Houston Knights Stories

Days of Diamonds, Days of Coal ~ Levon/Joe (PG)
Shows how things go wrong when you stop talking.
December of Long Ago ~ Peter/Kermit, Levon/Joe (NC-17)
A crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, it addresses the question - where does Kermit disappear to, every Christmas?
The Green Room ~ everybody (G)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
This is what happens when Wolfling and I are trying to decide what to write on. Crossovers galore.
Heat In The City ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
Lundy knows more about a current case than he wants to let on.
Levon's Can ~ Levon/Joe (PG)
In the pilot, Levon is seen to remove a tobacco shaped can from his pocket and take a dip of it. This sparked much conversation involving tobacco use and staring at Levon's ass. Which resulted in this snippet.
Longnecks ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
It's a PWP. I swear. Has no socially redeeming value beyond... well... the obvious.
Perchance to Dream ~ Levon/Joe (PG)
A short snippet. Levon needs some comforting.

Dance Steps

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
A series of missing scene stories from each episode.
Partners ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Lundy and LaFiamma learn a little more about each other than they planned when Rose Lynn is killed. From the pilot episode.
Demons ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Lundy and LaFiamma clash as they try to work together. From the episode North of the Border.
Alone ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Lundy and LaFiamma clash more than ever as they try to figure out where the kidnapper's money disappeared to. Eventually things turn around, though, both on the case and off. From the episode Houston's Hero.
Lonely ~ Levon/Joe (PG)
LaFiamma and Lundy each face a choice during Single in Heaven. They choose differently, but end up in the same place -- together.
Today ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
From the episode Yesterday's Gone. Go. Read. Enjoy.
Separation ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
From the episode Bad Girl. LaFiamma is having trouble balancing the separate relationships in his life.
Running ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
Lundy and LaFiamma deal with some of the ups and downs that come with being in a relationship. From the episode Scarecrow.
Reaching ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Takes places during Colt. Reaching for each other, reaching for understanding, reaching for what they can and cannot have.


Family ~ gen (G)
A look at how each of the guys deals with Christmas, and family.
What Do You Have Left When Only Family Remains? ~ Levon/Joe (PG-13)
Uses the gen scene Family and tells what happened before, and afterwards.


Storm ~ Levon/Joe (PG)
Something unexpected happens which costs Lundy more than he expected. But the consequences may be greater than what he's lost.
The Vortex ~ Levon/Joe (NC-17)
Levon is starting to settle into his new life after being fired.

When You're Home

Phone Calls at Night ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Levon is waiting for his lover's call, and isn't sure that he wants to get it.
Homesick ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Written by Wolfling. [website]
Another version of the above story, told from Joe's point of view.
Homecoming ~ Levon/Joe (G)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
Joe and Levon deal with the reasons Joe came home.