Unseen Scenes from Partner of the Month

Nick woke up with a start. The dreams again, he realised. He wiped his forehead, it came away sticky with blood sweat. He reached down for the towel that he kept under the bed and cleaned his hand. With a start, he realised he needed to wipe something *else* clean, too.

Sometimes being a vampire was damned inconvenient. He was just glad he'd finally found a laundry detergent that got out blood stains. With a sigh, he climbed out of bed and stripped the bed. He droppped the wadded sheets in the hamper, with the intent to do a load of laundry after his shower.

After his cold shower. Those dreams... they didn't bother him so much, at least not in themselves. He wasn't sure he liked having them though- wasn't sure he liked what they meant. They were Don's dreams, and that there was a connection between them meant the human had been here too long. Empathetic connections were known to form between enthralled humans and their vampire masters, but Nick hadn't enthralled the man.

At least, not intentionally. It was probably just their constant proximity, and their working together that had done it. It was common for police partners to become so used to each other, reading each other's moves and intentions without so much a a word being passed between them... it was a sign that the partnership was successful. Good cops often spoke of an empathic connection with their partners.

Nick should have been happy to discover he and Don had finally reached that point... if it weren't for his heightened vampiric senses, and those dreams. Nick's vampire mind was more open to receiving Don's thoughts, and he suspected he could send them as well, if he tried. He was repelled at the thought of trying though. Although he wondered if a well placed thought mightn't help with those dreams.

They were really beginning to plague him. It wouldn't have been so bad, if it wasn't that Don would feel guilty as hell if he remembered them when he woke... and if Nick *and* Don didn't enjoy certain of those dreams so much. He sighed, and stepped into the shower. Cold water was just what he needed.

He stopped before turning on the water. Images were assailing him again, and the feelings were rising as they had each night for the past ten nights. Nick gripped the faucet and squeezed his eyes shut. He wished there was a way to stop them... or understand why his partner was having these dreams. The unresolved tension was going to be too noticable to ignore. (So far Don had brushed it off as guilt and worry associated with Myra's kicking him out. Nick hadn't corrected him.)

Nick took a deep breath, and decided to wait it out... the dream wouldn't last long, and then he could take a shower and try to pretend he hadn't seen it.

He found himself walking towards the couch where Don lay, sleeping. He saw the gentle rise and fall of his chest, as he breathed. He couldn't hear the man's heartbeat- a sign that it was Don's dream. He saw Don roll over, and open his eyes.

"Hey, partner... is it time for breakfast?"

"No," Nick heard his voice say. "It's still early yet..."

"Oh yeah? Then maybe I should get some more sleep..." Don's voice trailed off, as Nick sat down on the couch. Don moved his legs, making room. He gave Nick a curious, amused look. "You gonna tuck me in?" He teased.

Nick laughed... "Would you like me too?" Nick was amased at the clarity of the dream. Often the dreams were confused images of skin, and sexual arousal, and the typical psychadelic lights of the subconscious. A couple times the dreams had been clear, but they had never gone much farther than about where they were now...

The dream-Don smiled at him, not the come-on smile Nick expected, but just a happy smile. "You know, it's been a long time since... well, since I lived with someone who... I don't know... seemed so attentive. Myra has spent so much time lately complaining about what I'm *not* doing... she barely notices me otherwise."

Nick heard and recognised the sad, lonely tone in Don's voice. He realised that it was one of the reasons he was having so many dreams... in real life Nick *had* been more attentive, than he usually was. He was trying to be a good friend, and had been more focused on his partner's life and problems rather than his own. Obviously Don had noticed.

Nick reached out and put his hand on Don's arm, not sure if it was him or Don's dreaming that made him do it. He wanted to say something comforting, something appropriate. "I understand." He smiled. That had been Don's words, putting them in his mouth, making him say just what he needed to hear. He waited, to see what would happen next.

Don looked up at him. "I just have been feeling so... I dont know... unwanted lately. And then... all of a sudden you're acting like a cop's closest partner, like a best friend... I hadn't expected it of you." His voice dropped, and Nick realised the statement was true. He told himself to remember it, when the dream ended.

"I suppose... I just needed some prodding, to show how I felt." He apoligised, not needing the dream's impetus to say it for him.

Don nodded. "Yeah... I understand." He didn't meet Nick's gaze, and continued, "I just never expected it from you. Not this..."

Nick found himself reaching up, and stroking Don's face. "I didn't think you needed... or wanted, to see it." The words and actions were the dreams', Nick relaxed and let the dream take over.

Don looked up at him and smiled, and Nick leaned forward and kissed him. The dream needed no reasons but desire, needed no explanation. Nick felt Don's hand on the back of his head, holding him close.

He leaned back, and grinned. "Would you like me to tuck you in?"

Don's smile was the answer, and Nick pulled the blankets back. He crawled in underneath them, and realised for the first time he was naked. He held himself away from Don's body, and let the dream magic away his pajamas. Then he lowered himself, slowly, onto his body, feeling the contact of the warm flesh beneath him.

He noticed, in this dream, his own body was mortally warm. He ignored it, and concentrated on the sensations that were pulling at him, driving him forward to kiss the man again, tasting his mouth and feeling the human flatness of his teeth.

He felt Don's passion, heavily mixed with the simple joy of being wanted, needed, but intertwined with the exotic power of something he did not fully udnerstand. Nick recognised it as the vampire's enthrall, the unconscious awareness of the seductve powers and unknown lusts of the immortal world. It was the enthrall that made Don's emotions take the form of lust in his dreams, and which enabled him to forget them when he awoke.

Nick knew it would be forgotten, but for now he freed himself to follow the dream, and found himself in a passionate embrace, rocking and moaning as the dream drove them both into the fulfillment which would never occur elsewhere.

Nick felt the hard pressure against his leg, and rubbed his body up and down. Don moaned in pleasure, and dug his fingers into Nick's back. Nick felt the dream discorporating, as the details were lost from Don's imagination although the feelings persisted. Nick knew he could take over, fill in those details and find the release that they both now needed, both in the dream and reality. But the dream was losing hold, and Nick found himself fading away.

Dimly Nick heard the real moans drifting up from downstairs, and he felt the pang as he opened his eyes, finding himself fully within his own body and mind. The dream was ending, and Nick felt the frustration well up again. He would have to masterbate in the shower, cold water would never get rid of this... He felt sorry for Don, for as the dream ended the memories hid, of what he needed and how he had tried to obtain it.

Don would be edgy today, Nick knew. He wouldn't know why, but Nick would have to be careful not to let on what he knew. He would do what he could, to inch his way towards the feelings Don was hiding, even from himself- not the sexual lust, although that would be nice. But those feelings of loneliness, of sadness which he spoke of so freely in his dream. Maybe if he could speak of them out loud, Nick could do something to free them both of these ending dreams, which kept carrying them further and further towards something, but never quite making it...

Nick had no trouble admitting to himself that sleeping with Don would feel great, after a nearly two week build up of foreplay. He also knew, unfortunately, that there was no way in hell Don would go for it, even if he realised his desires. Nick resolved himself to seeing the dreams, and stepping carefully with his words during the night.

And he gloomily noticed, for the tenth evening in a row, that masterbation was no substitute.

Nick sighed and looked at his bed. It looked so inviting- the night had been filled with uncooperative suspects and mortals who needed to take baths. He dropped his holster on the dresser, and stretched. He would skip his late-morning ritual today, and go straight for the pillow. His mail, phone messages, and before-bed snack would simply have to wait.

He was only sorry he hadn't been able to get Don to open up a little. He'd been very careful not to say anything to obvious, but all the opportunities he had given had gone unnoticed, or ignored. Oh well... one more night of dreams, and then he'd try again.

He hoped to get some sound sleep, before they started again... he really was starting to get exhausted. Eleven nights of restless, interrupted sleep weren't good for a young vampire. He yawned. What he needed was a nice, long soak in a hot tub... too bad he didn't have one. Just as well, he wasn't sure he could handle it if Don's dreams started incorporating hot tubs.

He called a sleepy goodnight to Don, and hit the mattress before any answer registered. Nick's eyes were closed and his body shut down for the day within seconds. Don could take care of himself for awhile...

The cold, icy grip of his dream thrust him out of his content unconsciousness. Nick's eyes snapped open, flecked with gold, as he awoke. He didn't need a second to realise where he was, and what had woken him. The echoes of the dream were still brushing at his mind, whispering to him in their silence and cold breath.

Nick was running down the stairs before he knew he'd decided to go. He stopped when he found Don sleeping quietly on the couch. The shades were tightly shut- it was late afternoon. Nick stared at the sleeping figure- he looked calm enough, and Nick would have questioned the dream he'd felt if it weren't for the fact that he knew... he could feel it so strongly now, the dream of his friend drifting into his own mind.

And the pain of the dream cried out to him. The ice was spreading throughout a vast abandoned city- Nick could see rats scurrying through the empty streets, and heard the echoes of one man's footsteps ringing against the concrete. Nick closed his eyes, and pushed himself gently nearer the edge of the dream, and looked in.

He saw Don, walking a beat. The expression on his face was resigned fear. He gripped a flashlight, and shined it into alleys and doorways, obviously looking for signs of movement- and just as obviously not expecting to find any. Nick caught sight of a police radio, smashed on the street behind him. Nick realised that Don was patroling the city alone- totally alone. Not even the usual street people, or night denizens, or any sign at all that another living- or unliving, creature was in the city.

Don looked like he didn't expect anyone. Nick felt an ache at the realisation, and wondered why Don felt so alone. He had tried, all last night, to reach out to him, but he wasn't having any. Nick decided it was time to try something else. He pushed forward, and stepped into the street.

Don stopped and stared at him. "Wh... What are you..."

Nick smiled, and walked over to Don's side. "Are we looking for anyone in particular, partner?"

Don just looked at him, and slowly the coldness in his eyes faded. He smiled. "Nah, just walkin'... waitin for something to happen."

Nick nodded, and began walking along beside his partner. Don continued shining the light in alleys and doorways, but his demeanor had completely changed- confidence and assurance were creeping back in. Nick spied something ahead, and tugged at Don's jacket. It was a dream, after all. "Hey, let's grab a cup of coffee." He nodded towards the diner.

"Sounds great." They walked inside the diner, and Nick saw that still there was no one around. Two cups of steaming styrofoam were sitting on the counter, though. He picked them up, and handed one to Don.

"Smells like good coffee." Nick hesitantly took a sip. It tasted like water- no surprise, he didn't know what real coffee tasted like. Don seemed to like his, though. They sat down in a booth, and Nick wondered what would happen now... and he realised this was another chance to get his partner to open up.

"Don... do you want to talk about it?"

Don looked at him funny. "Talk about what? I told you, we aren't looking for anyone... just... out there, doing nothing..." He stared out the window, Nick couldn't make out what lay beyond.

"Why is it so cold in here?" Nick asked carefully. The symbolism of dreams was tricky to work around.

Don shrugged. "Probably no one to warm it up."

Nick looked at him. "Who am I, then?"

Don measured him with his gaze. Finally he shrugged again. "I don't know."

Nick felt the hammer hit him- the fear, the loneliness, the desolation in his friend's voice. He couldn't believe he was feeling these things so strongly, so sharply. He couldn't believe that they were so like the feelings he'd had himself, in the centuries he'd been running from his own shadow and conscience.

He tried reaching out to touch Don, and he felt the dream suddenly pull him up and away. He shook his head, and found himself standing in his living room, looking down at his sleeping partner. He curled his fist in frustration- he had been so close, why wouldn't Don believe he cared? What did he have to do to prove himself?

He sat down, next to the couch, and watched his friend sleep. The dream had ended, and Don had drifted off into deep sleep. Nothing would disturb him for awhile. Nick silently stayed at his side, contemplating what he would do, when the next dream began.

He was jerked out of a light doze by the faint brushes of a new dream. Nick reached out carefully, and looked at it. The tone was the same, and in fact looked like the same dream. Nick wondered if he should just enter again, and try talking to him. A different thought occured to him. If his actions in the dream wouldn't convince him, he would try a more direct approach.

Ironically, to Don it would appear even more indirect. As long as it had the intended effect, Nick didn't care. He rose to a kneel, sitting on his heels, and reached towards his friend. As he felt the cold breeze of the city street wash over his mind, he softly brushed his fingers along Don's arm.

He felt a wave of compassion in his own mind, and realised that it was matched by a genuine affection he hadn't quite realised the strength of. He looked at Don's face, frowning at his dream. Nick wanted to smooth it away. He caressed Don's cheek, and felt the sudden urge to take him in his arms, and hold him tightly. He smiled, and let that feeling brush at the edges of Don's dream. He saw mild confusion cross Don's face, and felt the dream responding with a warmth that tinged the cold night air.

Nick scooted himself forward, and lay one arm across Don's chest, his hand pressed flat on his shoulder. With the other hand he ran his fingers gently through Don's hair. The mix of protectiveness and desire told Nick just how much he really loved this man. He wanted to do anything he could, to take away the pain inside him.

He leaned over and kissed his cheek. He smiled in sudden elation when he saw the dream change, and the cold empty streets were replaced by a room, large and sparsely furnished. Don was lying back on a soft bed, and Nick found himself half in and half out of the dream, leaning in towards him. He kissed Don again, holding his head in his hands, wanting to keep him here in the comfort of the room. The dream threatened to confuse him, so he gently disentangled himself from the wisps of unconsiousness and sat back on his heels in his real apartment.

He could see the dream, as if from a distance. Don lay there, his breathing beginning to quicken. He felt the desire, and one of the dreams which he'd been tormenting Nick with began. The persistence of the man's desire made up Nick's mind- if anything, he wouldn't remember the dream- nor would he realise what had actually happened.

Nick ran his fingers down Don's chest, and felt the skin quiver beneath his touch. Nick smiled. He hadn't expected the chance to indulge this particular desire- he intended to make the most of it. As long as Don didn't awaken, his dream would follow Nick's ministrations and convince Don he was not alone, was not unloved, was not unwanted.

Nick leaned forward and planted a kiss on Don's chest, feeling the hair tickle his face. He brushed his cheek lightly against the skin, feeling one of Don's nipples touch his skin. He moved forward and touched the tip of his tongue to the hardening nipple. He traced the edge of it with his tongue, pushing against the nipple and pleased to hear Don's moans in response. So far the dream was following the real world inch for inch.

Don moaned, and turned in his sleep. Now he was slightly towards Nick, and Nick smiled. A much better position, for what he wanted. He continued tracing Don's chest with his tongue, and began moving slowly downwards.

His hand came up against the hard bulge inside Don's pajama bottoms. Carefully Nick pulled at the waistband, moving the elastic out of the way. The thick erection lay hard against Don's stomach, Nick heard a moan escape his own lips and he felt the answering bulge pressed against the couch. Nick licked his lips, and leaned forward, and took the erection in his mouth.

He took the head in his mouth, coating the skin with the blood tinged saliva, and then began licking with just the end of his tongue. He covered the entire shaft, and then opened his mouth wide. He felt Don groan, both in and out of the dream, as he encased him in his mouth. Nick noticed briefly that the dream was reflecting more reality than usual- the cold touch of his vampire body was coming through. No matter- he would be warming soon enough, if he was able to continue without Don waking.

He continued his motions, until he heard Don panting, about to come... Nick pulled back at the next to last second, and leaned forward to lick that tender spot on his inner thigh, and just as Don came to orgasm Nick sank his fangs in...

He tasted the sweet blood of a human in the throes of passion and closed his eyes. He knew he could take barely a half pint, but he savored every drop he could risk. The blood filled his mouth, his throat, and spilled down into his stomach, spreading the warmth throughout his body. He smiled when he finally pulled away. He gave the tiny wound a last lick, to clean it, and looked up at his friend. The satisfied smile on his face told Nick everything.

Nick stood and went to the kitchen, and brought back a towel. He cleaned up the spilled ejaculate from the back of the couch- and the side, were he noticed his own had come. He grinned at himself- it was something he never learned to notice, when he orgasmed in the midst of feeding. It hardly mattered, Don certainly wouldn't chastise him for it. Nick tossed the towel over his shoulder, and considered. He should by rights leave Don here, sleeping, now satisfied and happy. But a feeling of tenderness, and another unfulfilled desire came to him.

As long as he woke before Don, it would be all right. Besides... this was something he wanted, something he needed as much as Don. He leaned over and carefully picked the sleeping man up, and carried him upstairs. Nick laid him gently on his bed, and after placing the towel into the hamper (hidden carefully under other clothes) he lay down beside him. He pulled the sheets up, and with one last look at the peaceful face, and at the dreams of warmth and companionship, Nick curled up against his friend and drifted to sleep.

He felt his own dreams begin, full of laughter and a feeling that the warmth that was greater than his memories of the sun would keep growing inside him and never die away. He snuggled in against Don, sleeping spoon fashion, and their dreams intertwined as tightly as their bodies were in sleep.

The feeling of utter delight and comfort washed over Nick as he slept. He began to wake, slightly, and realised that with his dreams connected to Don's, the emotions were feeding back on each other. Nick felt good and happy, which washed over onto Don who was feeling warm and happy which washed over Nick...

Nick began to feel a little lightheaded. The sun was still up, would be for another couple hours. He grinned... plenty of time for another dream... He looked in on Don's dream as it began.

They were walking again. Not in the desolate city of before, but somewhere familiar. As the dream took form, Nick recognised the garage below his apartment. In Don's dream, he looked over and smiled at his partner. Don grinned back.

"Been a great day, hasn't it?"

Nick nodded. "Yes." He wondered how long before he could nudge this dream in the direction he wanted. They were heading for the elevator, so maybe he wouldn't have to nudge. They went up to his loft, and walked inside. Nick took off his coat, and holster, and set them aside. He stepped past Don, and brushed his hand along his shoulders.

Don smiled at him. "I thought we might order a pizza, you want garlic? Pepperoni?"

Nick hid his expression of disgust. He'd better nudge fast, before he found himself faced with eating a garlic infested pizza. Even if it was a dream. He stepped forward, standing right before Don. "Maybe later."

Don gave him a look of surprise. "Nick? What are you...?"

Nick had a sudden fear that this dream wasn't going to dig deeply enough into Don's consciousness. Maybe in this dream he wouldn't realise... wouldn't let himself have sex with another man. He wondered if he should step back, out of this dream, and let Don alone.

Don tilted his head to one side. "You want *that* again? Geez, Nick... every night? Don't you ever need some rest?"

Nick grinned. "I rested earlier."

"Ha! You sat in the car while I drove. That doesn't count as rest."

"Well, maybe I don't need any..." He gave Don a hopeful look.

Don smiled. "Well, you gotta promise to let me sleep, this time. At some point."

"Oh, sure. I promise. Now can we...?" Nick heard the eagerness in his voice and wondered if he should rein it in. It was a dream, after all... when better to indulge himself? Don held out his hand, and Nick took it. Don pulled him closer, and Nick felt the dream pushing him to kiss him... not that Nick needed the push. He opened his mouth and tasted the warmth of Don's mouth. He felt Don's tongue pressing against his, pulling at his lip and asking for more.

Nick stepped back and took Don by the hand, and led him upstairs. In dream's structure let him enter the bedroom in only three steps- apparently Don was as eager as he. And their clothes were left behind, somehwere, disappearing into the dream's mist. Don stood in front of Nick, bodies not quite touching.

Nick took a slight control of the dream, and pushed Don down onto the bed. Don leaned forward and planted a kiss in the middle of Nick's stomach, and began pressing his hands against Nick's buttocks. Nick felt his erection pressing into Don's chest, and wondered if he could control the dream... the hunger, well enough to let himself indulge...

Don sat back and took Nick's cock in his hand and began to rub. Nick moaned, and looked up at the ceiling. It felt almost real, it felt so good...he let Don rub him for a bit, then he gave the dream a nudge, and discovered it wasn't needed as Don leaned forward, bending his head down. Nick gasped as he felt the warmth engulf him.

Don's tongue ran over his cock, licking and sucking lightly, still rubbing the shaft with one hand. Nick rested his hands on Don's shoulders, and began to push himself forward, to thrust into his lover's mouth. He heard Don groaning with his own pleasure, and continued licking. It wasn't long before Nick felt himself starting to come, and he used one bit of conscious thought to make sure his ejeculate was the proper colour, the proper taste.

And he moaned in sudden passion, as Don brought him off, moving his mouth away but rubbing fast with both hands. Nick came, with a cry, and was relieved to notice the white liquid spilling over Don's hands. He pushed himself against those hands, to finish off the orgasm. His panting sounded more like grunts, now, as the desire was finally fulfilled.

Nick felt himself go limp, and wanted to collapse onto the mattress. Don scooted back, and Nick came forward, weak and happy. Don smiled at him, Nick returned it. He kissed Don, and felt the man pulling him close, laying down beside him on the bed.

Nick closed his eyes and fell asleep, and let the rest of dream fade unseen. He only felt the distant warmth as he snuggled against his friend, both in the dream and out. He smiled in his sleep.

Don woke as the dream faded. It had been stronger than any of the others, and for a moment he simply stared at the dark room. He remembered the dream, he remembered all of it... and he suddenly began remembering images from the other dreams. The half-dreamt dreams of he and Nick, the images of the city streets, warmed only by Nick's appearance. He moaned, in realisation of what it all meant. He only hoped his partner hadn't ever gotten a clue...

And he suddenly realised where he was. He looked over, and saw Nick cuddled against him, sleeping soundly. "Oh man..." Don cut of the potential wail before it could wake his partner. Don sat up, asking himself how the hell he had gotten here.

"I musta been sleepwalking... man, oh man... I hope he doesn't wake up. Oh geez... how many times have I done this?" Don carefully climbed out of bed, and headed downstairs. He was gratified to notice he was, at least, still wearing his pajama bottoms. He was dismayed to notice the erection underneath them.

He went downstairs and sat heavily on the couch, thinking about those dreams. The images kept coming at him, the feelings and the desires coming at him. He tried to reason them away, understand why they had happened. But the dream which had woken him had felt too real... and felt too good. Don let his head fall into his hands, and he felt the fear and the dismay wrap around him. What was he going to do?

He couldn't tell Nick, he'd freak. He couldn't pretend they hadn't happened... because they had. And he suddenly realised he couldn't deny how he felt. Not to himself, anyway. He would deny it to his last breath, to anyone else. But what did that leave him?

Don decided he'd have to leave, get out of Nick's apartment. He couldn't stay here, now that he remembered his dreams, now that he recognised his feelings. He'd be miserable. He felt the comfort of his decision, and stood up. He'd pack, and go find a motel room somewhere. he looked up, towards Nick's bedroom.

What was he going to tell Nick? He sat on the couch, and tried to figure his life out.

Nick woke up, to find Don sitting on the edge of the bed. He realised something was wrong... Don had obviously woken, and found himself... Nick wanted to scream. Instead he looked at his friend, and saw the misery on his face.

Don saw that he was awake. "Hey... I... Nick, I think I had... better..." He looked away, not able to finish the words. He had to leave, he wanted to... but he didn't want to be alone. He didn't want to leave someone from whom he felt... cared about, wanted. He knew Nick was his friend, and he needed that right now. He rubbed his hand across his face and tried to figure out how to say it.

Nick felt it all, in his mind. He saw the echoes of Don's deliberation, his decision, his reasons. He wanted to reach out and embrace him, hold him close and tell him it was all right. He put his hand on Don's arm.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Don shook his head, and Nick saw the tears beginning to form. "I can't... I just need to leave, ok? You've been a great host and all... but..."

Nick saw the pain, and knew its source. There was only one best way to heal it. He sat up, and put his arms around Don, pulling him close agaisnt him. Don let his head fall onto Nick's shoulder and tried to stop crying. It felt so nice, being in Nick's arms... and it was exactly what he had to get away from. Right before he would have pushed Nick away, Nick leaned back.

He brushed Don's cheek with his hand, and let him see, in Nick's eyes, whatever he could see. Don stared at him, and slowly the pain gave way to some confusion. Well, the pain was still there, and it hurt to see it shining so brightly in Don's eyes. Nick caressed his face, wanting to take it away.

"You don't have to..." Nick said, quietly.

Don shook his head. "I don't understand." His voice broke, and he would have started crying again.

Nick watched him for a moment, and decided to take the risk. He pulled him close again, and slowly, carefully, placed a small kiss upon his lips. He felt Don tense, then the wave of realisation wash over him as Don discovered not all of the things he'd dreamt were of his own imagination. Nick leaned back, pulling Don with him, and rested against the headboard with Don half laying against his chest.

Nick rubbed his back, saying nothing, but trying to let his own feelings enter Don's mind, the way Don's were washing over his. He put his head down, pressed against Don's, and he closed his eyes. All at once he felt Don relax, and put his arms around Nick, holding on tight. He felt Don begin to cry again, but this time the pain was leaving. Nick held him gently.

Finally he turned a bit, and looked out across the room. "I don't know what to do, Nick."

Nick smiled. "You start, by taking the night off... and getting some rest."

He felt Don smile. "And what are you going to do?"

"Me? Same thing. The last two weeks have been exhausting..."

There was silence for a moment, then Don began to laugh. And it felt wonderful, laying with his best friend, laughing, wrapped in feelings of love and compassion... and Don wondered how long it would be before he could enact some of those dreams...