Levon's Can

~ In the pilot, Levon is seen to remove a tobacco shaped can from his pocket and take a dip of it. This sparked much conversation involving tobacco use and staring at Levon's ass.

"What is that?"

Levon glanced over at his partner, as they headed back towards the truck. He still couldn't believe his partner had got the information in a lesbian bar - he reckoned there was a lot of mileage to be had, teasing him about why he got along so well with 'them gals'. Wasn't going to start in on it yet, because LaFiamma had smirked as he'd handed over the info like he was expecting it and was ready.

Levon reckoned he'd wait until LaFiamma wasn't ready. Right now, he was trying to figure out why his partner was staring at his ass. Oh - where he'd just put away the can. He grinned. Turned his hip slightly as he took another step and wriggled. "This?" He grinned.

LaFiamma rolled his eyes. "I'm talking about what you just put in your pocket."

"Maybe there ain't nothing there. Could just be glad to see ya." He grinned harder as LaFiamma mimed swiping Levon's head off. At least it was miming after he'd ducked out of the way. "It's just tobacco, LaFiamma." He stressed the a's again, just to watch his partner grimace. "Don't y'all have tobacco up north?"

"Yeah, we have tobacco up north. Only we roll it up in neat little pieces of paper. Called cigarettes."

"Oh, yeah?" Levon gave him a faked look of interest. "Sounds like a waste of paper."

His partner just rolled his eyes in a way that Levon had already decided meant that LaFiamma couldn't think of a suitable come back and was only pretending like he didn't care enough to give one. As they reached the truck, LaFiamma finally said, "I can't believe you chew that stuff. Don't the ladies think it's disgusting?"

Levon just raised one eyebrow. "It ain't chewing tobacco, LaFiamma."

"There's a third kind?" LaFiamma almost sounded interested, along with surprised.

"You want me to take you down to the stop n rob, and show you?"

There was a slow blink, and an almost grin, before LaFiamma shook his head. "Nah, that's OK. But seriously, isn't that stuff disgusting?"

"Never had any complaints before." Levon gave him a wide smile.

"Must notta kissed anybody, then." LaFiamma took a step towards the end of the truck, heading for the passenger side. "I dated a smoker once, and that was bad enough. Raw tobacco...." He muttered something in Italian which Levon guessed was intended to be derogatory.

For a moment, Levon tried to decide among his options - ask LaFiamma why he was so worried about whether Levon's kissees were enjoying it, demand to know what he'd said even though he knew he wouldn't get a response, or just tell him. Of all of them, the most fun would be.... "It ain't disgusting."

LaFiamma stopped, and gave him a look of incredulity. "You're gonna tell me it tastes like fresh mint or something?" Levon took a step after LaFiamma. His hand was reaching for his back pocket, and LaFiamma raised his hands. "I don't need to try it, thanks."

"I dunno. I think a taste might do you a world of good."

LaFiamma left his hands up, and took a half step back as Levon quickened his own steps. Hurried right up to him, grabbed him by the lapels, and let him take a taste.

Didn't reckon anybody'd care about two guys kissing, on this street. Probably look less out of place than otherwise.

And apparently, yeah, LaFiamma *had* been looking at his ass. He certainly knew right where to put his hand.

When they broke apart, LaFiamma was blinking at him dumbly. Levon grinned. "Taste OK?"

"Tasted like beef jerky."

Levon pulled the can out of his jeans and showed it to his partner. LaFiamma took it, and read the label.

"Beef jerky." He looked up at Levon, again, making no effort to pull away from Levon who was still pressed up fully against him. "Why...?"

"Why not? Sometimes a man gets hungry."

"You hungry now?" LaFiamma gave him a very slight leer. Encouraging, not at all tentative like he thought maybe Levon was only joking.

Levon thought it over for a second, then shook his head as he let LaFiamma go, and stepped away, heading for the driver's side door. "Nah." Then he laughed, as LaFiamma grabbed him by the arm, and hauled him back behind the truck to kiss him again.

Maybe the man just liked the taste of jerky.