Horses of Different Colors

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]

A Houston Knights AU featuring centaurs. Levon/Joe.

These stories were originally written from 1999-2002. They are currently being revised, with proofing and minor editing, as well as cleaning up the html. No major changes to the stories themselves, mostly just fixing series-wide consistency and very minor details which have been bugging the crap out of the authors for the last five years. Stories will be marked once they've been revised for your reading or rereading pleasure.

For visual reference:
Levon Lundy (left) and Joe LaFiamma (right)


In the Beginning ~ PG
The prequel, showing how these two got together in the first place. *Revised*
Horses of Different Colors ~ NC-17
Lundy has a secret which he fears could destroy his relationship with LaFiamma. What happens when he's forced to reveal it? *Revised*
Horseplay ~ NC-17
No plot and almost no angst. Swear. *Revised*
Horse Sense ~ PG-13
Joe learns some of the finer points about the care of centaurs. *Revised*
Centaur Stage ~ PG-13
Lundy takes LaFiamma home to meet the relatives. *Revised*
Stable Relationship ~ G
Coming back from visiting Levon's family, living accomodations are discussed. *Revised*
In the Running ~ PG
Short, mostly plotless, happy vignette.
Left of Centaur ~ NC-17
Shensen's mother is missing, possibly murdered. Levon and Joe must find her, while they juggle caring for Shensen and dealing with their reactions to what has happened.
Centaur of the Universe ~ G
Joe and Levon take a trip down memory lane.
Centaur Target ~ PG-13
An evening ride brings Joe and Levon an unwelcome surprise.
Due North ~ NC-17
Joe finally gets to go home to Chicago and Levon accompanies him. *Revised*
Chicago Is Burning ~ NC-17
Levon searches for the people responsible. *Revised*
Texas Carol ~ PG
A new take on an old Christmas classic. *Revised*
Joey de Vivre ~ NC-17
Joe and Levon get married. After much ado.
Single White Fillies: Part One | Part Two ~ NC-17
Crossover with The Sentinel.
Centaur of the Storm ~ G
Joe and Levon get caught in a thunderstorm, but they're not alone.
Life Decisions ~ G
Joe comes to terms with one of the facts of life for a centaur.
A Simple Life ~ PG-13
Joe and Levon hit some rocky ground. *Revised*
Centaur Lines: One | Two | Three ~ NC-17
Joe's cousin Tony and his wife are leaving their kids with Joe and Levon while they take a vacation. Tragedy follows. Hanky warning is in effect on this one. *Revised*
In the Centaur Ring ~ PG
A brief interlude following Centaur Lines. Joe and Levon go back to work, and have a normal day. For them.
Foaling in Love ~ PG
It's spring! You know what that means -- babies!!
Alexander ~ NC-17
This picks up where Foaling in Love leaves off. Warning: violence.
After Alexander ~ NC-17
This picks up where Alexander leaves off.
Withers Thou Goest ~ NC-17
Jim and Blair finally get a wedding.
A Thousand Summers Have Ended ~ PG-13
The conclusion. *Revised*

Alternate Stories

The following two stories contain bestiality and are for adults only. If that isn't your kink, don't read!

Back in the Saddle ~ X (human/centaur sex)
Takes place several weeks after the opening of the series.
Back in the Saddle Again ~ X (human/centaur sex)
The sequel to the above story.


The Road From Home ~ Wesley/Xander (NC-17)
Co-written with Byrne. [website]
Wesley and Xander team up to fight a demon, and deal with something unusual. AU, triple cross-over between Buffy, the Horses of Different Colours series by James and Wolfling, and the Tall Tails series by Byrne.