.

"Yeah, you got a choice." Joe leaned closer, and said in a low voice, "You can always skip the rubdown and go right to the fucking."

Levon nearly tripped, eyes flying wide. He reached down and took the brushes from Joe's hands and threw them aside. Joe laughed, and brought his hands up against Levon's chest. "Guess that answers my question."

"Guess it does," Levon leant down and kissed him. His lover met him with his mouth open. When Joe pressed his hands flat on Levon's chest and pushed, Levon stepped back, curious. Joe gave him a knowing smirk and walked over to the corner of the barn. Levon froze, moving only his head to stare after his lover as Joe pulled the sawhorse out. He watched as Joe set it in the middle of the barn, near the railing they had re-inforced then managed to walk up when Joe waved him over.

Joe brushed his hands up and down Levon's flanks as he positioned him; rubbing hard and murmuring soft words Levon couldn't quite hear. The tone got right to him, though -- made him hard, made him want to get on with it, get inside. Inside Joe, that is.

It seemed Joe was impatient as well, despite his slow, careful motions. He moved quickly from merely rubbing Levon's back, to rubbing his hands underneath Levon's belly to briefly touch the tip of his cock. Levon shuddered and hoped his knees were locked. He couldn't really feel anything except wherever Joe touched him. Those places were burning.

"Hold still," Joe whispered, and Levon knew it was unnecessary. He couldn't have moved if a lightning bolt struck a foot behind him. He breathed hard as Joe wrapped a hand around his cock and fingered it lightly. He heard himself moaning, and reached out blindly for the rail. He missed, tried again, and heard Joe laugh.

"If you open your eyes it'll be easier to find."

Levon turned his head, opening his eyes. He couldn't say anything, not as he saw Joe crouched beneath him, nude and fully aroused. He swallowed and watched as Joe crawled under... then he felt Joe's mouth on him and he spun his head around, saw the rail and grabbed it tight. He yelled as Joe sucked once, tightening his grip as Joe ran his fingernails lightly down the length of Levon's erection. He felt his hind legs pushing against the floor, trying desperately to thrust hard. The sawhorse held him fast.

His world began a spiral, spinning his focus down to the tip of his cock where Joe's mouth was working. Joe pulled away and a wuff of air brushed across the tip of his cock and he yelled, moaning Joe's name. Another breath, and he whimpered.

"Joe please, please...."

"Patience, lover. I've got a lot more in mind for you."

The words shook him. This was about to bring him to the breaking point, and Joe had more...? He felt, for a moment, the polished wood in his hands as he tried to let go long enough to reposition them, give himself better leverage against... whatever it was. Joe kissed him lightly, and he felt his lover move out from under him.

"Don't move."

That was easy. His body was locked tight, trembling hard. He moaned as Joe walked away and tried to force his eyes open again to see where he'd gone. He couldn't, however, and could only try to interpret what he was hearing. Something heavy, scraping along the floor, but it wasn't anything he knew so he had no idea what would happen. Then he felt Joe standing behind him; Joe patted his hindquarters and he tried to breathe again. Joe ran his fingers through Levon's tail then he was pulling gently at it, lifting it up and wrapping it in something.

He stifled the impulse to swish it out of the way, and waited. After a moment his lungs unlocked and his brain unwound just enough for him to ask, "Joe?"

"Almost, lover. Just hold steady."

"What are you doing?"

"My favourite way of making love to you."

It didn't explain anything; Levon frowned and looked back. "You've never done-" he stopped as he felt Joe's hand on him. Slick, cold, and very familiar. Joe looked at him, holding his gaze steady as he inserted his hand, coated in lubricant. Levon felt his entire body go utterly motionless as even the trembling stopped. He stared, only barely realising that Joe was standing on something as his lover stepped behind him, working his hand carefully inside Levon.

Levon was panting by the time Joe placed both hands on his hindquarters. "Levon?"

"Yes, Joe?"

"I love you." And he slid inside. Levon inhaled, feeling his lover's cock. It went in easily and he felt Joe's hips touch him as his lover pressed himself against Levon. Inside, Levon corrected. Pressed inside - and then Joe pulled back just as slowly. Levon turned, about to plead with him not to withdraw, to stay inside when Joe pushed again, slowly, all the way.

Joe looked at him then, eyes serious as he penetrated Levon. "You're mine, you know," Joe said softly.

Levon nodded, shaking, unable to break his gaze though a vague sensation told him his back and neck were straining. He watched as Joe began to thrust again, and, as he moved back and forth, Joe closed his eyes, face lost in utter arousal. Levon stared, riveted at the sight of his lover fucking him, so completely lost in his own feelings that he forgot - or seemed to - the one he was penetrating in favour of his own pleasures.

Joe moaned, voice sharpening as he thrust again, harder, and he threw his head back, hands pressed flat against Levon's body as he pulled and pushed himself, back and forth again. His moaning stopped and Levon heard Joe straining, sound strangled in his throat as he fucked him. It was as if he were watching from a distance, except that he could feel everything thrust, feel every point of pressure from Joe's hands. Joe gave a cry and shoved hard, coming almost violently inside Levon.

He was still frozen as Joe relaxed, slumping over Levon's hindquarters, cock slipping out of Levon's body. He watched until Joe opened his eyes and dilated blue met his.

"Love you, too." Levon grinned.

Joe gave him an exhausted smile. "My legs are gonna be sore."

"Rub 'em for ya," Levon offered.

"Good." Joe nodded, and stepped down off what Levon now saw was a low bench. Instead of four legs, its sides extended down to the floor, giving it plenty of stability.

"Won't ask where you got that."

"Same place I got the sawhorse." Joe gave him a smirk, and leaned up against Levon as he walked up towards his front. He reached up and pulled Levon down for a kiss. "Are you..." he trailed off as he glanced down, and saw Levon's erection had gone soft. He looked up, doubtfully.

"Was when you said I was yours," Levon whispered, and he kissed Joe again.

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